Scot: Alright, whether you’re looking to just
get fit or just cruise around the town, you’re going to want to grab a pair of these Cardiff
Skates. We’re back with Brian Green, the inventor who’s from right here in Connecticut. These
are fantastic. Brian: Thank You. Kara: Brian, you’re from Enfield and we can
get these everywhere — they’re at Target… Brian: They’re at Target stores nationwide,
Brookstone nationwide, we’re doing some Costco Roadshows around the country, so if you go
out to Costco look for Roadshows, Cardiff Skate, you’ll see us there doing live demos.
Online at Dick’s, online at Sports Authority, and online at Cardiff Skate and other online
retailers. Scot: Now Kara has two different models on,
what does she got going on here? Brian: Kara has, we have basically three different
models. We have our Youth model — which comes in Strawberry and Lime… Scot: We got the Lime right here. Brian: So it comes in Strawberry and Lime. Kara: And the cool thing about these is — well,
pink for the girls, green for the boys — but these little black discs on the wheels are
to help slow down, so if kids are just learning they don’t go as fast. This definitely, I
can feel that difference. Brian: Yeah. This doesn’t have them, so these
roll really good. When you put those discs on it slows them down for kids — and adults
— to learn. But the cool thing about these is they automatically adjust — they all work
the same way. As soon as you step in, they adjust to your shoe size. So our Youth model
goes from size Youth 12 to Mens 5/Womens 6. Our Adult Small model goes from size Boys
2/Girls 2 to Mens 8/Womens 9. And our Adult Large goes from size Boys 4/Girls 5.5 to Mens
13/Womens 14. So you saw Scott cruising around on these earlier. You just put your foot in
— it automatically adjusts. Kara: So easy. Brian: Yeah, very quick. And they’re more
stable than any other skate because you have — this back wheel is actually a brake wheel.
So it’s not on the ground when you’re skating, only when you’re braking. So you’re on three
wheels when you’re braking, three wheels when you’re skating. And they’re a little different
— if you’re an inline skater, you want to get on edge. But on these it’s more like skiing
or roller skating. To turn, you just pick up that front wheel. Scot: Oh, you just pick up that front wheel. Brian: And then to brake, you slide one foot
forward — like that — and you’re braking on three wheels. Scot: Now, Brian, where did you get this idea
— because I keep looking at roller skates, they’re not in, roller blades, they’re not
in, and I’m like waiting for the next thing. This is the next thing. How did you come up
with this idea? Brian: Well, it’s been a long, long road.
This particular model took me 8 years of development, testing, trips to Germany, trips to China.
Then I met my business partner a couple years ago in San Diego and he’s got 30 years of
retail experience. We did 19 Brookstone stores for Christmas 2013 as a test and 52 Sport
Chalet — which is a chain out in California — we did really well so went nationwide 2014
at Brookstone. Scot: And the price point is very good. Kara: These are great, I’m just going to twirl
around a little. Brian: $119.99 for the Cruisers — Adults Large
and Small — and then the Youth models are $79.99 Kara: Yeah, the Youth models — one of them
is going faster than the other. Brian: This is the first time Kara’s been
on them. And she’s got the speed control discs on the Strawberry skate. Kara: This one’s going slower! Brian: It just slows down the wheels, makes
it more stable for people to learn. Scot: But they can come off. Brian: They come off — they come in the box,
they’re actually not on. They come in the box and you put them on, you install them. Kara: That’s what I love about this, because
you don’t need — you just wear your own shoes and then just strap these on. So you don’t
have to worry about — with roller skates or roller blades, you need… Brian: One of the other things — we’ve thought
it through — we’ve tried to make it convenient, so if you’re a commuter we have a carrying
case. And Scot, if you wouldn’t mind grabbing that one. We’re getting a lot of college kids
that are really digging this. This is our book bag. The skates go in the side pouch
and you carry your transportation, cruise around campus, throw them on. Kara: Oh, so if you’ve got kids going to college
this fall, this would be a great thing to get them! Brian: Yeah! So we have between the three
models — the Youth skates go from size Youth 12 to Boys 5/Girls 6, the Adult Small skates
go from size Boys 2/Girls 2 to Mens 8/Womens 9, and the Adult Large skates go from size
Boys 4/Girls 5.5 to Mens 13/Womens 14. So between them, we fit from a Youth 12 to an
Adult 13. Kara: So I should just save money and buy
the kid ones. Brian: I’ll leave you a pair! Kara: No, I’m just kidding! Scot: Thank you Brian, we appreciate it. Good
luck to you. Brian: Another thing I was telling Scot earlier
is when you wear these, they make you taller! Scot: They do make you taller absolutely. Kara: Yeah, I like that! Alright! Scot: Thanks so much for watching Better Connecticut
today, thank you studio audience, we appreciate it. Have a great day everybody!

Cardiff Skates on Better Connecticut (WFSB, 7-8-15)

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