we welcome you back to the world’s most famous arena in New York City it is the New York Rangers against the Dallas Stars who won two in a row and are in playoff position in the NHL’s Western Conference number 23 long shot Rangers if they bring it out of the zone back in is Blake Comeau drops it better to try top Horan shot and out with it play Como come on with Dickinson Jason Dickinson with a chance Dickinson is 16 he’ll end up with it passive jalaw about to sing in that shotgun Lyndell goes wide Lyndell looking for shooting Lane Randy laughs got it side of the net to set up shot wide by Jamie been great pass from Spezza to been shot the turk with the hip he is young mark number 13 alive moves it stop hanging around my bed would stop then again throw sit in front and pastas there to intercept and clear well the first time been knocked it out of midair and it hit the side of the net here’s you’ll see Jamie been here in front he gets that replay but it’s Savannah Jed that comes over and makes a defensive play so Ben can’t get back around then to rattle off for the shot pet looked like he’d hit mark stall in front good hustle for the takeaway out in his Hinton see try to get a shot off Blake Comeau with the hip DeAngelo goes around the neck the back pass the friend in Smith he shoots a save by Bishop one developing PC without PC that was a big chair answer as a fabulous a the Seguin Seguin puts it in the corner step that brick back pass through Esalen del down to toddler shaken that shuts car Tyler Seguin [Applause] from the circle and the stars score on the powerplay and grab a one nothing lead Jamie Ben was right in front of Lundqvist don’t know if it hit him or just went through him and Lundqvist stars get in quickly Seguin that’s not a great angle to shoot 91 and white takes a shot there and some Jamie been standing directly in front of lung quest head up all the way my Tyler Seguin and Lundqvist didn’t see it he was off his angle a little bit the Angelo gets there got the puck to Hayes off the bench at Kirk pass deflected a same by Bishop on the deflection in front that was a good chance higher pace doing everything a little bit faster and then you for Ben Bishop to make a good save and then to flex off the skate of Jimmy V Z in front on nothing Dallas leading it 10:25 to go second career Marc Staal takes a deep centers / VC [Applause] and she was falling down back hands in body bishop this back was to the gold he beats Bishop Rangers have tie the game in one what a goal by Jimmy BZ this is a tremendous goal pulled that’s just an excellent effort by BZ to get in position strong get the shot falling the legs the bed bishop and in the sister fret housing so it’s bc from stallin housing side bishop on the shot by hayes tough shot by kevin hayes and a good save by Ben Bishop shaken coming off the bench with a drive a ruler another good shot by the young defenseman but picked up and brought in by Fogarty poor gurney with Anderson save made by bishop nice play by Stephen Fogarty Rangers taking back Hayes finds the Angelo looks toward the net past tense a my bishop but under the save my bishop Oh Ben Bishop coming up big Tony Danza really a good play held on to the pock waited for heat’ll to get to the front of the net before making a pass there Rangers able to take it back P on across Faison shot wide ring out best oh that was open but how to miss the the puck on the backhand some I think Fox have made a great defensive play thinking got into R and you log back pass to the shot say beauty my head Mero hast kiddin with a big shot Henrik Lundqvist with a big save sagen thanks goes in and shoots saved by one quest tough shot by Sagan now there’s something else to watch the new goaltender yeah Anton who Tobin is in the game it only means that Ben Bishop is either sick or injured something [Applause] Cheston budova the Comal is a rather pit like can pit Luke was able moving around the boards Rangers turn it quickly needle back in [Applause] oh the rookies on fire Brendan Smith makes the play stays up in the neutral zone Lyndell tries to Brendan Smith right there stays up just chips it up and now he will come back to get him with speed the defense for the Stars have to back up they’re still not out there zone and he doe with speed and the shot gives the Rangers the lead down the boards b c and d bc with happened and scrum the choco white food oven there’s Jimmy be seen isn’t the old deflection by Strome right Derrick front watch it go up then oh the helmet and just out the other way take away by heat’ll he shoots the same window but oh what a move by he knows who Dovan was actually moving and he dulce a little bit of room on the short side good outlet to Hayes Hayes with brighter brighter looking toward the net to the same the rainbow Terry wide his stroll drove to the net that was kind of a shot pass by Chris Kreider Brian Strom on hand wraparound blocked by Lundqvist and buck still alive Dickenson the back pass to handling for the shot save through a screen homo is right in front of Henrik Lundqvist didn’t see it he took the big shot and missed high and then Smith pulled in strong place it off the board stop by pedaling for a drive save and no rebound Lundqvist controlling the puck 256 to go there’s been lucky they’re loved he skidded trying to feed in his back [Applause] they don’t come easy but they keep coming the Rangers have won six straight on home ice they won three in a row and they are eight one and one in their last 10 games

Dallas Stars vs New York Rangers | NHL | NOV-19-2018 | 20:00 EST
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