( upbeat music ) Kevin: All right.
Another amazing episode of “What The Fit” is on the way.
I’m with my guy. – That’s right.
– My man, DJ Khaled– -That’s right.
—he’s with me today. And you know what,
we’re gonna switch it up a little bit.
It’s not just about us working out
and getting healthy today. We’re showing parents
how to get with it. It’s gonna be
fathers and me. All right?
-DJ Khaled: Okay. -Kevin: All right.
It’s us, it’s kids, we working out
with the babies today, Khaled. -That’s a–
that’s a major key, you know what I’m saying. Talking to the parents and the youth, the kids, you know what I mean?
-I like that. -So I’m excited
about this. -And your voice,
I like that. Sorry, guys.
I’m sorry we’re late. I apologize. I’m sorry.
I know, I know. -Listen.
Hey, how are you? I’m Jesse. Nice to meet you.
-I’m good. Khaled. Where– -Okay. Nice to meet you guys.
So this is what we’re doing.
– Sup boss? How’re you doing? -We’re doing a little Daddy
and Me Boot Camp right now. Okay? That’s easy.
-Kevin: Done. -It’s the thing.
We do flow power. No–we don’t need weights.
We just need our bodies and our children.
And that’s it, man.
-Kevin: That’s it? -We’re gonna work out
a little bit. We’re gonna giggle,
we’re gonna sweat, it’s gonna be good fun.
-DJ Khaled: Asahd. Hey, little boy. Yeah.
-Kevin: Um, two things just before we get into it. Khaled has his baby. Does anybody have an extra baby
that I could use? -You wanna do a borrow baby?
-Whose baby is that? Is that an extra baby?
– That’s an extra baby. – Can I borrow that baby?
-Jesse: Borrow the baby. -Kevin: Just for the class,
can I borrow that baby?
-Man: Just for the class? As long as I get her back.
-Kevin: No, no, I’m giving your baby back. -Okay. So the first thing
we’re gonna do, this is fun.
Now all you parents, uh, that have your children, even if it’s not your child,
it’s fine. I’m not gonna bring it up
again, I apologize.
-Borrowed baby, this is us. Borrowed baby.
-Jesse: Uh, here’s what we do. We’re gonna find somebody
and dad, we’re gonna follow
this kid around. That’s how we warm up.
I know you’ve chased your kids around beforehand
and it’s hard work but we’re gonna do this
on purpose. Now Sebastian, where you at, man? You ready to do this?
-Sebastian: Yeah. -Jesse: Okay.
Oh, I get a hug. Yeah, I like that. Okay, Sebastian’s
gonna run around and do some things. What we do is we follow him.
That’s it. -Kevin: That’s it?
-Wait, hold on. You said that’s it?
-Kevin: That’s it? -Jesse: Sebastian,
show him what’s up. Let’s go. -Kevin: Okay, we just follow–
-Jesse: Anything he do. Anything he do,
we got to follow him. Go. -Kevin: All right.
-Jesse: Okay, come on. We’ll follow him.
-Kevin: Okay. Borrowed baby,
borrowed baby, you got to pay attention.
-Jesse: Come back this way, what are you gonna do?
-Borrowed baby, pay attention. -Jesse: You can do anything
you want, Sebastian. -Kevin: Borrowed baby, follow.
-Jesse: What you–what you got. -Borrowed baby,
we over there. Borrowed baby, hold on now.
-Jesse: Yeah. All right, I need
more moves, Sebastian. -Kevin: Borrowed baby,
we got to get down. We got to get down,
borrowed baby. -Jesse:
What are we gonna do? Okay. Yeah, feel that.
Child pose, get up. Pose. -Okay, wait we’re getting up, we’re getting up.
-Jesse: Put your hands together for Sebastian.
-Kevin: There you go. -Okay. -You’re killing today. -Jesse: All right,
all right, so next, we got to make sure
we’re working out for everybody all ages. It’s not just the big kids,
it’s not just the dads. Sometimes we get
under ones, all right.
-DJ Khaled: Yes. – So under ones, you know what
they’re really good at. They’re good at crawling.
All right, but crawling gets a little more difficult
when you grow up. So that’s what we’re gonna do.
We’re gonna follow your lead, Mr. Man. And get some.
-Asahd, you ready? -Jesse: He gonna crawl
and we’re gonna crawl, too. Where we crawling to?
Until I say we done crawling. -Kevin: Uh-huh. Okay.
-Kids first. Get into the crawl mode. Let’s go.
-Let’s go, Asahd. Come on. Crawl, Asahd.
Come on, let’s go. -I like it. Asahd, remember,
they’re older than you. You’re looking real good.
Come on. Come on, Asahd, yes. Come on. You can turn around
if you want. Come on. Come on, Asahd.
You can do whatever you want. The world is yours. Me and you, come on,
ready, come on. -Kevin: Yeah.
