Welcome Chanticleers. This video guides
you through the room selection portion of the housing application process. Only
students completing the housing application for the academic year or
CEaL program are eligible to select their space online. In order to be among
the first students to select a space, complete your housing application by the
priority room selection deadline. University Housing does not use the date
you complete the application to prioritize students for room selection.
Everyone who meets the priority deadline is put in the group to receive a random
time slot. Students who complete the application after the priority deadline
will be available to select online at a later date. We encourage all students to
check out our website coastal.edu/housing for more
information, including timelines. Once you complete your housing application and
move past the roommate group selection, you may first see a message saying time
slots are not available. Don’t worry. It’s not time for your timeslot to be set. As
you get closer to room selection your timeslot will be set and the page will
change showing you that timeslot. Your timeslot will also be emailed to your
CCU account. When it is your time to select a space, the room selection
process opens. We cannot stress this statement enough, take your time and read
all the information on each page to ensure you are following the process
correctly. Missing one step may mean you don’t get the space you want or you are
not with your requested roommates. First, you will see the community selection
page, click select under the community you are interested in to see what is
available. Next, you are taken to the room list page which will default to the
community you selected on the previous page. You have the option to further
filter the results by room type or adjust the community or communities you
want to see using the filters on the left side. Only nine rooms will display
on each page so use the previous and next buttons at the bottom to scroll. The
card for each room will provide basic information about the room including the
following, room number, number of beds in the room, description of the type of
space which determines the rate. This description has three
parts, number of students who share the bedroom, single, double or triple, number
of bedrooms in the suite or apartment and type of unit, suite, room or apartment,
the suite or apartment number, community name. You can even see more information
about the room by clicking on show room info on the room card. On the room info
page more information is provided about the room which includes a floor plan.
Details about the unit and community and the ability to view the profiles of the
students already assigned. Click go back to return to the room list. Once you see
a room you want click Add to Cart. Listen carefully, if you are part of a roommate
group and you are selecting spaces for everyone in your roommate group
including yourself you will need to select enough rooms which contain enough
open spaces for you and the mutually accepted roommates in your group. Some
rooms will have more than one space available. Be careful and take your time.
Once you click Add to Cart for a room, the room is temporarily added to your
shopping cart and the countdown clock begins. You have less than 10 minutes to
checkout and reserve the space or spaces. You will get a one minute warning before
it closes. If the time in your shopping cart expires before you finish, the beds
will be released back for anyone to select. Once you have selected enough
spaces within the same room, suite or apartment, click ready to assign beds at
the bottom of the page. If you do not have enough beds, for everyone in your
roommate group, you will see a warning message in some cases you may only be
selecting a space for yourself so you can move forward. However if this is not
the case, click go back to clear the shopping cart and restart the process. On
the assigned beds page you will assign yourself to a space. If you are selecting
spaces for members of your roommate group, you’ll also assign each of them a
space. Make sure a space is chosen from the drop-down menu for each person or it
means someone will not be assigned with you as you cannot go back after the
spaces are reserved to assign more people. If for some reason you want to
search again you can click go back to restart the room selection process. Click
assign beds to assign the spaces. Finally, you will see the review
selection and confirmed page. This is your final opportunity to review the
spaces you have selected and who is assigned to each space. If you assign
spaces for your roommate group make sure everyone in your group is in the same
community and suite or apartment. Once you feel good about your selection, click
reserve beds at the bottom of the page. If for some reason you made a mistake or
want to search again you can click go back to restart the room selection
process. After clicking the reserved beds button, you and if applicable your
roommates will be officially assigned to the spaces. Congratulations. You will see
a summary of your housing application next which includes meal plan, assignment,
and roommates. For students applying for the academic year or CEaL program, you
also have the opportunity to change your room online before housing opens for the
term. The opening and closing dates for online room changes is available on the
room selection timeline, on our website. The process is very similar to what we
just explained when you selected your space initially. The only difference is
you can only change your room and not the room for any assigned roommates or
students in your roommate group. After the online room change process closes
here, within the housing application, no more changes will be made until the
third week of the semester. This concludes the selecting a room video. If
you have any questions about the process contact University Housing. We encourage
you to check out our other three videos, apply for housing, searching for
roommates, and canceling the application. Thank you for watching.

Coastal Carolina Univesrity Housing – Selecting a Room
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