(upbeat music) – These look so fun! I’m waiting for Addy and Maya to get home from school today. And Maya’s bringing one of her friends over from school, Nadia. And so I thought we’d do a really special Hair Dooz play date today. We got these really neat toys. I think they’re brand new. I haven’t seen them in the store yet. they’re called Hair Dooz. So, I got a little bit inspired for a super fun play date. I’m thinking not only will we open all these new Hair Dooz and check out this new toy which looks super cute by the way, but we have a little fun and
do the girls’ hair as well. I brought up from our
basement a big box of wigs because we have so many wigs from all the videos we’ve filmed and I thought I’d do their hair in wigs we’d style it and
we open the Hair Dooz today. Now if you’ve been to
the hair salon before, you know you always get a
cool little, fancy cape, to wear around you, so you don’t get hair on you and Hair Dooz sent us out some of these, so I figured I set the
girls up in a cute chair. We can put those on and
let me show you the wigs that I brought upstairs. Some of them I think
you’re gonna recognize from many of our videos. Let’s see here. This big, furry brown one, it’s from Toy Hotel. Do you know who wore this one? (laughs) I’ll give you a hint. I did, and it’s when I
played housekeeper Natalie. This is a big furry one. Plus, Hair Dooz send out
some fun ones themselves. This one kind of reminds
me of cotton candy, we’ve got some long pink
and blue curly locks, here. I’ve gotten old lady wig, here. This one you might recognize as well, we have a few of these. Do you know who’s this is? This one is Lulu. We actually have a few of these. I wear these in all of
our Toy Cafe videos, and if you’ve seen it, one
of our most recent ones where Addy wore it. She looked really cute in it too. Plus we have mad scientist Jason’s wig. And if I check all the packaging
of these Hair Dooz boxes they have some pretty cool hair styles, so I’m anxious to see the hair styles that these toys are gonna come in, and if any of them match the hair styles that I’m gonna style on the girls. (upbeat music) – Oh, and it looks like the
girls’ bus just pulled up. So would you three wanna
open some new toys today? – [All] Yeah! – Yeah, you guys like that idea? So we have a new toy, called Hair Dooz. Thought I could do y’all’s hair, and then open the the toy. You up for it, Nadia? Who’s gonna go first? – Me!
– Me, me, me. Me, Nadia, Addy. Me, Nadia, Addy. – Well if we can’t agree, how do we settle things in this house? – Rock, paper. – [Lucy] Rock, paper, scissors. All right, battle girls. Oh back to back, that’s serious. Okay. – Rock, paper, scissors.
– Shoot. – Dang it! – [Lucy] Do you need
your hair washed first? – No! No. – Now , let me just find
my hair cutting shears and I’ll get started on you. – No! – No? – No. I want the hair to grow. (laughing) – Keep your eyes closed. – What for? – It’s pink, it’s pink. – Like at the salon, Maya, you got to turn around
to the mirror to reveal. (excited screaming) Well now that Maya looks beautiful have someone else come to the chair. Addy, you’re up next. I’m gonna surprise you Addy. (upbeat music) You ready? There! – It’s a ponytail! (excited screaming) – Nadia, you ready for your turn? All right, let’s put Nadia in the chair. Addy! Your hair came out. Addy is rejecting her wig that I gave her so on attempt two now. That’s going on Addy. This was from Crazy Car Store. Oh hey now, hey now,
don’t open your eyes yet. I think you look quite stylish Addy. Wanna spin to reveal? (excited screaming) (laughing) Now it is Nadia’s turn. You ready? – Yes. – Nadia gets the chair now. Nadia is going to get
my personal favorite. That’s right. Oh wow. Look up and then turn around. What do you think? (excited screaming) (laughing) – That one’s my favorite. – I love it. It’s your favorite Maya? Yours is pretty crazy though. Well we’re going to
open the Hair Dooz now. The wigs are already off, like? You don’t want to wear your wigs? No? – Too tight. – Too tight, okay. And Addy’s picking hers off. While she’s taking hers of
we’re gonna get ready to open our Hair Dooz but, I wanna tell you a funny hair story. Addy, what did you do
