Day three highlights from Riga. In the Men, so many talented skaters all babbling for the podium but in the end it was a
small young man from Russia, Daniil SAMSONOV. Who despite making a few
mistakes skated with such quality that he earned a two hundred eleven point six
two, to grab the bronze. Skating inspired and a clean program Sihyeong LEE of Korea earn two hundred eighteen point three one to take the silver. And
skating last and with all the pressure, Andrei MOZALEV of Russia delivered a
beautiful quad toe triple toe combination and another quad and earning two hundred twenty three point seven two to take home the gold. In Dance, such great skating produced such a close competition forth after the rhythm dance
Sofya TYUTYUNINA and Alexander SHUSTITSKIY of Russia
battled their way onto the podium earning a one fifty two point seven nine
to take the bronze. Casting a magic spell over the rink and taken the audience
into another dimension Maria KAZAKOVA and Georgy REVIYA of Georgia
earn a one sixty five point two six to win the free dance but overall taking
home the silver. Skating lasts and with all the pressure
Elizaveta KHUDAIBERDIEVA and Andrey FILATOV of Russia were excellent and with the lead, in the rhythm dance were able to earn a total of 155.59 to take home the gold.

Day 3 Highlights | Riga 2019
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