My name is Abby Jones and I’m talking about
the process of moving into a new space and ways to make that new space functional and
efficient. Right now I am standing near my closet and talking about ways that you might
want to organize the things that you put in your closet. Specifically right now I’m talking
about a place where you might want to put your workout clothes. So I have this type
of drawers that I added into this part of my closet, actually to expand the space that
I have in my bathroom on my, for my bathroom counter. But I, you know, since it’s a chest
of drawers, I have these drawers that I can work with to put clothes in and things. So
down in this bottom drawer I chose to put my workout clothes. On this half of the drawer
I have my shirts and on this half I have the bottoms, my pants, my shorts, that sort of
thing. My shirts I’ve rolled up, which I just folded the t-shirt in half and rolled it up.
Which even though, you know even though you’re working with the same amount of t-shirts you
would be if you’re folding them, it actually, you can fit more of them in the same space
in my experience. And it’s a great way to give you a view of, a better view of the shirts
that you have so you don’t have to be digging around in a puzzle. Since you can lay them
out horizontally as opposed to stacking them vertically. So where you put your workout
clothes will vary based on how many you have and where you think it makes sense in your
closet to have them. I thought this place made sense particularly because I have quite
a few workout clothes and this drawer will contain them all in the same area as opposed
to having to break them up into separate, separate areas of the hanging storage that
I have in the other part of my closet.

Closet Organizing Tips : Athletic Apparel Closet Storage
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