Hey, y’all! This is Danielle from Nouvelle ELA, and today
we’re playing game 1 of Burnbridge Breakouts, The Abandoned Skatepark. In game 1, players play as Andie, a young
skater from Burnbridge as she searches for her missing best friend. Let’s get started! In level 1, you meet Andie, your POV for the
game. You have a big skating competition tomorrow,
which also happens to be your birthday! Only one problem: your best friend Paige is
missing, and you’re supposed to practice together. The question to get to level 2 is “What
was the first trick you learned?” If you need a hint, click here. The answer, as you’ll find in the text,
is OLLIE. Click to continue. In level 2, you explore the Skatepark. Click on the different skaters to read what
they have to say. You’ll meet characters here that you may
see in future games. When you click on Evan, he’ll tell you that
he thought Paige always gets a smoothie before skating. Type SMOOTHIE into the box and click to continue. You head to the smoothie shop for level 3. Reaghan’s behind the counter, but she hasn’t
seen Paige, either. This level also introduces you to your Adventure
Journal. At this point, all you have is a map of Burnbridge,
but this will expand as the series continues. The community bulletin board catches your
eye because Paige has graffitied on it in pink marker. You can click to examine the different flyers. Paige has written on some of them. You also get a hint that the way to unscramble
Paige’s message has something to do with the rainbow. Notice the different color pushpins. If you write the letters out in the order
of ROY G BIV, they unscramble to spell RECYCLE. This is the password for the next level. Click to continue. Level 4 is the Recycling Center. Click around to read your observations about
each area. Details in this scene foreshadow the sinister
history of the town revealed in future games. When you examine the bins at the back, you
find some skate wax. Looks like Paige has been here! Head back to the SKATEPARK. When you get back, you find the skatepark
has totally emptied out. Where is everyone? Here, you can examine the different areas
of the park for clues Paige might have left. When you click on the curb, you find some
pieces of paper. This leads you to a jigsaw puzzle. Complete the puzzle and figure out where Paige
wants you to go next. It’s a receipt from Larry’s Sporting Goods,
so you decide to head there. At Larry’s, you plug in your phone to charge
in case Paige tries to text. You talk to Larry, and he says he thinks Paige
is headed for Crooked Creek Park. Before you can leave, you need to get something. It’s your phone, since you were charging
it. Grab that and then head to Crooked Creek Park. When you get to the park, tension is building. Where is Paige? Is she okay? Then, you hear music and someone says “Go!” It’s Paige, and she’s thrown you a surprise
party! Hooray! This first game of the series is a lightweight
tutorial to get players used to the game interface, but there is a real mystery about to unfold
in the town of Burnbridge. Over the rest of the series, players play
as different teen protagonists in different settings as they explore the town and save
the day! Welcome to Burnbridge!

Burnbridge Breakouts Game #1: The Abandoned Skatepark Walkthrough (spoilers)
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