thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the latest in texting an ovation the tear Wenzel utilizes frictionless fibre construction surface lift technology endo compression gauge seamless XO shell tear then so battleborn anyone [Applause] for Beckenham in to oliver Koval for Ellesmere in three Matthew Charlesworth for Blackpool four is Alexander Williams for helling done in five James clay for West Suffolk in six George such well for milled and in line seven James keen for West Lothian come Wolford in off to a nice early start at turning first at a 50 meter turn end and maintaining that lead through to the halfway point I love a Koval currently in second position although not a lot separating the two swimmers just under 2/10 of a second between them at 100 meter turn that all summers first heat as usual first age group 14 and 13 year olds turn pretty much together again point to oliver Koval ever so slightly ahead on that one night straight race for these swimmers really all in the same age group or need to beat each other or the Cobell really making good time here also center lane starting to speed up it's under Williams in Lane before putting on a little bit of speed the last few meters that it is going to be Oliver Koval with the touch on the first heat there we go to 35 41 gives him a nice little TV Alexander Williams second canny and that as we move on to Heat number two fill certain swimmers for you in this second heat zero Sam Smith for Northampton in one Harry honking horn for true rope lane to is loskutov out for city of Hereford in three Oliver Jones for Ledbury and district in for Matt burrows for Maidstone five Richard towers for Millfield Lane six Newberry have can to go set him in seven edit whittles with Chelsea and Westminster in eight Connor Charrington for swim Bournemouth and nine is Thomas Bartman for Sheffield City Oliver Jones leading away at the 50 meter mark [Applause] and this will map under 34 seconds for that opening 50 mr. Bilbao though also suing nicely as is Kannan Charrington down in Lane eight and not a lot separating these lads here Charrington took the hundred meter turn out 113 to to 100 meter split and Brittles starting to push his way in there as well it is whittles ever second that will Buster in the lead in that bright orange hat city of Hereford bed with whistles really trying to come down on this last 50 straight not gonna be Oscar Bilbao though to the wall here Richard towers coming in strong as well in the closing stages of this race 5 meters to go Oscar Bilbao touches first in to thirteen point three seven four seconds of his personal best at whistles comes in second in line to seventh to 3286 ins right behind him richard towers in lane five touches third as we move on to heat number three further 12 heats this men's 200 breaststroke 0 baddam bhaskar for the city of Liverpool lane 1 Eliot Sibley forever Centurion Michael Edwards for Miss Sussex is in Lane two in three Christine Ryan for time Dale con 4 5 Eliot would burn in lane number 4 Lane 5 Cockermouth have Jack Smith in 6 Jake Reynolds for pioneer 79 7 Douglas color for first which is file Kirk into region swim team Oscar miles for funny swim is in lane number 8 and Calum Melville for Grantham in lane number 9 first time divide those into 15 years category in the water but in bosque over first in line zero [Applause] still running through some of the ages that we have those in the 13 14 years age group in lanes nine Lane 7 4 3 1 & 0 everybody else in the 15 years hip let's run to the final 50 meters garden boss has been ahead for most of this race Michael Edwards ed lane 2 has been with him all the way only a tenth of a second separated them at that final turn different age groups these guys so this is all about times for these boys Michael Edwards gets the better of the two in Lane 2 251 5 2 for him bad embossed in Lane zero takes second to 30180 nothing in that tool and then Oscar miles from Planet swim Lane 8 coming in third as we move on to heat number 4 before summers then Jake the Hudson for Sevenoaks goes in Lane zero kind of right for planet swim in one Liam Murphy for first is in lane number two three he's Alexander Casey for City of Leicester for Oliver bird rent for city of Norwich Alistair Peterson for Warren de bas is in Lane five Thomas Graham inline-6 for Durham City in seven Harrison Jarvis for Furyk in eight City of Leeds have doubtin Trapper and Lane nine his edward hunt for Kingston Royals Lynn Murphy for Falkirk first to turn at 50 meters 33 to 650 meter split for him and one tenth of a nine at the hundred meter mark Alexander Casey for the City of Leicester over second one 1202 for him mainly fifteen-year-olds in this race leader Liam Murphy in the 15 years age group Aziz Alexander Casey who's chasing him down to those two swimmers direct competition for finals qualification here Murphy 1.4 seconds ahead at the moment as we approach the finish [Applause] [Applause] it is all about these two out in front then in the 15 years age group both coming in together Leah Murphy Alexander Casey it's gonna be Murphy on the touch to 2709 the time giving him a lovely little PB around 2 seconds there Alexander Casey touching second 227 5 3 also personal best time for him