Hello! I’m in Miami. Obviously this is not
Russia the footage that I have for days two, three
and four is really random, I just have really small clips of what happened
those days. There’s a lot of reasons why I did not record. Main reason was it was
freaking freezing and every time I took my hand out to record it would freeze
and I would get even more cold… So… I just didn’t. I thought it would be fun to
make a ‘sit with me and let’s drink some tea and let’s talk about Russia kind of
vlog. I am now at the parking lot of a Russian store and I’m gonna get
something probably something sweet or something, I don’t know, Russian that I
can eat while I talk to you. So, I hope you love it if you do don’t forget to subscribe or leave a comment or like just watch. Whatever. So I’m home, and I’m gonna have decaf Earl Grey. It’s my favorite tea. You know, Russians drink
a lot of tea. I actually want it with milk. Some people say you’re not supposed
to drink Earl Gray with milk, but… I’m sorry, I love Earl Grey with milk. And I have my sweets that I’d bought… they’re so yummy. So, this video is about Russia.
It’s about my trip to Moscow. if you haven’t seen vlog 1 which is when I
travel there you can go watch it. I’ll put in a card up here somewhere. So yeah, this is about days 2, 3, and 4… I think so. So day 2 started when Ale and I went
out for a walk for a little, we went to change some money from dollars to rubles and our way to the bank this happened… Hello! Good morning! New day, new Russia, new me. So, I wanna tell you what happened. I was walking and there was
this… let’s say older woman, not even that old. She was like what, in her 50s, 60s? and she was walking in front of me and I accidentally hit her foot, but it was
literally like this… Ale didn’t even realize that happened. And the woman turned around and she started saying “What are you thinking!” “you..” “I’m barely walking in my age” “and you hit me”… ” and it’s harder” I was like woman do you think I did it on purpose? it’s ridiculous! I love Russian people,
obviously, I love the country, I love the food I love being here,
but people are unbearable… like… ugh how annoying… This is so good So after we came back home from this journey, I got to meet Ale’s friends from childhood, Vlad
and Ildar, are and after that we went obviously to the Red Square, we walked
downtown we decided to go eat to Stolovaya 58 So now we’re gonna eat at the Stolovaya, we were here yesterday. and the line is huge, we’ve been standing here for around 30 min. You know wha, the bad thing is, is that I’m not sure there’s a lot of meat-less options, I think everything has animal products almost everything So I don’t know if I’m… Russian food. Yeah, Russian food has a lot of meat. I don’t know if I’ll be able to eat anything, so… Here we can find Ale’s friends, they were
here with us and were like oh yeah we’re going to the bathroom, but then we saw
them, they were just walking around so they’re very хитрые (cunning/sly). Guilty There’s the food. This is what he got, this is what I got. that is buckwheat with some sour cream and mushroom sauce, salad… After we ate, we walked around. It was
really cold this day and then we decided it was a good idea to go ice skating. You know, I was obviously scared of ice skating cause the last time I ice skated
was like many many moons ago… you might wonder, I live there five years why didn’t I go ice skating, like everyone ice skates in Russia, it makes a lot of sense,
it’s freaking cold but the truth is that, like, as ballet dancers our ballet
teachers always told us you shouldn’t ice skate because you know it’s easy to fall
and it’s easy to get injured so you know I had always this thing in my head like
‘ballet dancers don’t ice skate’… and yeah, you know, like they really shouldn’t.
And we never went, not even like as a date… so anyways, we went now… We are trying to ice skate. If he falls, I fall. That’s how it works. If I fall, he doesn’t fall. my name is Vlad, I am from Russia. I am
looking for job That’s a good place to look for a job, YouTube. We thought we looked cool… we really did. I also wanted to vlog more when we were ice skating, but I really couldn’t because you know, I was scared I was gonna fall and like break the camera and like break my elbow So I did not take the camera out, I
actually… that’s way Vlad recorded because he was like literally…. So yeah…
That’s all I got for day two. The next day, day three, we went to the circus. We are running, we’re so late. It took us a
lot longer than we expected to get here. That’s the circus. We have like three
minutes before the show starts hopefully we’ll make it We’re in the intermission. He’s really having a lot of fun… We bought that (cotton candy) for Danil, but he didn’t want to eat it so… That’s how it is… We’re going back in. So it’s over. It’s so cold now.. I can’t hold it It’s so cold. So… I thought it was okay, I didn’t love it to be honest. Im sorry. I didn’t like that they had animals, first. sec…the dogs were cute, the dogs were good. But the other animals I didn’t like. I don’t think they were happy. Second, I was falling asleep for some reason I don’t know why, I was
trying hard to love it I was like and then my eyes going like… so sorry. I
don’t know if it was the running before, the cold, but yeah… okay I cant feel my hand. okay we need to turn it off because it’s
so cold and were you freezing. Bye Not really a fan of the circus. The only
circus I like that I’m ever gonna like it’s gonna be Cirque du Soleil, du Soleil, du Soleil, Cirque du Soleil. du Soleil, Cirque du Soleil. so a little update, we’re still alive It’s snowing!
can you see? Also, I got a flower You would think that my lovely fiancee gave it to me but no it wasn’t him it was the
mother-in-law it is so freaking cold my hands are
freezing like my hands are freakin freezing I do
not know why I’m still recording but I can’t move my fingers I can’t move my face Day 4 was tragic. I really don’t have a lot of footage because it was so
tragic I had horrible back pain my back was killing me I don’t know if it was
the ice skating, which I doubt because you know that was like two days before maybe
it’s because I usually don’t walk that much Miami, cause 1: I have a car 2: I’ts
freaking hot all the time, but today today is actually cold so it’s a good
day to talk about Russia It might have been walking a lot or
standing more than… I don’t know I honestly don’t know what it was but I
could not move It was bad… I recorded a little bit of it today we are walking in VDNH Danil is driving a four-wheeled motorcycle… I don’t know how they’re called. And we’re just watching. Then, after that happened, we walked… there’s an aquarium which is super odd
it was like minus five or something outside and we went to an aquarium. Who thinks to go to the aquarium when you’re in Moscow during the winter? Well, we did.
I was glad I was inside tho. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this video
let me know if you like this format don’t forget to subscribe and give it a
thumbs up if you liked it Bye-bye now

Can’t believe I went ice skating… | Trip to Russia (Vlog)
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6 thoughts on “Can’t believe I went ice skating… | Trip to Russia (Vlog)

  • March 10, 2019 at 9:25 pm

    Amazing Vlog, my favorite! Love it❀️

  • March 10, 2019 at 9:25 pm


  • March 10, 2019 at 10:08 pm

    I love your adventures !!!!! So fun to experience with you

  • March 15, 2019 at 9:58 pm

    Cheverisimo!!!!!!! Felicitaciones!!! Cada vez mejores!!!!!!

  • March 16, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    nobody drinks tea from glasses in Russia.Only from cups

  • March 28, 2019 at 11:54 pm

    You're not supposed to drink tea with milk,but I've noticed that it's not even milk but almond 'juice' you are pouring so I think that doesn't count,as I understand mammals milk has certain proteins that neutralize all the benefits of antioxidants in tea by binding to them.
    In my country they started separating mammals milk which what milk supposed to be from juice made from nuts and other things,we also shouldn't call vegetable and grain byproducts meat,meat is flesh of a living being,soy or whatever isn't living,it confuses people and also dismisses vegetarian viewpoints as trying to replace without changing anything.


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