Day 2 Highlights from Lake Placid. In the Rhythm Dance skating to the music from
Hairspray Miku MAKITA and Tyler GUNARA of Canada presented an energetic and clean performance
earning 61.32 and moving into 3rd. Diana DAVIS and Gleb SMOLKIN of Russia skated
a solid program to music from the Aristocrats earning 62.12 landing themselves in the silver
medal position. And delivering a high over quality Avonley
NGUYEN and Vadym KOLESNIK of the United States overcame a small mistake to earn 67.17 to
take the lead going into the Free. In the Ladies Short Program it was the first time in 5 years that the top three after the short did not include either a Russian or
Japanese skater. Yeonjeong PARK of Korea skated a clean program earning 64.35 to take 3rd, with team mate Seoyeon JI of Korea delivering a superb performance earning 67.23 moving into 2nd after the short. And Alysa LIU of the United States delivering
a brilliant program earning 69.30 to take the lead going into the free. In the Men’s final, lots of talent on display
and moving from 5th after the short onto the podium was Gleb LUTFULLIN of Russia who landed
a quad salchow and two triple axles while gaining 203.50 to capture the bronze. Stephen GOGOLEV of Canada had a few mistakes
and came 5th in the free but was able to narrowly hang onto the silver medal position with a
203.70. And landing 3 quads and two triple axles Shun
SATO of Japan won the event by 14 points, scoring 217.12 to take home the gold.

Day 2 Highlights | Lake Placid 2019
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