When people vanish while migrating
in Africa, it’s nearly always a disappearance so absolute, it’s as though they never existed. Each year, tens of thousands of people migrate
across the continent fleeing violence or economic hardship. To get north, many cross through Niger and the
Sahara. The dangers they face are
everywhere. With temperatures soaring to nearly
120 degrees Fahrenheit, the Sahara kills quickly. The heat is so intense, it can shrivel bodies. Sandstorms can knock vehicles
carrying migrants perilously off course. If they don’t have enough water they
can die from dehydration. This past summer, the AP reported on Algeria dumping African migrants into this treacherous terrain, leaving them to fend for themselves. Janet Kamara was one of them. No one will ever know for sure how many have died making the
crossing. The Sahara leaves little evidence

Dangers are everywhere in the Sahara
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