Day 3 highlights from Lake Placid. In
Dance, the battle for third was ever so close but in the end Natalie TASCHLEROVA and Filip TASCHLER of the Czech Republic skated a strong program earning 150
points to move from fourth to third to take home the bronze. Presenting a much
improved technical and overall quality in their program Diana DAVIS and Gleb SMOLKIN of Russia earned 160.17 to capture the silver. And skating the
beautiful classical piece piano concerto number 2 by Rachmaninoff Avonley NGUYEN and Vadym KOLESNIK of the United States skated with a special maturity and
elegance that earned them a 117.80 as they owned the gold. In
pairs the podium remained the same after the short Alina PEPELEVA and Roman PLESHKOV of Russia had a strong outing and posting a 159.29 in taking the bronze. Kseniia AKHANTEVA and Valerii KOLESOV of Russia were superb in earning 171.19 to capture the silver. And at a different level of quality Apollinariia PANFILOVA and Dmitry RYLOV of Russia completed the Russian sweep with an extraordinary
performance to win by 15 points and earning a 186.92 to take home the gold.
In Ladies, it was a tight battle for podium positions two and three and
skating a perfectly clean technical performance and climbing from fourth
onto the podium Anastasia TARAKANOVA of Russia produced 179.29 to capture the bronze. Skating last in the event Yeonjeong PARK of Korea fought for every point in producing a 186.58 as she takes home the silver. And the Japanese and Russian five-year
dominance in the ladies category was finally broken. Alysa LIU of the United States landed a triple axel followed by a wonderful quad
lutz and skated a sophisticated and charming program to earn a 208.10
as she wears the gold.

Day 3 Highlights | Lake Placid 2019
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