Day 3 Highlights from Egna-Neumarkt.
In Men, there were some outstanding performances on this evening. Ivan SHMURATKO of Ukraine is making a special mark on our sport with his heart
and soul connection to the music, in addition to a growing technical ability
he earned 221.44 to capture bronze. Petr GUMENNIK of Russia delivered a
beautiful quad lutz to start the program and continue to grow into performance
earning into 232.39 to take the silver. But for the second time the performance of the night belonged to Daniel GRASSL of Italy who
also delivered a quad lutz and a solid program earning 241.53 as he wins the
gold and the trip to the Junior Grand Prix Final. In Ladies, there were a lot of
changes from the short program moving all the way up from seventh to the short with a clean and dramatic program Alessia TORNAGHI of Italy earned 175.93 as she captured the bronze. Making one mistake and placing
fourth in the free Anna FROLOVA of Russia still delivered enough quality to
earn a 176.2 as she takes home the silver. Skating beautifully while delivering a clean program Kseniia SINITSYNA of Russia won by 39 points as she
wins the gold and a trip to Torino at the Junior Grand Prix Final.

Day 3 Highlights | Egna-Neumarkt 2019
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