and out in Clapham in third as we move on to Heat number five when over the underwater that Lane – that's Ryan's owl for Newcastle coming up ahead just on his underwater work that house wearing a pool Harvick Whittington bubonic cops'll and zero Jonathas dragger see us for Camden Swiss Cottage in one head were pulling for Beckenham in the three Jamie Scott Crawley is in lane number five Royal Wolverhampton School have Daniel Parsons representing them in lane number five in six Elijah Kendrick for shivers 7 Pemberley County have Henry white in 8th Joshua press of the city of Milton Keynes and in Lane 9 Finley Wallace for st. Thomas so Jamie Scott now really leading 50 meter turn end mine's out over second in lane two with that good start really he does come into his own on the under waters making grand up off the turns which is the way you've got to swim really use the walls to your advantage so no Parsons in Lane five starting to pull into the mix as well here she's out in the 15 years he's into Jamie Scott is 16 as is Daniel Parsons in five so direct race between Jamie Scott in lane four and Daniel Parsons in lane five runs out just going for time here early certainly gonna be the best for the 15 year olds in this race to hang back a little bit throughout the race Daniel Parsons from Royal Wolverhampton in Lane five that looks to be coming in nice and hard now in the back end of this two-minute brush stroke he touches first 227 to 0 lovely little PB for him Jamie's gut comes in second to 28 for zero and then Ryan's out of Newcastle comes in third to thirteen point six nine as we move on to heat number six [Applause] summers pretty even done this personally – like you know who they all are and zero Adam Nash for Mount Kelly City Bristol Tyler Crowe in lane number one I mean Castronovo and Camden's was cottages in – Dylan Gallaher for Taunton Dean in three roughly Dobson for city of Multan Keynes is in lane four Matthew Garrity for him for Clyde in five son William symptomatic le in six they've been grimly for swimmer Slovene in seven clubs and Dean have fahren Gregory in eight and boom of Leander having a select Varela in late night gonna be tight at the halfway mark but who comes in first there tilling Gallaher for taunting Dean best of the bunch 11 to 7 hot on his heels date a mere Castronovo in lane number 2 [Applause] those two swimmers bowfin the 16 years age group Saints 2 and a 3 planes four five and six all a nice group down there fifteen years old that is Lane eight so Galla go over first extending that lead a little bit that almost a second of water between himself and I'm there just row no boat in lane who it's going to be closer than that at the finish doke and here comes rough a Thompson for the city of Milton Keynes as well doing gonna head out in first to 2867 rape Dobson coming in second to 2903 and an Adam Nash for Mount Kelly to 29 9 3 in Lane 0 as we move to eat number 7 so I have to admit a little bit of a vested interest in this heat number seven Lane six erin-flynn swimming for my very own wall in wrestling club are only swimmer here at he's British summer championships so hello to anybody on the livestream for watching live from Wallenberg he is in Lane six as I said elsewhere in a pool playing zero Lewis Schaller for Watford in one Praveen Mohan Kumar for Bromley in to Joseph Buxton for reading free as George Barnes for brompton for Charley Hutchinson for Ellesmere college Titans in five Frederick Wilkinson the city of Oxford 7 is truly Arnold for davinci our excel in 8 Jack Goodwin for Portsmouth North Sea and Lane nine is Sam van der strim for Mount Kelly off to a flying start and is George Barnes for Brompton he's 18 years of age [Applause] so swimming in these 17 18 years category over first of all that minute eight point seven six shows it Buxton in the line next to her max line to coming in second page group below though in the sixteen years and then Aaron Flint in the open age category sanik third very very excited to enjoy France infringers of Buxton in to just 3/100 of a second separating them at that turn and after trailing behind for around the race Joseph Buxton really starting to pulled forward now Charlie Hutchison in lane for going for it as well as we come into the final few meters there we go Joseph Buxton coming in first 2:23 eight for Charlie Hutchinson for Ellesmere in lane four in the end came in second and then Toby Arnold in Lane seven rockford 225 6-3 as we move on to heat number eight my zero is Theodore Thompson fidelity dolphins in this one in one [Applause] layman is Mikayla Rosenfeld for the city of Sheffield and Lane two is Richard Kaja buyer for Hackney in freak ng McDade for the city of Oxford Langford's oliver kettle for Portsmouth north sea and fibrin causa for Bishop Stortford Lane six Samuel kneeled full reeking college in Lane seven swim West Lothian have Daniel Ferguson in eight Freddy laws for West Norfolk and lane nine Harvey Freeman for North Hampton swimming club Richard could buy a over first at the halfway point one minute 7.5 800 metre split eighteen-year-old swimmer and those around in the same age group as well to either side although they are nowhere to be seen only possible competition looks like it could come from Lane