when you were in Pre-K? – Cut my hair. – Yes you did. When we lived in Phoenix, I was walking around the house one day and I saw there was a
clump of hair on the floor and I thought well that’s kind of odd and I picked it up and threw it away, and kinda didn’t think too much of it. Then I walked to the bathroom and there was another clump in the sink, and I was like, okay this is really weird, and then Addy came downstairs, and she was probably four or
five at the time, I think. And she had, at this time
she didn’t have bangs and I looked to her and I was like you look a little bit different. Well she had cut bangs, but she had pushed them of to the side. So, I went like this and
then realized she had chopped her own bangs, and it was quite an interesting look. Wasn’t it Addy? – Yeah. – [Lucy] You just wanted bangs? – Yeah. – Yeah? Now cutting hair, it’s kinda
common and a lot of kids do it. Maya never did, probably
because after Addy did it she realized we don’t cut
our own hair in this house. But a wanna show a cute picture of it. So here is– (laughing) – All right, so these were
the bangs that Addy cut. I know it does not look horrible but, when you cut bangs you
know, they kinda stop at a certain point and she
cut bangs pretty far back so let me show you the
picture from the salon, where you can see just
how far back she cut. It was pretty bad. Well I took her to the hair
salon to see if they could do anything to try to clean
up the cut job that she, there wasn’t a lot they could do, to be honest. So we just had to be very patient, we had to use a lot of
hair spray and bobby pins. We like hair sprayed her
hair back all the time, and it took many, many, many,
years for it to grow back. Nadia said she cut her
hair once, by yourself? What did you cut? Did you cut bangs or you cut down here? – Down here. – You know what? A lot of kids cut their
hair when they’re young. I never did and don’t you at home, don’t cut your hair. Don’t do it. Now that we’re done telling
hair cutting stories I think it’s time to
actually open our Hair Dooz. Do you want to come sit
here on the floor, girls? – Wait I know why it’s called Hair Dooz, it’s because they are hair dos. – They are, so we’re gonna each take one, you can have one, Nadia. I’m gonna take one. And then let’s see what it all comes with. So it says that there are
24 different Hair Dooz, that you can collect. You get a hair do, a bottle
capsule, a styling chair, a suction cup, a hairdresser’s cape and a collector’s guide in here. Oh my goodness girls. It says that you can find a rare color change hair. You think we’re gonna find the rare one? – No. – I’ve gotten really lucky once on a toy, so I think I can find it. – Let’s se if we can find
the rare color change. Hair color change. That’s pretty cool. (upbeat music) – You spin to reveal. Addy, you wanna spin yours? – Wow. – Let me see that. That is some cool hair, girl. – Yeah, it’s a mohawk. – That’s cool hair. – Look at mine. – Wow. – Cool Hair Dooz. That’s neat too. – Wow. – I took the drier off. This is some cool hair. – Oh my gosh. – And just like at the
salon, they’re wearing capes so I wonder what’s under the cape, once we take the cape off. – It probably is the rest of their body. – Cape off, oh she’s sitting there. How cute. – She got the color change. – Yeah, she got the color change one. – You did, Nadia! – Yeah, she got the color change. – Wait, let me see. Okay, so which one is it? You’re right, color
change, big bow Ponydoo. So it says, rare color change hair, changes color with warmth. Try dipping in warm water
and see the color change. Dip back into cold water
to see it change back. Okay, we saw Nadia’s color changing and this is Crystal,
and I like how she’s got blue hair underneath. These smell really, really good. And so if we look at the
collector’s guide, girls, you can see there is four
different Crystals you can collect they just all have different hair styles. So I have one Crystal but
there is four other ones with different hair dos. Addy did we figure out who you got? Let’s see, so she got Sparkle
with the rainbow Modoo, it’s called. – Modoo? I thought it was mohawk. – That’s pretty cool. (laughing) And you have a sparkly
scalp on this one too. Quick poll, girls. Who would be brave enough to really, and I mean really, rock a mohawk? – No. – Would you do it?
