I started working out when I was
in high school, and the thing I really liked about it was when you show up at the gym and
put your time in, even though I started with really small weights because I was quite skinny,
and I wanted to gain weight to play football, if you put your time in and show up consistently,
eventually you can do repetitions or more weight, and I felt it very … it really built
my confidence that, hey, if I do this, if I keep coming, I’m going to get stronger.
I mean, I play soccer as well. But you can show up your soccer game, have your best game,
the team could still lose. So it’s basically an individual thing. You go. You put your
time in. You’re always going to see improvement, and that improvement of those slightly heavier
weights each week eventually leads to changing your physique, whether you’re trying to lean
out or gain muscle, and I just thought it’d be really fun and empowering to work with people and help them see that in their lives. I’ve been a trainer for 20 years, and about 17 years ago, I decided to go out on my own and start my own business with some
ideas I had, and I wanted to partner up, and a good friend and training partner and former
roommate from Australia, Pepe Picco, I approached him with the idea, and went back and forth
a little bit and decided to team up and start Precision Athletics, and that was about 17
years ago and been having a great time ever since. One of the things I love the most
about being a trainer is seeing people get the results they want is very empowering,
like you’re sharing in a success with them that they get all the credit. They’re the
ones that do the work. We just come up with the programs and maybe offer some accountability,
so a little bit of our knowledge, some accountability, some motivation, keeping them on track. But
when they achieve those goals, they’re ecstatic, and on a day-to-day basis, for a lot of people
that are really busy, their workout is the best part of their day, so it’s a really positive
atmosphere to show up to work every day and be the best part of someone’s day. It leaves
you feeling really great. In the winter, I snowboard, and
I play soccer year-round. Summertime, I like to hike. I do a lot of other activity. I ride
my cruiser bike around the sea wall. I lift weights regularly. I compete in Olympic lifting.
So I’m very active. I also coach my kids’ soccer, so that keeps me pretty busy. My biggest passion outside of
fitness is probably cooking. I love cooking for my friends and family, trying new recipes.
I’ll totally geek out on something and try different versions, read blogs of different
people who’ve cooked it. I’ve spent a good year and a half mastering my paella from just
reading different recipes online, trying different things, talking to my clients that cook. I’ve
got a lot of clients that are interested in cooking as well. So I find it really relaxing
and rewarding at the same time. It’s relaxing and fun to be creating a dish and then sharing
with friends, a very social thing to do. A client can expect to work out
with me tailored program to their needs and abilities. I usually start with the FMS, which
is a Functional Movement Screen, that’s some specialized training I’ve done. Sees how the
person moves in seven different movement patterns. So what we’ll do is we’ll take their movement
patterns, their two lowest scores and build those up through some corrective exercises
they can do every day as part of their workout, and then we tailor their workout program around
their goals. A lot of the time there’ll be some strength training and some metabolic
conditioning, depending on their goals. Someone who’s looking to get stronger should spend
more time strength training. Somebody who’s looking to lean out will do a little bit more
metabolic conditioning. And then they can also expect a positive atmosphere as a motivation
and a lot of accountability. I really enjoy lifting heavy stuff.
So I really enjoy dead lifts, squat, bench press, that sort of your basic power lifting
moves. I also competed at Olympic lifting, which is a very challenging sport. It’s a
combination of strength and power, but also it’s very, very technique-based. The closest
I can compare it to would be like a golf swing. Like when you do a good one, it just seems
so effortless, like the weight moves so easily and it’s very exhilarating, and if your technique’s
not dialed in, it seems like a major struggle. So it’s one of those things, you really have
to put your time in and train consistently to see very small gains, but again, those
small gains are very rewarding to you. By no means am I world class at it, but it’s
one of those things I do for myself. I’m comparing my weights to my previous best, and when you
have a personal best or a personal record, for those lifts, it’s very exhilarating. The truth is I actually met Craig and
Pepe almost 20 years ago. I was working out at the gym downtown in Vancouver here, and
I saw Craig training somebody. This is probably 19 years ago, I think. And I remember thinking,
that’s the kind of trainer I want, and we started working out there. I think we worked
out back then for about a year or so, and it was fantastic. I got in the best shape
of my life, and then I moved out of downtown. And then cut to about a year or two ago, we
ran into each other at a coffee shop, and he bough me coffee, and I felt bad for him.
So then I started training with him again, and I guess in earnest, we’ve been back at
it since September of last year, so I think we’re at about six months now, and it’s been
going great. And I don’t love anything while we’re doing it, but when it’s over, it’s awesome. I have to admit, right now I think
I’m as strong as I was when I was 28, 30. I never thought I’d say that again. It was
a long time ago, unfortunately, but I seem to be injury-free. Anything that pops up goes
quickly. We’re training safer and smarter than I ever have before, and I’m doing things
I never thought I would do again. I have bench press numbers through the roof. I have dead
lift numbers that are through the roof. I never thought that I would get to those numbers
again at almost 50. So it’s really been kind of a revelation. I’m having the best time
of my life here. I think the most difficult thing about
training with Craig is that he holds me accountable. So every day I show up, I have to make sure
that not only do I have my A game, but even if I don’t have my A game, I have to pretend
that I have my A game. You got to push. You got to push every day. You got to hit those
marks so he keeps track of everything, so we know that even if I come in with an excuse,
even if I’ve had no sleep with my kids, even if my wife and I argued all night long, I
show up, and it’s all forgotten. He nods, “Yeah, right, got it, okay. Now we train.”
So I think that’s the most challenging thing, is when I’m working out by myself, I go in
and all those little things that happen, the trivialities of life slow you down a bit,
but when you come in here, I’m held accountable. I have to show up. I’m paying for it, so I
may as well show up. So far, I would say the results of
training with Craig have been outstanding. I would say that things like bench press has
gone up by like 30 or 40 pounds. Dead lifts, which I wasn’t even doing, I’m now over 300
pounds on deads. I would say my body fat percentage has gone down. My core strength has gone through
the roof. And these are all things that because I wasn’t focusing on them, I was getting injured,
like I was having lower back injuries. I was having neck injuries. I was having arm injuries
because I wasn’t strong enough in my core. So we’ve addressed all those things, so I
would say that on the whole, I’m faster, I’m stronger, and I’m in a better head space than
I was before I started training with Craig. I would absolutely recommend Craig.
I don’t think any of my friends can do it, though. I challenge any of my friends to step
up and my family, absolutely. It’s been great for me, and I strongly, strongly recommend
it to anybody else.

Craig Boyd Personal Trainer Vancouver – Precision Athletics

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