Oh Cory is out at Griffith elementary school this morning for a camp yeah winter sports camp cor yeah and this is ashlynn ashlynn is about to whip us all into shape go ahead let's let's gain control ash I like that very much like our newsroom meetings well done we're gonna watch Ashland get things going here we're at the hubbard sports camp and for years and years they've been taking care of kids during winter break spring break summertime all year long and the good news for us is we got Bob Hubbard with us and Bob good to see you again as always happy new year same to you friend and you guys just keep it going uh you've got a really successful model here it works for moms and dads and kids alike I'd give folks at home the nuts and bolts how does all this well we're here at Griffin Elementary 45th Street in palm lane right near 44th and McDowell you're going downtown right by the 101 so you know what we've got playground ready you know what we're getting the kids ready working on skills having fun burning off some energy burning off that candy from right from the weekend but we're here 8 to 3:30 every day Thursday today Friday next week Wednesday Thursday and Friday so if the kids are you got to go back to work kids aren't back in school yet till the next week so we're gonna play a little game we're gonna play games we work on skills and just have a blast let them run around and and very organized our three of our returning counselors are here today college kids well educated teachers you know we're working with the kids all the time that's what you're yeah parents should really know that that your counselors are just first-rate they were they're experienced and you get them coming back year after year they really know how it all works well we got to fly for the moment Bob but more coming your way from again we're at Griffith elementary school had about around 44th Street and McDowell easy to find as Bob mentioned just jump off the freeway hey you think you can hit me with that thing yeah go for it Oh oh nice good arm she's southpaw she Lefty it's tough to judge this I thought she was got me right in the rotator cuff like Oh workman's comp issue hey hold still honey careful buddy Cory's out playing with kids camp Hubbard winter break camp yeah yeah I said Kemp twice camp camp cap kit hey Corey good morning you guys I wanted to show you first of all the Troy Hayden memorial trophy room they have amassed your collection and I know that your wife is saying hey we can't give all of the guest rooms away to your trophies so it was nice of Griffith to be able to to host the close to your collections on was that a discus Oh droid from track and field to chess Troy had it all going now look here hey you guys faced over this oh we're looking this way I want to see all your happy and smiling faces yes these are the faces of the young athletes of tomorrow the Troy Hayden's of the 21st century if you will yeah they're ready to go so you guys know how to play knee tag all right off you go show us how it works now Bob one thing about your camps is the kids never stop moving we were able to corral them there for just a moment but that's not their usual way they're usually up and doing something yeah them active and running and moving and you know you get all this this going back to the plate playground games dodgeball knee tag freeze tag that whole thing but then we're also gonna work on on skills like as we go through the morning basketball dribbling will take them out into the field they'll do a little bit of soccer play some volleyball everything we can to get them just fundamental skills you know and you never know what sports is really gonna trip your trigger so you get to play it right exactly our historic great history is we had a young guy who came here his brother was a big basketball player he came and learned how to play volleyball played at USC loved that you know you never know what's gonna trigger a response with a child and whether it's soccer and honestly we like the fact that you know we're here this week Thursday Friday we're here all and when's Thursday Friday next week 45th Street and palm lane right near 44th and McDowell at Griffith Elementary and we're delighted that they shared their school with us and we're just having a blast quickly website to sign up camp Hubbard az.com very good that's the place to go and this is the place to bring your kids they're gonna have a great time this week and the last half of next that's it for us you guys will swing you to the break more coming up on a-z a.m. after this

Cory's Corner: Hubbard Winter Sports Camp

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