-Jesse: Let’s go. -Kevin: Yeah. -Right. -Jesse: Yes. Give yourselves a hand,
everybody. -You did it. -I feel like Asahd
is using profanity. ( upbeat music ) -All right.
How many people like jump rope? -Ha? Oh, I’ve been–
-Jesse: Feeling good? -Kevin: –I used to be
a professional jumper back in my heydey.
-Second place in worlds, right? -Kevin: No, wait.
Wait a second. Boom.
-Jesse: Oh, done. -Kevin: You don’t need
to do no more. All right.
-Jesse: All right. Here it comes, here it comes. Let’s go.
Let’s get it moving. -Watch yourselves. Kids, what I’m about to do,
do not try– at home.
Okay, understand? That I am
a licensed professional. Don’t tell nobody
from the streets that y’all saw me do this
because I’m a thug. Okay. Khaled, you never saw this.
-Yeah, all right. All right. -Here I go, here I go. -Jesse: Okay, okay.
Now you comfortable. Let’s go. Let’s go.
See, see, see? -I was about to do.
“My mama told me not to
come in the house.” That’s what I used
to do right there. I can’t, here’s the thing,
-Jesse: Yes, all right. -I’m tired from that shit. -Jesse: All right, guys.
Here we go. We’re gonna do some lunges. You got three options
for the lunges. Okay, lunges,
we’re working our quads, working our glutes,
should be working our core. You can hold your baby
just on the side if you want. But make sure
you switch sides ’cause you wanna
make sure it’s even.
-( child laughs ) -Okay. We’re gonna
stay in place. -( child laughs ) -Jesse: Lift that knee up
on the other side. Jesse: Perfect. Oh, Kevin Hart and
borrowed baby.
-Yes? -Jesse: I’m gonna need you guys
to go ahead and join in. This
workout is for you, too.
-Okay. Okay. -Jesse: That’s Pepper.
Pepper, Pepper. Pepper, Pepper.
Here we go, Pepper. -Kevin: Pepper, you ready?
Pepper, let’s go up, Pepper.
-Girl: Wee! Yeah!
-Jesse: That’s how it’s done. Okay, if that’s too easy though,
check it out. -Kevin: Oh, I got the whole–
I got the whole Pepper, Here, Pepper.
-Jesse: You can Simba your baby, okay? Same game. -Kevin: Okay, Pep.
-Jesse: Simba the child. ( gibberish ) -Let’s do three more
on each side, three more on each side.
-Kevin: Hey, brother. How much Pepper weigh? -Jesse: You want this one?
You want Simba, baby? -DJ Khaled: She’s about 56.
-Kevin: 56? Pepper, let’s go up.
Pepper. Yeah. -Jesse: All right. Okay.
Head back to your mats. -Okay.
-Wooh. It’s a work out. -Jesse: Next thing.
Who knows what a burpee is? -( burps ) -Kevin:
Raise your hand, Pep. Yeah. -Asahd, you ready to work out?
-Jesse: Kids, I need you
to count for dads and stand-in fathers. We’re gonna do five
of them. Ready? -Kevin: Ready.
-Three, two, one, let’s go. -Kevin: Let’s go. Pep. Pep, you counting? Pep. No, Pep. You’re not supposed to– Pep, you’re not
supposed to do– -Jesse: I haven’t heard
a count of five, you guys keep going
until five. -DJ Khaled:
Good job, Asahd.
-Jesse: I like it. Pep, you got to count
for me, Pep. -Jesse: Okay,
I’mma give–I’mma give– I’mma give Kevin
the mercy rule. -Kevin: Okay.
-Jesse: Mercy. You’re good, you’re good.
-Thank you, please. Pep, I did about 30.
You can’t leave me out there like that, Pep. You got to help me.
You got to count. -Man: Good job.
-Jesse: That’s all he’s doing. -DJ Khaled: He did
a good job today. Here. Your hands are dirty so you can’t put them
in your mouth. -Jesse: All right. This is
what we’re gonna to do now. We’re gonna do
a little race here, a kid race. -I love it.
-We got Team Khaled. -DJ Khaled: All we do is win. -Jesse: We got Team Hart. -Kevin: Cha-boinky doink. -Jesse: You guys ready?
-Kids: Yeah! -Kevin: First of all,
being winners is all about the look first. And you all have the look. -DJ Khaled:
Stay focused. Look forward. Don’t look back
and don’t look to the side. -Second, we got heart. If you got heart, that means
you got what it takes to do what you need to do
and that’s win. -And after we have
the big finish line, we got the big victory and we’re gonna put
our hands in the sky and we’re gonna celebrate and we’ll go get some ice cream
afterwards, all right? -Man: Hmm, yummy. -You got to come in first. You got to beat
everybody else out, even if you have
to take a few down. -Jesse: Are you ready?
-Kids: Yeah. -Kevin: Let’s go, Team Hart.
