(playful music) – [Announcer] Tic Tac Toy! – Oh yeah! (upbeat dance music) Oh yeah! Oh, cleaning is so much
more fun with good music. Oh I just love these new Lost Kitties. I hope they’re a big
hit with my customers. Oh yeah! (bell dinging) – Have you decoded your
message from Sophia yet, Maya? – Just cracked the code. – Oh yeah, what does it say? – Let’s FaceTime. – I want in on that FaceTime, too. – Have you cracked Avery’s code yet? – Oh, I’m a master code
cracker, check it out! Let’s play soccer after
school at the park. – I’ll let you in on
FaceTime if you let me in on the soccer game. – You got a deal. (bell dinging) (upbeat dance music) – Oh, she must be
listening to a good beat! Oh, I got’a some moves too! – Chef P, what are you doing? – Hyping of course, you
know, from Fortnite? – (laughs) I think you
need to stick to cooking. So what brings you in today? – I’ve been asked to
teach a Toy Food class at Toy School this afternoon and I’m hoping you can
help me find some students. – Well I’d love to join your class! – Oh really? That would be superb, but I still need two more people. – How about Addy and Maya? – Do you think they’d be interested? There is a prize for the best student. – Oh, what’s the prize? – Oh, well let me see. An Orbeez pedicure and a
manicure at the Toy Hotel Spa. – Oh I’ve been dying to
go to the Toy Hotel Spa! I hear it’s sublime! – Well, class starts at 4:00
p.m. today at Toy School. See if you can get
Addy and Maya come too. – Will do, Chef, on it! (bell dinging)
(playful music) (knocking) – Come in. – Hey girls, you two having fun? – Hi mom, yeah we love this
Girls Only Message Lab. – Yeah, it’s crazy fabulous. – I thought you two might like it. You made excellent spies when
you staked out the Toy Cafe, and I thought you’d be
good code breakers too. – Wanna try writing the
secret message yourself? – I wish I could but I gotta go binge-watch my favorite YouTube channel. These two girls remind me so much of you, I just came because Lulu called. – Oh yeah, what’s up with Lulu? – She wanted to invite you two to Chef Pierre’s first Toy
Food class at the Toy School. – No way, a Toy Food Class with Chef P? That sounds way amazing! – Yeah, I’m in for sure. – Great, Lulu said to meet
her at the Toy Cafe pronto. – Give us five and we’re on our way. (bell dinging) (playful music) – Okay so there are 20 new
Foodie Roos to collect, two of which are hidden rares, and each one comes with an
adorable plush that looks, smells, and feels like real food. – Hey Lulu, what in the
world are you doing? – Oh, I’m studying for the Toy Food class. The top student wins an Orbeez manicure and pedicure at the Toy Hotel Spa. – Wow, you must really want that prize. – Oh I do, I heard the most amazing things about the Toy Hotel Spa. – Well you’ll have to beat me first, Lulu. – Me too, I want a spa day badly. – Well, may the best students win then. (bell dinging) Okay here we are! – Oh, bonjour ladies, please have a seat. – All right, okay, I’ll
go over here, here. – Welcome to Chef Pierre’s
Toy Food Basics class. We’ll begin the course with a
game to see how much you know about Toy Food already. – Oh I’ve got this. – You have buzzers on your desk to push when you know the answer. And the first to buzz in
will have the opportunity to answer the question. – Oh, I’ve got super quick reflexes. (banging) – And the correct answer
will earn you a scoop of ice cream for your ice cream cone. – Did someone say ice cream? – And at the end of the course, the student with the
most scoops of ice cream on their ice cream cone will earn a Orbeez pedicure
and an Orbeez manicure at the Toy Hotel Spa. – Oh, the Toy Hotel Spa. – I can’t wait to go back. (relaxing harp music) – Ah now this is the life, Maya. – You could say that again. – I’m so sorry to interrupt your charcoal mask treatments girls, but I wanted to bring some
fresh pillows for you. There you go, Addy. And Maya, there you go. (relaxing harp music) – Addy, Maya, are you listening? – Oui, I mean yes. – Sorry, Chef. – Then let’s begin-a! Get ready to buzz in
when you know the answer. – Question one, what is the name of this popular Toy Food item? Voila! – Oh! (buzzers ring) – Lulu. – A CakePop Cutie! – That is correct! – Man! – Bummer. (energetic music) – One scoop of ice cream for Lulu. A question number two. Name one of the rare
five Surprise Mini Bands. – [Lulu] Oh! (buzzer rings)
– Lulu. – Mini Gold Mentos. – Correct again! – Yay! – A two scoops for Lulu. Question number three. Name the Smooshy Mushy in
series three of Bento Box. (buzzer rings) Ah Lulu. – That is Benjamin Bulldog. – Correct again, you
really know your Toy Food. – Why thanks Chef. – [Chef] Three scoops for Lulu. – Maya, Lulu is wiping the floor with us. – I know, we gotta win the next one. – For sure. – Only one more question to go
in this round, are we ready? – Sure thing. – What flavor of Toy Food Slime is this? (buzzer rings) Maya. – Chocolate. – Hmm, close, but no cigar, anybody else? (buzzer rings) – Chocolate ice cream. – Again, very close, but no. – Oh!
