[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] hello you I’m guru Larry no I’m not it’s juggernaut how’s it going how you doing well I’m gonna do a super quick stream today I’m not feeling the best so I’m only gonna make it short and sweet tonight I’m doing the Tony Hawk games yeah yep Tony Hawk one two three four easy as pie yeah let’s get him done we all know these games you know that at least two of them are gonna be in the top 100 PlayStation games of all time this that I’m gonna put together not so sure Tony Hawk pro skater pretty but probably not Tony Moore pro skater balls be honest it’s bit intense fast on the ps1 but the first day where you know freakin awesome this games already now I’m gonna get copyright strike for this because they’ve got licensed music and to be quite honest with you I can’t be asked to remove the music from the background it’s it’s part of the game it’s it’s part of what makes it special so fuck it I’m doing it for free no money off this no monetization whatsoever I’m not feeling great I just want to cheer myself up let’s get Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater going and we’re gonna use the titular Tony Hawk just Michael because it seems to be falling all over the place just it appears that my children yeah there we go that’s a bit better it’s a bit more firm now it shouldn’t fall off and smack me in the face as I play all right let’s get going as normal I’m a little rusty so this isn’t gonna be exactly MLG oh my god that’s fuckin amazing play but it’s it’s footage nonetheless and it’s going to be raw and it’s going to be honest it’s not going to be taken off and hyper spin preview it’s all done by me all of my videos are done by me front front to back so you will see this footage in my list [Applause] although hopefully I ain’t to do a little bit better than what I’m doing right now I’m gonna go for the boxes first maybe skating and it’s a knowledge a missed mr. young the enemy is that how much difference Iceman’s green lights from this game I’m running it on the traditional PlayStation resolution and seeing it that small on a 4k monitor yeah takes big a mystic there’s three out of five boxes and then there’s one up here a covenant with the last one is like hopefully we won’t have another Dayton or a BMX episode where I come from Glasgow we go skate ain’t that great back in the day I used to be able to get all the type or the things in that single run I’m getting older so I’m just gonna focus on a few at a time [Music] boxes literally staring me right in the face they all look that’s most of the tanks done I keep wanting to manual of course but in the Tony Hawk pro skater one you don’t have a manual took me a while to get comfortable with the 4:3 output on a 16:9 screen yeah I don’t stretch the screen so literally if I show you what I’ve got here and I’ll just switch it to my desktop real quick where’s my screen where’s my screen I can’t frame the screen main don’t put it on camera no it’s not on camera okay let’s try and flick it over one second it won’t let me anyone let me show my fullscreen and it’s not weird okay one never mind it’s not really that important let’s get back to the game shall we because that is what’s important yeah we’re basically just imagine a giant 28 inch screen with a tiny little window here’s a little bit and that’s me plates anymore another PlayStation games and there’s me screwing the pooch actually why don’t I do this level we can go to the next level already so let’s do that we should be able to get to the next level right yeah the school classic level here we go keep wanting to manual you gonna maybe I should just end the run try again [Music] yeah embrace the see our companies it’s over here isn’t it so moving here you know that’s so yes it’s just points there’s 47 where’s the terminus state [Music] – really there should be enough to get us tonight’s level anyway just gonna get the timing down again hopefully by the time I get to the mall I’ll have it licked that’s it all right let’s get to them all what a great level them all is press the wrong button damn being too overzealous and run level select let’s get to them all mr. da the rail took me in and again I can’t remember where the a is I do remember if you don’t get this jump yeah which I don’t of course to run life you don’t go to the tape that’s Kate matzah pockets and that’s the end of the run yes so the game of pocalypse hazard has a link to this game not only did the same developers make the game but Bruce Willis was the original character that they used in a prototype version Tony Hawk they so you have Bruce Willis riding on the skateboard hence the link so we go for them all again here let’s try it let’s try and get the secret tape why not I know we can move on to the next bit but it be you right so we just did the first tournament and then we’ll move on to thps2 not the best start let’s do that again that’s my life [Applause] you you [Applause] okay I’m bad for first guy 90.5 Hyundai 2nd place has tried again I had some unfortunate landings [Applause] I’m gonna miss the one cool man [Applause] tonight I really need to do this final run so I’m just gonna end after the first trick yeah in them bloody guts yeah these