China's mountains provide the natural beauty man molding mother nature is doing the rest tae-woo ski resort in Jeonju ku has quickly blossomed into one of the premier ski resorts in the shadow of China's capital can you ski those bumps yes really you know I can but I cannot attempt e Shen Gong the vice president of this ski village says its facilities and reputation will only grow as China gets ready to host the next Winter Games in four years you know because of the Olympics our visitor volume has greatly increased since last year also local service and support asila t have been improved a lot which will benefit future development and get used to seeing this area in 2022 in part this resort will house Olympians tae-woo has already been home to world cup mogul skiing events and now China is getting ready to perform on the world's largest stage the 2022 Winter Olympic Games it is going to be a tremendous challenge and there is already a great deal of activity underway President Xi Jingping is challenging Chinese citizens to embrace the cold and these mountains he wants some 300 million people here to take up winter sports long and gaw used to spend his days tending sheep and raising corn in these mountains he and other farmers have reinvented themselves and are now teaching the region's young to ski and to greet global visitors when they begin arriving in four years in the past farmers spent most of their time forming and had nothing to do when winter came now many have devoted themselves to the coming winter Olympics and have gotten jobs the Winter Games will be held in beijing yanqing district and john Jacko in neighboring Hebei province to make reaching the mountainous area and it's winding roads easier the government is spending big to construct a high-speed rail people make the trip from Beijing to ski country much quicker and drive economic development throughout the region Batu lawi mainly we want to make this Winter Olympics a memorable event for the world and a source of pride for the people of China so there is beauty there is development there are budding athletes and there is commitment notice something missing shouldn't these mountains be covered in snow so obviously we're gonna watch you to fit all of the skiing events of the Winter Games we'll use artificial snow rather than natural snow and compared to snow wind and temperature will affect the games more in yen Ching home to alpine skiing events China is employing the latest equipment to monitor weather conditions wind and extreme cold wreaked havoc at this year's Winter Games in the ROK Woman's young we will provide the highest standard training ground for athletes coming here in China we'll be fighting for good results at the Olympic Games China can promise more venues and more winter athletes and is counting on a memorable experience Shan Caleb's CG Tian John Jekyll

China embraces winter sports in preparation for 2022 Olympics

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