The motivation for putting this together
is just a good party that everyone feels they’re welcome to and a part of and you
don’t feel like you’re an outsider, yeah. So it’s a good time down here, all the kids
feel good. I’m Joshua. I’m the official unofficial mayor
of Collingwood. Officially, unofficial. This place used to be a car park and my dad
was European welterweight champion back in the day and, for him, he saw a boxing ring.
Me, being a young dude, I see a party. Who are the people that are here? It’s people from the housing estate and
people from off the housing estate. Getting people from off the estate to come in
is, for them, to realize that actually it’s just people that live in the housing
estate and these people like me. They like to have a good time.
They’ve got children. they’re like art, they like music and they want to
progress themselves. When you live in the estates you got, like,
on your floor, twenty people, and people above you, people below you. I find you have
more friends but you have less opportunity to build skills and to build
those experiences that other people take for granted. Whether it’s camping whether
it’s you know going to the circus. The Australian dream is to own own house and
people that can’t are not worth it. You’ve got about 400 people in one
housing estate and what can they do on the weekend? They can’t afford to
go to Smith Street and eat at the 24/7 pho. Like, that’s 14.95 for some soup. I came alone today but I made so many friends. We’re exchanging numbers and we’re going to skate. I work here so I stay to 11. I guess events like this just kind of connect people to people that live here. We really like staying in Collingwood. It’s very fun. I love how people of all ages can skate here. It’s free for young people as well. I like coming to the roller disco
as well because it’s a very nice thing, everyone is happy. It may be a bit of a
mystery. People might not know who lives here. It’s a great community. I know my neighbors,
they you know me. Public housing normally gets spoken about negatively.
And there’s heaps of positive things that happen on the housing estates, but these
stories aren’t getting out.

Collingwood housing estate’s roller-disco renaissance

One thought on “Collingwood housing estate’s roller-disco renaissance

  • July 14, 2019 at 7:44 am

    Super happy to see this Collingwood Neighbourhood House initiative go from strength to strength. Such a delightful space for locals and skate fans alike!


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