six Samuel kneeled and he is an age group of [Applause] I was twenty five meters then for Richard OSHA by evolved plane number two and he is storming ahead here entered on a personal best time so provided the other guys are on track for their times then this is going to be a personal best for contra by up to 20 to 75 yes it does smashes pp they're pretty laws coming in second to 25 to 3 and then the third touch from Oliver cattle the forts of North Sea to 25 3 2 as we ran up the 8th and move on to heater number 9 [Applause] zero in this one is Angus Allison for warden Warrender sorry Bob in lane one Jack Blair for Chesterfield Lane – Demetrius Sally a goes for Millfield Lane three Ralph Munster for city of st. Albans in a for Joel O'Halloran for Devon side in five Ethan MacNeil 14 bath in six Rory Dixon for neva share in seven Harry Devlin for Loughborough University in Lane eight Ben Harrison from Kelly and nine is city of Coventry swimmer Ryan Griffiths so coming up – halfway 97 it's gonna take that Harry Devlin of Loughborough uni option University swimmer swimming in the nineteen years over category lame thought and so as expected doing well Charlotte hollering a days for Jill inside not a lot between a Halloran and Devlin and now that if he maintains this place then help you okay no Lane eight that's Ben Harrison from out Kelly also swimming nicely and also in that nineteen years and over category is the last tip before we move on to sickness conceded there we go Joel our heroine is in first two twenty seven eight Harry Devlin comes in second to twenty to one for Ben Harrison in bird to 22 for four as we move to heat number ten so heat 10 Stephen Taylor for Ellesmere college Titans is in zero in one Bell she'll sharks have Greg Fairburn uni of Barsoom that Jacob green out is in Lane two Matthew Rogers for the University of Birmingham occupies lane three ed Baxter for the city of Derby is in lane four five is apana Brian for the city of Oxford in six James to allow for Ellesmere into seven Billy would turn for city of Oxford in eight Campbell Stephen for city of Darby and Lane nine is out of brown for Loughborough University at Baxter expected to do well here so lane for the First Circuit conceded heat that will make him third seed overall in the competition third a quickest entry time that entertainment was to 1533 which is his season best that Baxter storming away now well ahead of the rest of the pool next closest is five Connor Brian for the city of Oxford but a lot between those two so ed Baxter coming up now into the final five meters he's going to touch first there we go to 1491 close of season vests that Connor Brian in second 219 1 9 and then Jacob green out in Lane 2 comes in third to 1973 as we move on to Heat number 11 11 them meltem a heat men's 200 brush stroke when 0j manners for de website in one max Hagan positive Glasgow to his judge plow for the University of Stirling in three Andrew McIntosh for Edinburgh University in for Kyle Booth the city of Cardiff another Edinburgh uni swimmer occupies Lane five that's Daniel limb in six William Balfour the City of Leicester in seven George Smith for Ellesmere in 8 Joshua Pemberton for DaVinci Oh in lane nine Jack O'Brien for the City of Manchester in five Daniel Lynn having a nice swim at his Lane – that's George Clow he's going to turn first one minute six point six just watching these guys stroke is fascinating 200 meters breaststroke be swum very differently to sprint breaststroke that kind of PT rapid stroke rate is just not possible over a distance like 200 you've gotta stretch it out really working it glides in order to make sure you can preserve energy note this final straight is when these swimmers will start to pick up the pace and that is exactly what they're doing if you look now lane for Kyle boob really starting to pull up the water although George plowing to still in the lead with 15 meters to go now Andrew McIntosh 3 Daniel limp in 4 also swimming nicely so there we go Kyle booth comes in to 17 6 one general limb in thirdly to 1996 Georgia foul coming in second to 17 6 5 as we move on to the final Heat this is heat number 12 okay then final heat of the men's 200 meters breaststroke lane 3 taking the lead that's David Murphy at the city of Oxford most of the swimmers in this heat in the well that hole over in the 17 18 years category or the 19 years overcast agree over that an irony Davies in lane zero was in the 15 years category so an iron David swans aquatics and zero William Mitchell Millfield in one Ross young Edinburgh he's in – David Murphy for the city of Oxford occupies Lane three Adam Chillingworth for Plymouth Lee and there is in for Gregg Butler for the city of Derby and five Bradley Newman the city of Cardiff is in lane number six in seven camera mera city of Glasgow eight David Miller for bath uni and nine Thomas cannon for in the Clyde David Murphy and Adam Chillingworth racing side by side as we come down the final straight it looks like Adam chilling with from Plymouth yonder remember quickest seed coming into this competition is gonna take this without too much trouble at all really pulling now through the last few meters of this race in the first there we go just need to wait for confirmation of