– What are the creepiest
haunted dolls around the world? (eerie music) (static crackling) Welcome to Friday Night Ghost Frights from Haunted Road Media. I’m author and ghostorian
Mike Rickesecker. Explore with us. Around the world are several haunted dolls that totally creep people out or have a chilling ghost
story associated with it. Which ones are the creepiest? The Okiku doll in Japan. This mysterious hair-growing doll in Japan is said to be possessed by
the spirit of a little girl who used to play with it. Residing in a temple since 1983, the doll’s most unique quality is that its human hair continues to grow. The sad tale behind it
is that the two-year-old who used to play with it on a daily basis died of an illness, and the family placed it
in the household altar. Sometime later, the doll’s
short-cropped hair began to grow and is now 25 centimeters in length. The Letta doll in Australia is one that is totally creepy to me. This doll was discovered
by an Australian in 1972 underneath the porch of an abandoned house that had scared him for years. Letta was made with real human hair and is believed to have been
created by a Romanian gypsy about 200 years before its discovery. The doll is said to move on its own, occasionally screams “Letta me out,” which is how the doll got its name, makes hanging pictures fall from walls sometimes when it enters a room, and dogs bark wildly when near it, or they refuse to go near it at all. There’s the Pulau Ubin
Barbie in Singapore. A shrine in Pulau Ubin, Singapore, is dedicated to a little German girl who fell off a nearby cliff and died when running from the British army investigating her parents back in 1914. In 2007, a man had the same dream three nights in a row
about the little girl, leading him to a toy store
to buy a Barbie doll. After the third night,
he went to the store, bought the Barbie he
had seen in his dream, and placed it at the shrine. Of course, people now believe
that shrine is haunted. The Mandy doll, the Quesnel Museum in
British Columbia, Canada. The porcelain doll known as Mandy was made in England or Germany sometime between 1910 and 1920 and was donated to the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia in 1991. The donor claimed to hear crying
in the middle of the night, which did not go away until
after she gave away Mandy. At the museum, employees say that since
the doll has been there, odd things like pencils,
books, and even lunches go missing or are seemingly misplaced. They also claim that
Mandy cannot be encased with other dolls because
she will harm them. The Haunted Harold doll. Harold is considered to be the first haunted doll ever sold on eBay, and one of its early owners recounts her paranormal
experiences with the doll in the Haunted Road Media anthology Encounters with the Paranormal. After acquiring the doll, her experiences included
the sudden strange deaths of two people that had come near the doll and sudden unexplained illnesses. The current owner, who
has had Harold since 2004, believes there are many
entities inside of the doll, also attributes untimely deaths of ones close to him to Harold, and has heard of people becoming very ill after taking photographs of the doll. Robert the Doll in Florida. Originating in Germany, this doll was given by his aunt to four-year old Robert Eugene
Otto in Florida in 1904. Upon receiving the doll, Gene stated he would then be called Gene and the doll be called Robert. The idea from his aunt was that Robert could be Gene’s friend until Gene made some real friends. However, Gene didn’t really
make very many real friends, and he and Robert became inseparable. It was said that when
they were alone together, two voices could be heard
talking and giggling. Objects moved about the house, and whenever something
turned up missing or broken, Gene would blame Robert. When Gene moved away and got married, neighbors claimed they routinely saw Robert in the window scowling at them. When Gene moved back
when his mother grew ill, Gene’s wife despised
the strange attachment her husband had with the doll. There was also a time in which a plumber ran screaming from the house when the doll scowled at him and giggled. Was the doll really haunted, or is it possible that telekinetic energy from Gene made Robert the
Doll seemingly come alive? After Gene passed away, the doll was donated to the Fort East Martello
Museum in Key West. It is now said that one must
ask permission of Robert to take his picture. Otherwise the photographer
will become cursed. The Island of the Dolls in Mexico. The legend of the Island of the Dolls is that island caretaker
Don Julian Santana Barrera came upon a drowned little girl and shortly later a doll
which he presumed to be hers. In order to honor the little girl, he decided to hang the doll in a tree, and any doll he came upon thereafter he also hung in her honor. Over time, a large collection
of deteriorating dolls made the island look extremely creepy. Some visitors to the island claim they hear the dolls
whispering to each other. In an ironic twist, when
Barrera passed away in 2001, he was found in the same canal in which he claimed he
had found the little girl. The real Annabelle doll, not to be confused with the Annabelle doll from the Conjuring movie universe. The famous Annabelle doll,
a large Raggedy Ann doll, came to the Ed and
Lorraine Warren’s attention when a nursing student began
having problems with the doll her mother gave to her as a gift in 1970. She put the doll on her bed, and within days she began to notice that the doll would change
positions and move around. Eventually, the haunting got to the point in which the Annabelle doll attempted to strangle
a friend of the nurse. Through a psychic medium, the nurse and her friends were told that the spirit of Annabelle Higgins, a little girl that used
to live on the property, wanted to inhabit the doll so
she could stay and be loved. When the Warrens became involved, they stated that this spirit
was an inhuman presence using the doll to eventually
inhabit a human host. The Warrens took the doll home, but the activity didn’t stop. Annabelle would move from room to room and, on separate occasions, it seemingly struck out
at both a young priest and a young couple by
causing vehicular accidents after each mocked the doll. The Annabelle doll is
now famously locked away inside a protective case with a sign affixed to it that reads, “Warning, Positively Do Not Open.” Of course, Annabelle inspired the doll that is featured in both The Conjuring and Annabelle movie series, and you can find out more
details about the doll in our full Annabelle
video, which I’ll link here. Is Shana’s Zara the Zombie doll haunted? Probably not. But we have seen her successfully
used as a trigger object up in Molly’s Room at the
Mineral Springs Hotel, an extremely haunted room on the top floor of the haunted hotel. – You know how, when you’re at a campfire, the smoke, with the flames, it makes the area around shimmer? – [Man] Yeah. It’s from the heat waves. – That’s what I was seeing
in between me and the doll. – [Man] Can you hear this, Molly? (cries) What did you feel? – I did hear a noise. Just really sad. My throat started closing up. – And if you want to learn
more about haunted dolls such as Annabelle and Robert the Doll, check out our other
videos off to the side. I’m Mike Ricksecker. Till next Friday night. (tinkling music)

Creepiest Haunted Dolls In The World!

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    We have a creepy old doll that belonged to my grandmother. It has a porcelain head with little teeth. It's not haunted but when I moved back home to my parent's house I wrapped her up with a little blanket and prayer and she's in a closet. My kids and their friends were all bothered by it.

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    While watching your video here, I realized I was familiar with all the dolls you have mentioned here, which I found extremely interesting. However, my best friend has a doll you did not mention. Check out Patty’s Doll on The YouTube channel The G Team Paranormal. She has a doll that has moved in front of numerous subscribers. I think you will find her very amazing as well as paranormal. I did a video with her as well and she did not disappoint. Thanks for everything and Much Love 💗


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