well now we continue our winter sports
series and feature the International Skating Center up connecticut well we actually drove
there but we did get to meet their figure skating director and his wife by Dino mob and yet the any
actual over both better known as former Olympians
and World Championship pair skaters Eric marciano and videographer mark
Landsman bring you their incredible story of how
they met their son following in their skates and how they went from the Soviet Union
ending up in Simsbury Connecticut my name is already know and with my way guiness disk over and I farm partner we had a bit of
success in the figure skating world and we had to learn world championship
in 1994 and we’ve been twice in Olympic Games
which was then are very male and ninety-two in any foreign land my
name is linking Asia Scola and together with my for my partner and now has been plugging
along we won World Championship in making it
important to Paul also were being against wife 1982 all friends and making it
supporting back then were from in Soviet Union we
had very strong field of pair skaters to get to the team was very
tough and you have to really work as hard as you can possibly work to
prove it be worth it I started around 10 is an a story when
she was aid pair skaters do not usually go through their career with one partner
partners to change and quite frequently sometimes and and
it was not my partner first I had not the girl to skate with
and she ended up being sick at one point and koi decided to try me with another
girl which was her and she was very tiny very
small very cute him but I didn’t accept her at
Paris as a serious partner small she was alone
the content and I was about 15 why he was resisting
for a long time like about half her for like six months he didn’t
want to call too with me by the things we’re hungry and
basic than the first couple practices will meet the all the arms that who ever dreamed up it was just make
this happened very quickly and that me thinking and maybe in this
with me my destiny and that’s what happened and they’ve been together for since 1985 coaches were right yeah good our friendship grow into something all and for life people who hear who to express our feelings when we were skating people been saying
that we had connection there was visible when we were skating and I agree when you have special
relationship and you can you can express your emotions a lot
better and it’s my genuine so you don’t have to actually take it
away it a but I just for show it’s more out from
the heart and she’s so lovely it’s hard to do
either way said we have a son one son and one child yeah now weapon I his name XE and he’s 12 right now and he he’s also scheme and quite successfully
I would say he’s age he won national title last year in juvenile division and this year he
moved up and to level up his intermediate now and he
ended up being teeth in the country it’s great to work with him and it’s
great to train it’s very tough though I have to admit it’s extremely tough to
train your own child but he is a good skater he is very talented International Skating Center Connecticut
is well known for high-level scheming and many Olympic champions came through this
rink many of them train here many on them Broadmeadows back to this this place this building were designed to support high-level of figure skating so has 0 features that requires for good
condition of training and the quality of vice and this was at first like a magnet for
high-level skiers and we were one of them we’ve been invited here my About Town he
was a manager back down in this facility because we knew him previously from the
competition we were together in and we just came out to try and he said
just came out come you’ll see some your friends and I
maybe you’ll find a good home in here and he was absolutely right find a great place to be in explains an
area wonderful people ever since coaching
here and helping and kids to achieve their

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