– No! – Would you? – Yeah! – [Lucy] You would really
let me cut your hair for like permanently into a mohawk? – Cut? – [Lucy] Yes, that’s what you have, you have to shave this side, no? Nadia, what about you? – No! – No way? Well I’m bumped, because
I have like little shavers all ready to go for who ever
wanted to do that today. Are you sure? – Seriously? Show us. (laughing) Show us. – Do you really think I
was gonna shave your hair into a mohawk? – No! – I wasn’t gonna do that. Maya’s actually, let’s
take a look at hers. Hers kinda looks like a troll. So it’s kinda funny– – Addy made it look like a troll. – And it looks like the wig. – I know, that’s what was so funny. Because, she had the hair all puffed up and it looks like the wig she was wearing. Except your wig was all pink. So Maya has Candy here, and we can see there is three other Candys you can collect. So we’ve opened four Hair Dooz, should we open some more, girls? – Yeah! – [Lucy] Pick another one,
we’ll open one for each other. One for you. Wow. – Look at mine, mine’s wearing a tiara. – What’re you guys getting? – Mine’s rainbow. – That’s great hair on yours, Nadia. Addy I have not seen yours up close. She has this beautiful purple hair. Yeah, so she got Crystal right here, with the Spiral Piggy Doo. Now I think I saw something else, they came with these little suction cups you can attach the bottom of your chair. Suction it down. How cool. Nadia, should we go check,
do the color changing? See if it works? – Yeah! – Let’s do it. So we’re gonna take her and
we’re gonna dip her in some warm water and see what
happens to her hair. Nadia, let’s give it a go. So, we’re gonna put it in and we have pink and purple hair. Let’s see what happens. – Wow. – It totally turned white and this like light shade of purply blue. That was awesome, she dunked it, cold water now and see what happens. – Oh yeah. – See if it’s gonna change back. – Wow. – Let’s see hold it up. It did. It’s pink and purple again. – I have to say this is some legitimate color changing. I feel like there are
some toys on the market that advertise color changing, and when we tried, it’s a
little bit disappointing, it doesn’t really color change well but, this color changed really
quickly and really well, so I was pretty impressed. Girls, we have four
more Hair Dooz to open. Who’s down for opening some more? – Me! My hair color! – [Lucy] Your hair
color changed too, Addy. It was like blondish brown
and now it’s pink and blue. – Yeah. – Wow, you look like a Hair Dooz. Keep it this way, let’s open some more. We’re gonna open one
more each, our last four. I’m gonna see if we get
another color changer, I’m really, really, hoping
that one of us has it. I hope it’s me, really. I want a color changing hair. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] I would totally
rock hair like this. – The cupcake tin and
the cupcake frosting. – [Lucy] It does, I love it. Here’s Sky with a long Pony Doo. – Mine’s so pretty. – Oh my gosh, wow, it
looks like pink and blue pom poms on her head. If you had to pick one
of these to actually have your hair look like. Who would you choose? In real life. – I choose her. – [Lucy] Her? – Yeah. – [Lucy] Let me see. – She looks mostly like
the hair I have right now. – [Lucy] Yeah, she looks
like you right now. – So I do have my hair. Colored in real life. If I had to chose one I
think I’d do this one. – The cupcake hair. – The cupcake hair. – [Addy] Oh I love–
– It’s pretty cute. Lets go ahead and sing off, guys. What do we tell our Tic Tac Toy fans? – Until tomorrow. – Thanks for watching Tic Tac Toy Family. – Subscribe!
– Bye! – See you next time. (upbeat music)

Crazy Hair Day!
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