character does have their own special move indeed in the first game like of course Tony Hawk has the 900 was it the 1080 it’s a spin I can’t remember which spin but it’s a spin and then in later games I have multiple special moves so we do downtown now let’s let skip down till now downtown’s not great well we’ll feature it but I’m not gonna play a full run I’ll just run through the level a little bit not a big fan of this level I’m also not sure if come on the button speeds you up in this game I know it doesn’t light once [Music] the school day this was not a tape come into the actual special combination heat warnings book right down the middle square doesn’t seem to be working for me anyway that’s the end of that six thps1 of course it’s gonna be in the top 100 PlayStation games it’s it’s just awesome so let’s get that done we’ve recorded most of the game at this point for that let’s get thps2 running don’t never soft [Music] and what I gained this is now there’s a cheap mode which basically skips a lot of the level progression from the game I’m just gonna bring up the Chico because it’s got some pretty cool hidden characters in this game you’ve got officer dick I believe you’ve got a zombie and you also have spider-man so as soon as that she was let’s get spider-man going here we go all right I’ve got the cheat code here you’re just got to go into there’s our options for the cheat mode okay so let’s go to career mode new career my headset same battery low so I’m just gonna plug in what’s going on I had a real loud okay I’m now plug dude so on the first run we’re gonna just type in the cheat code to get the the secret characters so square circle right triangle sample right circle triangle right square right up up left up square nope okay so maybe in the pause menu hold l1 square circle right triangle circle right circle triangle right square right up up left up square now that did something so let’s end the run quick surely that did something right let’s go career mode your career she’ll be able to select the character in theory right on I cycle only doing the single run we’re not there okay so maybe I can only play them in free I don’t know it’s been a long time yet they’re not there either okay square circle right triangle circle right circle triangle right square right up up left up squared cheats is great now how do i unlock that if not we’ll just have to play regular let’s continue career don’t know we did one lovely cheap look there we go so we got spider-man we got private Carrera officer dick so as a youth Paul Richard Envy was deemed a poser by the other skaters destroyed overtaken by the need for revenge dick vowed to someday become what those skaters feared the most the long arm of the law private Carrera original from Roswell New Mexico army brat private carrera is ready for action if it’s hard like skateboarding she’s on it Wow creator of such classic skate moves as the hohoho and Sony’s Ben Carrera is always ready for some stiff competition spider-man given fantastics powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider Peter Parker skates and fights crime as the amazing spider-man spider-man super strength enhanced reflexes walk rolling and web slinging make him one of the most spectacular skateboarders around and he is going to be our character for the career now in Tony Hawk pro skater 2 they added the manual the ability to speed up as you get up from the ground types of controls in my opinion you while much loans before yeah okay so we got a few tapes there what else we got to do and ever goals what we need okay so we need the two scores five pilotwings nosegrind over the pipe and three hang time gaps right okay that’s about landing [Music] this one got it’s too nice three no it’s not three okay I must have missed one what’s the last copy that there we go get to the chopper it’s a matter 50 bucks some more money there now give me my money thank you [Applause] [Music] okay that should be enough to get me here to the school good so we can move on to the school now again when I played this game I used to play all the time I used to be able to clear all the goals in one setting but yeah ages are motherfucker I’m old and I’m out of practice but I’m still having fun I still love these games and they will always always be a fond memory and they’re still great to play now that the Otoniel games are just freakin awesome you my notes on the wall over here that’s right now I remember am I gonna get there in time probably not No all right well let’s go for skate anyway we were close to skate if we can do skate or if I can get this first jump right we’ll just go for the hidden tape but getting this now it’s pretty tricky it’s odd to screw the pooch you not quite the right angle man crazy drivers everywhere Nestle you I’ll try once more just to make sure I’m not well yes I got a kickflip back out there night [Applause] there’s a kickflip yeah flip the gap so let’s do one more said don’t have enough to get to the next level yet so you I missed missed missed missed yeah the soundtracks awesome I’m probably gonna get a copyright strike threat but Tony Hawk’s worth it and I can’t get these Bell rides going there we go although I’ve eaten up all my time you [Music] what