and your voice resonates okay chest voice and then head voice but see you hear difference you ah what all right so it's July 27 2009 thene and if it's the end of the world today because of broken glass we'll find us wait how do I do it how do you do it do I have to go like this and see I'm gonna keep a clasp on my face it's dirty mm-hmm it's not champagne I don't think we don't drink of course the item is for grape juice this is pure like Ferb I was a columnist for New Year's no no you gotta find something I don't know no they won't do it how do you do it how do you do this do you have to put it towards your face oh wait it's gonna break in my face and then glasses and a splash I don't think I don't think unless you're like with that girl from was it Carrie no the black or whatever her name is what the heck is she called arrow I don't know I forget do you know what um uh what's her name on arrow she can scream and she her voice like throws people all over the place Black Canary or something thank you do I have to hold it like right here and do it try and I guess I don't know Gracie goes and cuts me I want safety glasses I don't know how does this happen okay I started watching this video before hello I don't I have no idea I have no idea guys we have no idea so she's gonna break glass oh she wore city goggles wait with the hair she wore safety goggles so I should be wearing safety goggles when she literally broke the glass yeah and she was not even going as high as I'm gonna go listen a safety check in the drawers check in and run it's gotta be somewhere safety glasses maybe the bottom trying to Bob you

Clown Running Around and Skating – Singing Voice Versus Glass
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