those times when we get them the Great's win that from Adam Chillingworth there we go there at at times so Adam chillin with two 1582 to come in first second David Murphy to 18 1 0 and then fer Bradley Newman City kind of to 1886 as we move on to our next event ladies and gentlemen please welcome the athletes for the women's hundred meters freestyle this is eat one under freestyle for ladies then heat number one and we're just above the minute barrier for the first two heats and then we're gonna drop under a minute once we go into heat three of these Victoria traveller is in Lane two she's representing Romford town here Holly Barden is in lane three for the city of Liverpool him for Hermione rope represents Stockport metro in five city of Cardiff have Isabel Joseph and my anoonan for the city of Birmingham is in lane at number six very little separating these girls although lane three apologies Lane six is doing nicely that's my anoonan for the city of Birmingham actually the youngest from up still only 13 years old is going to take this heat there we go one minute to 7 so just about the minute Barry at second Holly Barden one minute 8:1 and inferred Hermione wrote one minute nine eight as we moved to heat number two so tumors in this one just focuses in zero Chris Conroy in one Darcy revit in two million in free clean for is Louisa Stoddart and 5kt Hale in six Kiera penny in seven Evie dilly is the only women not 14 years of age she's 13 in eight of these codons and in lane nine Evie float for elves mare again all these swimmers every times just above that infamous minute barrier over first at a 50-meter end Kyra honey get out nice and quick 28 for four it's all well and good going out quick on 100 freestyle but you need to be able to maintain that pace down the second length it's gonna come from Lane zero in the end 59 for one gives it a first sub minute 100 free from Jess brokest in Lane zero Milly Milne takes second touch as we move on to eat number three [Applause] by the Hodges and zero Kennedy Gordon is in lane one and they're meadow drums filled in free Arianna Knoll in sorry Metatron feelin – Ariana Nolan free is he winter in for true Nellie Mackenzie is in five even McClain in Lane six Gracie Maine seven Emily I Lee an image in Viney in Lane 8 and 9 respectively I keep going on about going under a minute but every swimmer remembers the first time they break the minute barrier on 100 freestyle absolute right to passage that and nice to see some of the girls on the last he doing that for the first time these girls don't I've already been there done that got the t-shirt drew Nellie Mackenzie first a toes to the wall and this ego 5902 Imogen bunny takes second down in Lane 959 81 as we move on to eat number four [Applause] you know before then but the girls hundred free Lane five that little bit higher of a standard lovely underwater off that turn as well that's Cara Vaughan opal from Natori West London although evening out slightly as we come down the final like 50 meters to go for these swimmers for an Opel still leading ever so slightly from Lane five second looks like it's gonna come from Lane four not right on that one Farah want Opel coming in first 59 for five and then only a hundredth of a second separating two and three as we move on to eat number five summers on the way in heat five frankfurter named zero Olivia Mason Jennifer orders in Warren Maisie Elliot in lane number two Al Abbar gets in free Alec child in for Gabby Melbourne Smith is in lane number five and six million in seven Harriet Rogers in eighth Elena Dewhurst and in Lane nine Lily's Scott halfway very little separating anybody but Harriet Rogers in seven the first deterred also good swim coming from Lane two it's amazing it of the City of Leicester 15 meters to go and it is gonna be between those two swimmers although lane 3 that's hella bar get also putting herself into the mix so coming in first here it's going to be lane to made the yellow 58 60 to Harriet Rogers in Lane 7 coming in second 59 to 0 and then 59 5 8 is a lebarge it's time to touch third as we move on to heat number 6 six feet of 100 freestyle for ladies nine five that's Kirsty Flint from the Terry West London is going to be over first at the 50 meter turn n 2767 that split really having a decent swim here actually pulling half a body length ahead of the rest of the field and maintaining that throughout this 50 meter swim though that orange hat at a bottom of your screens is belonging to Beatrice Valley of Teddington in lane wall and she's having a good swim too as we come under the five meter Flags lane five is gonna take a touch 57 8 3 4 Kirsty Flynn Beatrice Valley in lane 1 comes in second 58 at 1/4 and then meaty Harris from Greenwich II is it in third with 5844 as we moved to eat 7 [Applause] up and away on heat seven again Lane five looks to be generally we playing of course quick claims we know there's no such thing really as soon as can get superstitious about such things rhiannon bowing over first 2763 0.45 behind her laying seven as emmav Anselm for Bromley mix of swimmers here leader Rihanna Bowman in the 18 years age group good swim coming from Lane two as well that's Megan Barnes as we come into the touch is going to be Rihanna Bo