[Applause] [Applause] come up here and talk with this he took first place here tonight so we want to powwow with him all right so kid hell out there high-vis jacket he's got the camera pointed at you I'm gonna poop out the way nobody wants me in that picture Christian husband oh there you go there you go get me some of that so Christian husband man coming all the way out here from Corona California capturing a win here at the GNCC what made the difference for you out there what do you think of the track the track was super gnarly I loved it actually and well the best ebike courses ever raced I think keys to the win we're keeping this booth in keeping it clean and then smooth keeping it clean I like it man so we're gonna see you in a few more of these G and C C's before it's done yeah I find it going on I think two two more I think the one that's gonna be in Tennessee and the one that's gonna be in Pennsylvania I don't know about a Tennessee oh yeah no you're right Loretta's we are we are doing Loretta's you're right that's on me that's not a GMC C rep I was confused okay yeah no you know more than I do brother well congratulations to you my friend I'm sure it isn't something you do alone you probably got some sponsors and folks that help you yeah I'd like to thank both bikes you know say I'd like to think I have solar rides gonna do without her being out here because our Volvo dealer Alan it's for Pennsylvania and the rest of our sponsor fuels bikes there you go guys make some noise first-place finisher [Applause]

BULLS Takes 1st Place in GMCC Snowshoe

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