-Jesse: Okay, here we go. -DJ Khaled:
Let’s go, Khaled team.
-Jesse: Three– -Let’s go, Asahd.
-Jesse: Two– -One, let’s go! -Kevin: Go, go, go! -DJ Khaled:
Yeah. Come on, Asahd! Asahd, you can do it! ( slowed down audio)
You can do it! ( slower audio)
You can do it.
You can do it. Asahd, come on! Yeah! Yeah! -Wait, wait, no.
No, no, no. Wait, no, guys.
-Jesse: Uh-oh, do we have ( indistinct )? -Kevin: Way to finish, Hart!
Way to finish, Team Hart! -DJ Khaled: She still finished
strong. -It looked like she
was hurt but she wasn’t. It’s what we do
to get attention. -That’s what happens,
baby, sports are hard. -( crying )
-Jesse: Do we have a head bump? -Man: What happened?
-Jesse: We had a head bump? Man: You all right?
-GIRL: Daddy ( crying ) -I’ve seen this one time on a movie called “Vietnam.” Everybody started crying
at the same time. It was the same type
of situation as this. We got it under control. Just know that
this will happen sometimes when kids compete. How fast are you? You fast, too?
Give me some. Yeah. -Man: I think you went
really fast in that direction. -I got confused. -Man: Confused. -Because there was
a winner and a loser and that’s life.
All right. So the losers
was team– -It was definitely Team Khaled.
-Jesse: Definitely Team Khaled. -I don’t agree
because we all do is win. I don’t know
what y’all talking about. You know what, Kevin?
You–You’re wrong. -Kevin: And I don’t have
my real baby.
-So we didn’t win? -You want to? -Jesse: Yeah, DJ Khaled,
you guys definitely won.
-( laughing ). -We are about to do– the Bengay Challenge. So right now, all fathers are gonna take their partners, which are the kids, put the kids on their back and we are going to go up and back, okay? First one back wins. We’re about to go
all in and win. -We got them, boy. -Jesse: Ready, set, go. -Kevin: All right, Pep.
Hold on, Pep. Hold on, Pep. Oh, god. Oh. Hold on, Pep. Hold on, Pep. Okay. All right, Pep. This when it get good. Hold on, Pep.
This is when it get good, Pep. -Okay, here we go.
Now we’re doing it. -Kevin: Pep, how we look?
Are they close, Pep? Pep, you got my back. Oh, wait a second.
Wait, Pepper! Pep. Pep.
-( horn blows ) -Kevin: All right, sir. Congratulations, Pat. Congratulations.
These are our winners. Now dad, I know
that you may be sore. Right now, actually,
I know that you’re sore but hopefully
this win from Bengay will help you relieve
some of that pain. Okay? Congratulations
on an amazing bear crawl. You and Sebastian deserve it. -Man: Oh, thanks.
-Kevin: You deserve it, man. This is for you, guys.
-Appreciate that. -Sebastian it’s heavy.
It’s heavy. Normally I win
all the time, Sebastian but I didn’t wanna– I didn’t wanna make you cry. -Got it?
-Kevin: Yeah, I’m a nice guy. I eased back
and I apologize for that, Pep. I owe you one. I owe you
a trophy in the future. -Jesse: Round of applause
for Kevin Hart. -Thank you.
-That’s the kind of guy he is. That’s the kind of guy.
-Kevin: I’m just being
a good dude. -Jesse: That’s all he’s doing.
-Kevin: That’s all. -Jesse: Okay, guys. This is it. This is the finale of the flow power daddy
and me boot camp. -Which has been
an amazing experience. -Jesse: You guys
have a good time? -I had a great time.
-Man: Yeah. -Jesse: Right?
I mean, it’s fun. It’s fun to be able
to, uh, you know, spend some time
with your kids, work out, sweat,
and have fun. -( child screams )
-Uh, the most fun I find
is often chasing people. It’s something
I don’t do a lot of anymore now that I’m old. But, uh, when I–
when I was young, tag was the thing to do
and right now, there’s only person
who can be it and that is you,
sir Kevin Hart. And what I need you
to do is run because these kids
are coming after you. Okay, ready, go. -( country music ) -Asahd, we let them– we’ll watch this one. ( country music continues ) -Jesse:
Oh, that was close, Kev. -High knees, Kev.
High knees. -Jesse: Oh. -( screaming ) One of them bite me
on the ass. All right, wait.
All right, wait. Oh, they’re taking me down. They’re taking me down. Okay. This has been another amazing episode of “What The Fit.” As you see,
I’mma be tied up for a while. I got a bunch
of crazy kids on me but more importantly, this is what love looks like. I’m Kevin Hart
and this is “What The Fit.” Thank you, Asahd. Thank you, DJ Khaled.
Go save yourselves. Pep, help me. Pep, help me, Pep. No? Guys, good job. Schnidle diddle,
Kevin Hart here, if you liked “What The Fit”
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