in that form Lane five you touches first 5842 emmav anselm in second 58 six eight and then Megan Barnes touches third in 58 eight for as we move to heat and number eight [Applause] most of the way through first length of heat number eight and it's Erin little in Lane two who's ahead as we come into the closing stages already nicely the swim kind of from lane to and the last few meters there Erin little is gonna come in first 58 3-0 second Mir Hawks from lane 358 5 6 and then Mears Levin in Lane eight for the mentio 58 59 brings us to eat number 9 so quite easy to believe in on age groups in this one everybody from lane three through to lane nine in these 17 years 18 17 and 18 years age group as is 0 & 1 so the only similar snot is Molly Allen in lane 2 she is in the 19 years and over age group it is Emily Haines of Mount Kelly free Matt Kelly summers in the center of the pool in this 9 feet of the ladies hundred freestyle so they'll be used to swimming with each other and pushing each other on Emily Holmes definitely seems to be swimming nicely here 5 meters to go and it looks like she's going to get to that ball first she does 57 4 to the time second Athena claisen Mount Kelly teammate and Anna patrocle touches 3rd 57 9 3 as we move to heat 10 first eat with cyclic seeding – expecting the centerline's to do even better than you usually would although over 100 meters so little between these swimmers anyway looking down their personal bests little separating them though rachel louise watson form adding very unique for quicker swimmer in this he of course in that center lane fifty five six and nine her personal best moment is going to be her utinni of adding for a teammate Catherine Greenslade that comes in first fifty six to nine which is exactly call to her entry time actually as we move on to heat eleven again abrini role well represented so as I say an enemy University in the middle two lanes again Lucy hoping for team Bruce in five produce them some quick sprinters Lucy hope coming into our own now a half a body lengths between her and her teammates pain Bruce in Lane five just five meters to go and there's gonna be Lucy hope that touches first but very quickly behind our team Bruce fifty-six dead for Lucy hope in lane four team Bruce comes in second 56:45 and then Anna main fifty seven to eight to come in further as we move on to eat number twelve our final Heat this time the turn of love pre-university to be in the pool Lane six amy grant representing them Guilford city have the quickest swimmer in this race though that's lane five Robin Newman and she's over first at the far end 26-6 free the split not much between her though and Amy Grant in the lane nice to her Kate Clifton for the city of Sheffield doing well as is Jemima Hall there in lanes two and three respectively as we come into the last five meters it's going to be Robin Newman 55:8 for second is Kate Clifton the city of Sheffield 56 72 and then Jemima Hall coming in third 56 8 3 ladies and gentlemen please welcome the athletes for our next event this is the men's multi classification 200 metres individual medley this is eat one so first outing for our para swimmers on day for the British swimmer championships here at tal cross two heaps of this men's 100 I am for you this the first of those Alex Ross up in Lane 2 in the SM 14 category as our oldest swimmers on that side of the pool these represent until Fame for each at mil representing dundee city aquatics in for Dylan Broome representing tour Fame in five Connor Morrison for Aladeen performance then Lewis White in Lane six is in the sm9 category city of manchester swimmer and then the lever head have Connor Ballard in Lane seven swimming in the s10 category as I've said before the way these multi classification events work is each time will be awarded a set of powerpoints and those are based on the records this one was chasing the relevant records in their own classification turning now from breaststroke to freestyle and it's Connor Morrison in the lead for a burden gaberdine performance remember pretty much a straight race between nine two two three four and five though lengths six and seven will be chasing different records and therefore achieving different sets of powerpoints so we will be yet to see exactly who comes where into the wall first then Dylan broom to 2102 765 points for him 750 from Louis White in Lane six 565 from Connor paladin lane 7 at the border to do its magic now and give us those in order as we move to heat two this is heat number two full set as soon as then and heat to remember from the previous heat top set of points was 765 so providing these guys achieve more 765 that will pretty much guaranteed of a place in the final deceiving suited to us one has then Joshua Fairchild for the city of Coventry in Lane zero competing in the s14 category over SM 14 swimmers James Edwards in to Tyler yeah no in free presenting Cal alpha Wycombe district respectively stock wall Metro have s/m 14 summer Thomas hammer in lane for Louis Lawler in five for the city of Glasgow in six rhys-davies from Henry County is in Lane six so they're all SM 14 so listen then sm9 Zuma Jacob leach occupies Lane one he's from infra Cockermouth here Oliver Carter in length 7 I'm Tom