when I give a lesson I often tell skiers not to waste a downhill by this I mean that often skiers glide with both skis solidly in the track or outside the track on gentle descents however you can improve your balance if you simply lift one ski at a time off the snow as you improve you can also do balance drills outside the track like this pivoting exercise showing here another challenging balancing exercise is to lift your ski as high as you can and be sure to balance on one ski and then the other you can also use gravity to lengthen your glide while free skating down a hill as your balance improves try to extend the glide with each ski this will pay dividends when you perform other difficult skating techniques like the one skate you

Cross country skiing balance exercises on downhills
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One thought on “Cross country skiing balance exercises on downhills

  • July 30, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    This is a very easy to follow and informative video, thank you for making this. May I interest you in a shoehorn I invented for ski boots? It's makes putting them on a cinch.


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