yeah I forgot love yes let’s go to a la francaise a la force vive la France this is a competition level you you [Music] you about the ice factor a lot though 43,000 not bad it should be good enough to get me through the competition yeah second place let’s do it again hopefully not as badly do my timings of my timings so office it’s not even funny I may have to do round 3 for this one [Music] [Music] yeah that’s not good still second place that third place so I do need to do this one just in case [Music] I forgot more spine amount of special move this there we go well that should solidify my place in the medals and get me into the next level yeah second place go to New York now again the New York City level just like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater one is one of the weaker levels in the game in my opinion it’s not my favorite level will show it but I won’t do a great deal of this one although part of me thinks I should because the beach level is incredible ain’t nobody got time for that [Music] come on trip down and we’ll skip they left us I’ve screwed it up and say you do the rest of the night those will give the rest of them let’s try again my time is completely on fire [Music] slightly off we need to be about here and I got one shot at it really there we go that’s all I knew no worse many many many many many many Manny ok so I think that’s enough Tony Hawk pro skater – let’s move to th ps3 because it’s nearly midnight and we’ve got two more games to get through so let’s move on I could play thps2 all day I probably need to to get back or to being as good as I used to be good well the timing takes practice Thanks yeah Oh – of course teenage ps3 is the first game in this series that was designed for the PlayStation 2 Xbox and GameCube and it was down ported to the PlayStation so it’s a it’s a little bit rough around the edges compared to the others a lot of people really think that these the PlayStation 1 version is pretty some people can play the PlayStation 1 person is pretty cool I sit somewhere in the middle I think I think that’s pretty good but not amazingly so like the first two games were and following on from the tradition of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater – you can unlock Wolverine as a hidden character in this game we need to get all the gaps on all the levels to unlocking so it’s so it’s a bit of a mean feat and I am NOT gonna do that quite simply quite frankly it’s just too much effort for one character for for stream of a record of a game that’s gonna be showing for maybe 20 seconds on a list somewhere [Music] let’s go to the foundry I think this is a weak start to this game I’m not a big fan of the foundry level [Music] while shores help don’t remember it as vividly as I do the other games you notice the graphics have a bit of a grain on them now we’re approaching the edge of the possibility you that’s escape see if we can do the valves at the same time then the roughly laid out in the circle I’m just gonna make my way around you and I’m gonna run out of time before I hit these valves but I got a pro school without even trying okay well that’s the first challenge done anyway moving on so we’re still gonna do the valves still gonna get a high score used it [Music] mr. again third time’s the charm I forgot about the framerate in this game now it’s it there’s a little janky huh they really went a bit too far with this one I think no less on Hoss 12 around y’all so mine release watch we will ride and hit that bad boy and let’s see what points we can get on there [Music] the playmate is making my timing even more wrong period Oh Rick okay enough to get me through no it’s not so I’ve got to activate the press cannonball over the halfpipe grind the control booth find the secret page oh okay maybe I have got enough to get through that first level the first level it’s not the best introduction I understand where they were going because the first game you know was a warehouse ii was in asia hangzhou empty industrial kind of things but that one in particular yeah level design wasn’t amazing certainly not there were the best Tony Hawk levels like the the first two games entry levels were but this level is pretty cool let’s get the skate you we get 18 hey stuttering how’s it going see Tony Hawk yeah this game was a dilemma for me because it is really enjoyable but it’s nowhere near as good as it should have been like the first two games are absolutely classics without question 100% probably going to be in the top 20 of my playstation games a long time this one arm tempted not to include it at all because it’s a little janky it’s a little slow you so I wouldn’t say the games went downhill Tony Hawk pro skater 3 on the ps2 Xbox GameCube absolutely fantastic the PlayStation versions though I really enjoyed wasteland I really enjoy them project 8 proving grounds was a bit lackluster let’s forget about riding let’s forget that ever existed to be perfectly fair I haven’t played Tony Hawk pro 5 but I’ve heard horrific things about it so I never bought it but maybe I should when it’s 2 just so that I can see for myself you know but of course who could forget thug 1 & 2 that were great gasps it’s like – especially in you know