Pickett in Lane eight represent do you need sterling and Austria ters are both SM 10 swimmers and William Perry representing Northampton in the sm6 category in lane number 9 the magic number 765 power point set in the last heat and we have Lane six that's rhys-davies we should County who is leading us down with 15 meters to go now there's 200 metal eat Thomas hammer in Lane 4 gonna come in second so 798 points for Rhys Davies in Lane six still gotta wait for our other facet of swimmers to come in Jacob leach 718 in Lane one just waiting whilst we have William Perry our s9 swimmer in this race course still got to watch the powerpoints for him last one meets isn't it well done 5:18 very respectable total and we have there the full order ladies and gentlemen please welcome the athletes for our next event this is the women's 200 individual medley this is heat one again two heaps of this one this is the women's multi class 200 meters I am Jessica Jane Applegate in lane four swimming in ESM for teens brought Whiston barking and dagenham in lane five sm8 summer and then Rebecca Redfern SM 14 for Wooster if you weren't here last night Brock Whiston was in action currently swimming in Lane five she set a world record in the hundred meters breaststroke all the excitement we have here other British cinema Championships finals starting at five every evening you can watch them all over here at toe cross we're very grateful for those of you that joined us here today and throughout the week but also all streamed for you live on the Internet by the British from a YouTube channel Jessica Jane Applegate / first 150 573 enters this meet on a season best a little bit shy of a PB doe interestingly if she'd opened the VAR PB she would be the quickest swimmer over both beats as Jessica Jennifer gate comes in there 231 for six that gives us seven hundred and sixty two powerpoints in Sirkin their bra Kristin 938 nice and quick from her and then Rebecca Redfern 673 as we move to Heat number two so second heat of the ladies multi classification 200 meters I am grace Harvey is in Lane zero in the sm6 category representing Holliston in lane one Maisie summers Newton also in the sm6 category she's swimming for North Hampton hair then SM 14 swimmers in the center of the pool in Lane two three and four Meagan nifA city of Derby Danielle Hart in the Buzzard in Phoenix and Louise fits for Hatfield tarnish or some line is in Lane five representing happening performance here and never SM 14 Schwimmer probably mask L for crew flyers is in lane number six Wickham districts have Katie crouched in lane seven she's in the SM 13 category Ellie Simmonds for Camden Swiss Cottage is in Lane eight and then Lea O'Connell her teammate sm7 swimmer in lane number nine special mention to Maisie summers newton in lane one as today is her birthday so happy birthday to Maisie whoa exactly these stylists weren't going to go by that mike says 17 today so good birthday to her great little summer loads of these guys will be seeing at the para World Championships in London in September this really this summer's last opportunity to practice racing before that major international event so these first coming in now 5 meters to go for her to thirty to forty to two times seven hundred and forty eight arrow points as tarnish or comes in 774 for her to 40 97 the time nice line seven coming in kg co-host 527 points gotta hear from our assembly six numbers as well as Newton coming in there 937 for her that's a quick time 303 49 see if she can keep that in the race in the final later today just waiting for confirmation of that result yeah while we wait for confirmation of that result as you can see obviously if you ghost in the machine here at toll cross by the way we can meet furniture it's a very good birthday swim for maybe summers Newton will get those official results to you as soon as we can a reminder for those of you in the crowd here at soul cross it is competition time it's always competition time so Jorge it's competition time we're just giving away one of our prizes from yesterday and you have a chance to win some brand-new spanking tear goodies all you gotta do is answer the question of who which Scottish music star has wish one of our summoners a video message good luck with it Calvin Harris with Rod Stewart was at Lewis Capaldi let us know on Twitter hashtag summer champs 19 we can't confirm the disqualification in the last race official results are up on the scoreboard EQ in Lane 8 for a technical infringement ladies and gentlemen please welcome the athletes for our next event this is the men's hundred meters butterfly people so six swimmers to start us off then Lane one Owen rate for Warren above's in three Albert branch for Black Lion for Anthony Whittle for City of Manchester in five actually Hawkins for fan at swim in six Alexandra truck for pool and in Lane seven Liam Carey for Wigan best two links to the pool for these athletes 100 meters butterfly is the swim all of these swimmers in the 14 years category to open up with outside to length of that doing nicely there we go Alexander chiriac from pool that takes first 60 1.90 and Ray and second also 60 1.9 only six 100's between the two and then Albert branch from lane three coming inferred