– [Jessica] Do you want to go skating? (upbeat pop music) – Yeah. – [Jessica] Yeah? (upbeat pop music) (intense music) – I want to give you a tour
of the house I just made. – [Jacob] Me too. – This is our sidewalk. (upbeat jazz music) This is the path where you come inside. – [Jacob] And this is the camp area. And then I’m gonna (mumbles). – Yeah. And this is the picnic area. This is Parker’s seat because he’s a baby. And go inside. A lot of pets live here. This is one of my pets. This is Lambie. She’s the only pet that lives inside. – [Parker] These are two
coins that my sister and– – [Bailey] This is (mumbles) – (mumbles) (squeaks) This is the dining table. – [Bailey] And he lives in this pond. – We get hooks and we play Santa Claus. There’s things right there and Santa Claus will look at this. (mumbles) He’ll only look at one page,
because that’s what he wants. Because look. – And inside of the
house, we made one bed. (upbeat jazz music) This is where I sleep. This is Lambie’s bed in her bedroom. This is the garden my dog and cat live. It’s got some… (crying) It’s got flowers, and
there’s two beehives. (crying) (mumbles) place for the
kitty to have fun on and this nice little seaweed. – As a parent, sometimes it gets too quiet and you have to investigate. What you hope for is this. – Whoa. Isn’t that cool? Whoa. – Hi. – Bailey painted her face. – [Christopher] Don’t paint your face. Bailey, you want to tell
us about your painting? What is this a painting of? – That’s the painting of my backyard. – [Christopher] So this
is a painting of this. I think she did a pretty excellent job. Let’s hold it up, let’s compare. Yes, yes. I like that. And you did this all by yourself? – [Bailey] Yeah. – [Christopher] I didn’t
even know you were doing it. It’s beautiful. And Jacob, what are you painting? – [Jacob] A sled. – [Christopher] Oh my goodness. Is this the one you got for
Black Friday, yesterday? – Yeah. – [Christopher] Yeah? And let’s see, so what’s your plan here? Is the whole thing gonna be this color? – [Bailey] Well, the bottom
part is going to be gold. – [Christopher] Oh yes, I see you’re using some sparkly paint. – [Bailey] There’s some sparkly
blue and sparkly yellow. – [Christopher] And you’re
using the red for the, it’s lovely. – [Jacob] Top. – He’s painting it for my
stuffed animal because she just– – No, I’m painting it for decoration. – Yeah, but that is going to be for my stuffed animal, remember? – [Parker] No. – [Bailey You told me it was going to be for my stuffed animal. – I did not. – We won two free passes to go skating, and they expire tomorrow. So we are going skating. So are you excited, Christopher? – We’re gonna do it. We’re gonna get those skates,
we’re gonna make it happen. – [Jessica] Santa. (laughing) – He was too big. – Yeah? How do you know how big Santa is? Maybe that’s how big he is. Just gonna ignore me on that one. – [Christopher] It’s
destroyed their brain. (laughs) – [Jessica] Hey, Parker,
where you gonna go? (coos) That’s right, skating. Are you excited? – Yeah. (upbeat pop music) – [Jessica] How’s it going Christopher? – We’re almost to the entrance. – [Jessica] Almost to the entrance. – Almost there. – [Jessica] Almost. (upbeat pop music) Do you want to go skating? – Yeah. – [Jessica] Yeah? Jacob, how does it feel to go skating? – Good. (mumbles) shoes on. – [Jessica] What don’t
you like about skating? – [Jessica] How was that? – Good. – [Jessica] What’s your favorite
part about skating so far? – I don’t know. – [Jessica] What do you
not like about skating? – Because I keep falling down. – [Jessica] Me too. (upbeat pop music) How’d that feel? – It was cool. (upbeat jazz music) – [Christopher] Did you guys have fun? – [Bailey] Yeah. (guitar strumming) ♫ It’s time to read ♫ Read some comments from the vlog. All right, this one’s from Jen. A lot of people actually
ask this question. My favorite Bailey video
in awhile question. “Since Jacob could eat the
muffins, what kind of milk “and butter was used for the recipe?” We sub out milk and butter all
the time for various things. In this recipe, it was coconut
milk and Earth’s Balance butter alternative,
which has no dairy in it, unlike margarine which
actually does have dairy in it. (upbeat music) ActuallyEllen says, “Once I
was at a craft store and it “was 98% off so I basically
bought the whole shop.” How’d you fit it into your car? Holly says, “That slow
motion clip of Bailey really “cracked me up.” I see what you did there. I appreciate it. DezTeddyEggRoll says, “Aw,
Jessica’s laugh is so cute.” Isn’t it just? Thank you everybody who
commented about Jacob. He is feeling much better today. We wouldn’t have been able
to go roller skating if he wasn’t feeling well, and we
were giggling the entire time. It was the most fun. They put the skates on and
they just couldn’t stay upright and we were just laughing the whole time. It was so much fun. Have you ever gone roller
skating in a roller rink, or somewhere else? Let me know in the comment
section down below. Tell us about your
experience, how that was. I was so proud of my kids. First, they couldn’t even
stand up and by the end of it, we were only there for
like an hour and a half, and by the end of it
they were zooming around and doing really good. Thank you guys so much for
watching and be sure to subscribe if you haven’t subscribed
yet and like the video and talk to us in the comment
section and we might read your comment in the next video. Thanks for watching. (speaking in British accent) Hello, and welcome to the Lifestyles of the Small and Imaginative. Here we have Bailey’s mansion. (yelling) Many parties ensue here. You’ll notice a lovely sidewalk leading up to the campground area. – [Bailey] And what about the frog? – [Christopher] I’m getting
to the froggy, don’t worry. (laughing) A lovely area for the
dog and the cat to play with lots of seaweed for them to enjoy. No house would be complete
without a wreath of lambiness. (laughing) Let’s not forget the many books and– – [Bailey] And my bed. – [Christopher] And the bed. (laughing) Also featured in this luxurious
couch house are two coins. There are strict rules at this house. Remember to take your
shoes off before entering. and no fantasy furniture mansion
would be complete without it’s own private pond, including
little frog named Slimy and pirate ship. Did I miss anything? – Yeah. You forgot to tell them
about the sidewalk. No, you forgot to tell them this part. – [Christopher] And this part. (laughing) (slow jazz music) (music ends) – We are making some muffins. Hide and seek muffins. – [Christopher] Okay, and
what do you need for this? – One and a half cups of
flour, two teaspoons–

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