on the PSP that was great okay let’s do one more round of this what were my goals again transformers shut down it sounds like a Michael Bay movie [Music] okay this isn’t the best start a lot is it to run yeah I didn’t make it let’s say let’s retry that shall we let’s pretend that run never existed you’re gonna pull out the JTAG 360 see I don’t have a JTAG I wish I did in a way though it would make recording footage for that machines so much simpler but I’m lucky in regards I have a a rather large original Xbox 360 collection I’ve got about a thousand games for my xbox 360 so most of the games I want to record 20 I’d like to fly would like to feature at some point which I just won’t be able to unless I get myself a JTAG of one you so it’s a bit janky huh I can certainly see where it’s coming from this is a bit janky – you see a polygon splitting through the floor and you can tell they didn’t put as much care in this version as they did th PS 1 & 2 if this is featured in my list it’s gonna be near the end it’s not gonna be in the upper half anyway that’s th ps3 we’ve got one left to do and then we’re gonna call it a night because I’m a bit tired so let’s get Tony Hawk four out of the way then all the Tony Hawk’s had done in one Content ID unfriendly copyright strike infringement video I’m not gonna remove the soundtracks because yeah it’s a part of the game I can’t you remove the soundtrack and you remove harlot part the heart of the game you know you people leave the the essence of the arrow senators brilliant but just do it for free copyright our content IDs they don’t hurt your account in any way you just can’t make money off the videos you do so I’m finding that I don’t make my videos to make money anyway as long as they don’t copyright strike me which I’ve had in the past I was a I got a copy of pray for the Xbox one and I got it early and Bethesda were not happy with me because I started streaming it I got it about two weeks before launch and they copyright struck my account just because I was playing the game early I had no way to appeal nothing I couldn’t stream for three months after that it was ridiculous and so as long as I don’t get a copyright strike like that Content ID claims they can all come you know bring them on I really don’t really care but here we are at th ps4 now they change the format quite considerably with this skate your way to a rookie school or here we go so you have to hunt for your objectives in the levels in thps4 now this version stopped by precarious visions the guys who did the Game Boy Advance ports can I do more ps1 streaming like more games yeah that’s the plan and I’m starting the stream more and more more now that I’ve got a new PC and now that I’ve got a little bit of extra time with work I’m starting to put together footage for a top 100 PlayStation list so of course as I’ve mentioned before I record all my footage myself and as there are nearly 2000 PlayStation games that takes a bit of time even when you’re shortlisting a curated list and spending a few minutes on each one to try and get some semi decent footage is time consuming so it’s probably going to pop you back a couple of months let’s say to get all the footage done so I thought to help a live stream in the recording process release these as videos on the YouTube as well so that at least people can see I’m not doing nothing while I’m not uploading in the top video they can see that I’m actually showing some games getting some stuff together [Music] you you and I’m doing terribly on this yeah timings off I’m Gaines frame stutters which doesn’t help they’re not quite as severe as th ps3 to be fair though but they’re still there and I’m not going to get this competition pastime way a lot with scores like this you that’s the competition done I’m in third place for me you so now there’s some more objectives over there so let’s head on back the bridge pivot perform a pivot while crossing the bridge by pressing you a great game you know truly worthy being in the list with with other Tony old brethren I don’t know man I don’t know you we try Lascaux see I do like things like the combo you so you know what you’re looking for but the the problem with poking things together is games won’t Tony Hawk run into if I bulk them with these that will either elevate these above their station or it will drop down the quality of Tony Hawk 1 & 2 neither of which I really want to do you know I think Tony bought one and two deserve to be top top 10 top 20 whereas these games are not so much if they’d like similar games like just iterations of each other say for example retrace a revolution and Ridge Racer the white Lobby loads together but these are different enough to actually warrant their own spaces I believe I did that special move by accident I think I’m gonna have to play around with this a bit more off-screen play a bit more get the hang of it see more later levels and then make a decision as to whether it’s going to be in the list on that yeah I can’t really make my mind up on that just right now so it’ll be on the to-do list I’ll check it out at another time but those are the Tony Hawk skater footage done now while we’re in the mood for skating we can do one kind of off-kilter one it’s