as we move on to eat number two run you've heard as soon as then in this second heat Maxwell Adams from Team barf in 0ly okie from Camden Swiss Cottage is in lane one borough of Stockton have William Bane's in – I was on the coil for borough of Harrow is in lane number free Matthew cans for Durham City and for Henry Halloran day for Portsmouth North Sea is in Lane five Tyler Melbourne Smith city of Liverpool in sixth Samuel Ellis for Plymouth Lee under seven Millfield school of Solomon Williams in 18 Christopher Williamson from the city of Cambridge is in lane number nine over first at the far end there William veins to the borough Stockton in Lane 228 free free that split again all of these swimmers in the same age group so all competing against each other for spots in the final though it's a last minute – ever and a center lanes I think Lane 5 is gonna say this one does Henry Halloran Day comes in one oh one point two one oh one three five then for Lane eight to come in second to Matthew Kern's in for maximal Adams in three were joint as we move on to heats number three [Applause] Finley Banerjee of city of Java is in lane zero ribbon ribbon heating sorry ribbon Rowbotham heating city Manchester in one Robbie Hemmings are pooling to Ben Shelton City leads in free stuff inappropriate from East lobe ian is in lane number four of a wallet from North Cornwall dragons or named North formal Dragons is in Lane five Toby Hale for Prescott swimming in Lane six Adam Strickland event sided seven Sonny Johnson wanted white horses in eight to Joseph's staff of the city of Salford in Lane at number nine adding some 15 year olds into the mix and also a 13 year old stuff and curvy at only 13 years old obviously swimming in a 1314 years age category 15 years Robbie Hemmings and been that Shelton as well as Toby Hill and Adam Strickland at his race as we come into the final few metres very tight out Oliver Waller and stubborn cardiac on the wall of searching first fifty nine forty nine fifty nine six six four stepping Carvey a cannon Toby Hale in Lane six coming inferred a minute point four for taking us nicely under the minute barrier in 100 fly this time as we move on to heat number four on to the fourth heat of the hundred butterfly and not a lot between these swimmers though lane zero Thomas curry of Northampton having a good swim I think he's gonna win this from zero you're gonna become between him and lane five in his lane five to touch a first for me and Antonio Rodriguez in swansea aquatics fifty nine zero three Elijah Kendrick in lane nine coming in second and then Thomas curry coming in third fifty nine one nine very tight air as we move on to heat number five and there we go with heat five sometimes very evenly matched coming down this first straight Gareth Davies and zero Lewis Robert Hammond and one alto rel in two anymore and free Tyler are even for Alice plea within five Sam Cornish and six Toby Stewart in seven and then lane nine is Oliver Carlos over first was Alice cleaveth from a city of Liverpool 27 one – from Lane five also Lane – swing very nicely those are called Rijo he's in the lead in the moment as we approach ten that meters to go now under the five meter flags Lane 9 making a last-minute – brat – a cholera hold touches first in Lane two at 58 one nine Oliver Curless second from Lane 958 66 and then Toby Stewart kill for City swimmer 58 9 5 takes 3rd as we move to heat number 6 so a full heat of sixteen-year-olds everybody in this heat 16 years old damage Kapoor Alistair Roberts Marcus shambling and zero one and two free Samuel Green back in for Jack Gartside five Alice Morgan six Lois Maxwell seven Julie MacPhail eight daniel ganc just nine Jake cushion over first at that turn end is while it's tight Seth Green back 56 87 that split and then Ellis Morgan in Lane five over second just point one eight between the two swimmers all of these swimmers as I said competing directly for a space in the final 15 meters to go then and it is tireless finish we're gonna let any electronics call that Marcus tumbling is their first 58 to six from lane to second Lois Maxwell 58 three two and enjoyment Bayliss bird as we move on to heat number seven in the age groups up a little bit more this time 16 years in 0 1 & 2 Sean Suzie Lois Benning and Nathan Woodrow as well as Dylan China from Heligan he's in line for Josh McGavin in 6a notching Minto and 9 are all 16 years of age that's wearing a full fifteen year old Calvin Frey is in free Matthew Chapman Lane 5 is 18 years old and then two 15 year olds into 7 & 8 James Hart and Louie Haynes 25 meters left and Dylan chatot from helling gun having a nice swim also on the outside there Sean site from Millfield really charging down a pole as Lane 6 and 7 also pulled himself into the mix it is Dylan Challinor touches first 57 3 5 and a personal best time from him Josh Rick gammon comes in second 57:39 James Hart in 3rd 57 59 as we moved to heat number 8 where we are with the eight heat then of the men's hundred meters butterfly there a MicroBot one is Ruben visitor in lane 2 Samuel perks in free he will yems for James McDonald five green and six Patrick heat 7 Alex Parkinson 8 Reed Jones and 9 Manfred battle it's Reed Jones remain eight seventeen-year-old