I really like the atmosphere here at the
U of A. When you’re on campus there’s times during the day when it is really
really busy and really packed So at the SALT Center it is a smaller center where there’s about 600 students and of course the staff members. So it’s this place I can go to on this huge campus where I can find, you know, my little
home. The first person I think of when I think of the SALT Center is my Learning
Specialist. I go to her to help me organize my time and plan out my days
and figure out times that are good to eat, to study, to hang out with
friends. You know there has to be a balance. My girlfriend’s, my four
girlfriends, Elizabeth, Liz and Abby We found this one time a week were all four of us are free and so we get coffee and it’s wonderful because we get to
update each other on what’s going on in each other’s lives. My teacher for my intro to retailing
class, she allowed us to meet with our group and our mentor and discuss the
final presentation. What’s wonderful about the SALT Center is if you’re confused about something that you missed in class and you don’t quite
understand the concept, you come here and you make a tutoring appointment and
having that one-on-one time to discuss with the tutor, someone who knows this
information, helps solidify these concepts that you learn in class. They
provide an environment of understanding and support and help. But let’s work
through these problems and figure out what it is that you don’t understand so
we can change that also being a SALT Center ambassador here, we’re speaking to parents and prospective students, so that’s nice
because the parents can get a perspective of students that actually use the SALT Center services. You’re still a UA student and you still have
your responsibilities and it enhances my overall experience here at the U of A. It’s not in my way. It’s not a problem. It’s not on my mind. It’s part of my experience here, and it’s only made it better. Take three! That’s so fun.

Day in the life
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