one I have really fond memories of but I’m not sure how well it holds up and we’ll sign off the stream with this tonight so it’s good good and eccentric it’s also a licensed with a licensed soundtrack mm-hmm Thrasher skatin destroy I have very fond memories of this but I haven’t played it literally since I completed it you 880 you think here let’s save before we get going explore the level and practice trips start around school lots of points two minutes then get to the exit fast you actually no it’s not you are you free canned your combo Wow yeah this is gonna take some getting used to so as you press the button then you press the direction it highlights what trick you’re gonna do and then you let go to actually perform you why does everybody forget about this game me included this was absolutely phenomenal back in the day and it was different enough for Tony Hawk to make owning both valid you have we got have we got any options no we don’t no options to change the the controls so uh yeah that’s that’s kind of gnarly that’s gonna take some getting used to boys you a more realistic skating game no bellow well the cops are on me man get off me man that bar is gonna be mine that sounds ominous I’m right behind you no no no no no get away from me man get away from me and that’s it I make God mad now I lost the car what do you want Carly next time can we skate another spot I absolutely need more practice at this before I can pass any judgment whatsoever that control system is gonna take some serious serious game news too okay I can’t pass judgment on that and we can’t end the stream on a game like that where I just don’t know what I’m doing so let’s keep the skate thing going and let’s do Street skater which I don’t think I’ve ever played the original but I have fond memories of the sequel so see if this holds up to my memories product [Music] yeah 1999 one micron carbon now they’re not exactly a well-known company I can’t think of another game they’ve done but screen because no doubt my guy is gonna scream as I plow him into a ball again and again and again and again you stakes are cleared oh man try again raise a freestyle scooter you that’s the end of the [Music] okay right let’s do Street skater too because we’ve done the original I’ve never played the original before up until that point I have played Street skater too and I remember it being really enjoyable but again like fashion my memory might be slightly different then what it really was and age is quite a beast and it can change opinions quite drastically so let’s see if it still holds up if it ever held up I’m just gonna get it going where’d he go Street skates too there we are let’s get this running there we go I love tryna guards again the soundtrack instantly tasting back to the hero and this attitude the shaky camera angles the FMV we won’t show too much of that otherwise I’ll get a copyright strike but that’s taking me way back already skate to select Manny I gotta wait Michael Manny it’s gotta be money although he’s not exactly the skinny skater type oh look at this look at this soundtrack you can pick your song before you start look del the funky homosapien static-x Deftones well I think to start off we’ve gotta have del the funky homosapien yeah I’m ready to do this three you okay so I have much more control tres domain but it’s still nothing like a Tony Hawk in terms of control it’s extremely floating extremely unrealistic and it’s definitely more focused on the racing aspect of things you unfortunately Street skater 2 will not be making their ground list of top 100 it’s a fun game I can see why I played a lot of it it’s it’s very simplistic and it goes to show how far in advance Tony Hawk was to its competitors you know Tony Hawk Dave Mirra 3d 3d BMX and and Matt Hoffman miles miles ahead of seemingly of anything else and on that note I think we’re gonna leave it there it’s nearly 1:00 a.m. so we’ve covered a lot of skating games not all of them not all of the extreme sports games but we’ve done a fair whack tonight we’ve done all the Tony Hawk’s that’s what I wanted to do that’s what I set out to do and then we had a couple of bonus games on the end so I hope you’ve enjoyed watching people I’m gonna go to sleep so I’ve got a busy busy day of work ahead of me and I’ve got three kids so two of which are sleeping in my bed tonight because they have a nightmare so that means I’m gonna be playing human Tetris the bed is the board and we are the pieces I gotta fit my way through probably end up giving up and coming to sleep on the sofa but at the end of the day it means I’m going to be knackered for work so I’ve got to cut it off there guys enjoy might be on again tomorrow night and we might record some more PlayStation footage until the next time even if it’s not tomorrow have a good one and I will see you soon bye for now

Day 3 : Hawk-A-Loogie : Recording some Skating PS1 Games!
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  • June 17, 2018 at 4:52 am

    Its crazy how big tony hawk 1 felt when it came out, and like everyone else it blew my mind. Now you can play through it easily in just minutes, but its still great. 2 was a big step up though.


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