(buzzer rings) Hot fudge slime. – Ah yes very good, Lulu. Another scoop for Lulu. – [Both] Ugh. – Oh, maybe we should
take a break, Chef Pierre. – Ah good idea, let’s meet
back here in 15 minutes. (bell dinging) (soft guitar music)
(groaning) – So how in the world
are we gonna beat Lulu? – No clue whatsoever, she knows her stuff. – Hey, what’s this? Code Red? – I have no idea, that
wasn’t there this morning. – Let’s open it up. – It’s all scribbles, totally weird. – Maybe it’s a hidden message. – Exactly. – They’re red scribbles,
so let’s use a red filter. – Yes, fab idea. – You’ll never catch me, I’m always one step ahead of you. Toy Master. – OMG, not the Toy Master again. – This guy’s gettin’ on my last nerve. – Oh, we should tell Lulu about this when we get back to class. – For sure. – Oh snap, we gotta get back! – What a day, we’re getting
creamed at Toy School, and now we’re dealing with the Toy Master. (bell dinging) – Oh, welcome back ladies, have a seat. – Lulu, we got this message
from the Toy Master. – Oh, lemme see. You’ll never catch me, I’m always one step ahead of you. Toy Master. This isn’t good. – You said it, what should we do? – I think we have to
wait for the Toy Master to make the move. – Ugh that’s gonna be torture. – I hear ya but what else can we do? (sighing)
– You’re right. (Chef clears throat) – Are you ladies ready to start the class? – Yes, Chef Pierre,
pardon the private convo. Here, you keep the note safe. (bell dinging) – I got them right where I want them, and they won’t be getting
any of these toys back. (bell dinging)
– Hmm, I have an idea. To make this competition
a little bit more exciting how would you feel about Addy
and Maya working together against you, Lulu? – I do have a bit of an
unfair advantage since I own the Toy Cafe and all. So, why not? I could handle some stiffer competition. – Awesome! Thanks, Chef! – And Lulu. – Girls, move your desks together. (upbeat music) And you’ll need one less ice cream cone. Now for round two, you
will wear blindfolds. – Whoa, that’s wild. – But how are we gonna see what Toy Food item you’re holding up? – Yeah that sounds pretty tough. – Ah, but that is the best part. I’m going to give each of you a toy item and you’re gonna have 30
seconds to guess what it is. Sound good? – Okay. – Very good, let’s begin by
putting on these blindfolds. Here you go, here you go, and here you go. – Woo-hoo. (giggling) – Okay, now I will give
you the Toy Food items. For you, Lulu, hands to your side, please. And for you, girls. Okay, ready, set, begin. (timer beeps)
(energetic music) – Wow, this is harder than I thought. – I’m so drawing a blank here. – 15 seconds to go. – Oh! What is it? – It’s squishy. – And round. – It could be so many things. – I know! – And stop. Please put your hands by your side. So, do you know what
your Toy Food item is? – Yep. – Lulu, you go first. – I think it’s a Cupcake Surprise Doll. – Correct! – Yes! – Another scoop for Lulu. Addy and Maya, it is your turn. – Um, is it a Squishy Strawberry? – Oh I’m sorry ladies, that is incorrect. Now everybody please remove your masks. – Ah it was a Pikmi Pop Bubble Drop. – I can’t believe we got that wrong. – Um, Chef, may we have
a quick bathroom break? – Of course, everyone take five. – Follow me. (upbeat dance music) (bell dinging) Come here. – I thought you had to go to the bathroom. – Nope, I have an idea
on how we can beat Lulu. – Really, how? – We study like crazy for
the next five minutes. – Great idea, it’s like we’re
cramming for a pop quiz. – Exactly, now where’s that
notebook Lulu was studying? – And all the Toy Food? This table was covered
with Toy Food, wasn’t it? – [Both] (gasps) The Toy Master. – He struck again, I can’t believe it! – Well let’s worry about him
later, I want that mani-pedi. – You’re right, let’s
study what Toy Food is left and we’ll get this Toy Master
after we win the competition. – Okay DoughMis, what
can I learn about you? – Snackable Snow Cones,
eight surprises inside. – Unroll a furry friend,
collect all 12 Cutetitos. – Sticky the Hot Dog,
grip, mold, and throw? – [Addy] Funny Toe. – I sure hope we remember all this. – We will, we better head back though. (bell dinging) – For round three, our final round I will only be asking one question. – One question? We have no shot at winning! – One question worth
eight ice cream scoops. – And we’re back in the game. – Everybody ready? – [All] Ready! – I hope you all know your Toy Food math. – Uh-oh. – Your problem is! The number of Pikmi
DoughMis you can collect, plus the number of Foodie Roos. – Okay, okay. – Plus the number of
Little Lucky Lunchboxes, plus the number of Cutetitos, equals what number? – Okay there are 40 DoughMis
to collect and 20 Foodie Roos. – Oh boy, I know my Toy Food
but I’m not so good at math. – And there’s 10 Little Lucky Lunchboxes and 12 Cutetitos. – Um, the numbers just run
all together in my head. (buzzer rings) – Addy and Maya, what is the answer? – [Both] 82! – Why that is correct! You have earned eight scoops of ice cream. – [Both] Yeah, yeah! (energetic music) – And that makes you girls the winners! – [Both] Yes! (groaning) – Hey, check out Lulu. – I have an idea. (bell dinging) (lighthearted music) – Oh this is so wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing
the gift card with me girls. – No problem, Lulu, you deserve it. – Hey, I totally forgot about that message that you two got from the Toy Master. I guess it was just an empty threat, huh? – Oh, yeah, I guess so. (gasping) (bell dinging) – Huh, what a wonderful class that was. Ah, what happened to Toy Cafe?! (suspenseful music)

Chef Pierre’s Toy School Contest
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