swimmer who is over first this right seems to be donated inversely outside lanes doing very nicely here think lane seven really coming to in his out into his own that's how what Alex what concerned for Warrington Wanderers worried as sorry as he comes in there fifty six seventy three second Hugh Williams 57:42 from Lane free and infer Manfred battle from city of Cambridge comes in third we move on to eat number nine [Applause] let zero net sharp want Hector Pardo to Aaron Fox free eyes upon Finn tool for old unit 5 reset with 6 al azhar Alexander Armstrong 7th Charlie full 8 Michael cleaners SP 9 Charlie Hutchison it is Col Hewitt who is over first in the center line to 17 year olds in the center line and an 18 year olds me outside 18 17 years most common age group here michael kamenetsky in Lane eight to the 15 years and then sharp in Lane 0 to Skipton he is in the 16 years everybody has 17 18 years of age Cole Hewitt is going to always going to be closed between cochlear and reset was actually called here it is in first 55 5 4 Reese Edwards in second 55 97 and then third coming from Alexander Armstrong of Guilford City there 56 8 4 as we move on to Heat number 10 so the third fastest swimmer that we expect to see based on entry times Cameron Brookes Clark in lane four entered at a time of 53 74 that's his personal best as far as personal Aeschylus's season best his personal best is 52 89 he's over first at the far end 25 5 for the split and then Lane walnuts Jacob Goodman just 0.15 seconds behind mr. seem to be a good swim from Jacob Goodman in at Lane one of Millfield in fact lots of you swims coming out here and also some is very very tight have you come into the five meters flags this could also come there we go Lane eight in the end Jaime Ingram City of Manchester 54 71 that gives him a personal best time as we move on to Heat number 11 where we go with the ultimate heat then initially of quick lane five that Sam Horrocks for City of Manchester aquatics all swimmers in the open a trip here evidence Santos brilliant in lane seven and Jamie Robertson in lane two it is Sam Horrocks over first from five but in the lane next to him Matthew domville for Warrington warriors is just naught point naught six behind her it wasn't that turn at least I think he's slightly ahead now as this one has come into the final five metres they're in a flags it is going to be lane for Matthew Dom bullet such as first and is he 54 21 second Sam Horrocks 5465 and then Liam white coming in fern 5474 as we move to our final heat this is heat 12 ladies and gentlemen please remind those in to many that are there is to be no flash photography please anywhere within toe cross international swimming center please do not use flash photography within the pool hall as it distracts the swimmers thank you so final heat then of the men's hundred meters freestyle freestyle butterfly it is edited reg Nick for union sterling in lane five who is over first 2505 there was Fraser in lane for just about a tenth of a second behind not a lot also decent swim look from Lewis Hodges who seems to be right up there in lane one luis rosado pulling back in that second 50 54 48 he touches in to touch first edit Renick 54 93 is second and then Freddy crumpet 5595 is third and that brings to a conclusion the man's hundred butterfly the officials why the backstroke starting devices which signifies that we are going to move to a backstroke event this is the woman's turn to meters backstroke we're on heat one so for like this cross pull for these girls starting off in this first heat roof Hadley of Crow H Dolphins goes in Lane three Mary Swanson uni of Aberdeen performance in lane number 4 and Ally stubby Swansea University goes in lane number five as soon as all in the nineteen years and over category it started off with very similar entry times quickest of course from four to 2605 as a season-best for Mary Swanson right on PB pace there that's a little bit quicker to 2503 then Ali was to be to twenty six to seven season best to enter this thy lifetime best 223 nine force the quickest awareness heat if on best time by white away mara Swanson been leading her out we please have a coach or representative for pool swimming club and the city of Javy – the tummy sweet a representative from pool swimming club and the city of Davi – the tummy sweet please as we conclude this bursty if the woman's turn her backstroke Morris once and touching in first thereto 2462 gives her a lifetime best then roof hardly at second and he must be inferred as we moved to eat number two so keep them of the junior backstroke and a Camden city of Salford doesn't leave zero the ransom for Atlantis in iguana Kate Morris for no Centurion swimming a McClane – and a green for warned of ours is in Lane three Michaela McCall that Kingston Royals is in for hiding Marriott with Nova Centurion in Lane five Sophie Bramalea city of Sheffield is in Lane six Martha husband stop for Metro swimming in 97 and then Holly MacDonald for City of Leeds is in lane at number 8 / first at the halfway point and he merrier in lane from the 5 109 75 100 meter split [Applause] all of these swimmers actually capable of going quicker than they've entered at other than on a Camden number Runciman 0 & 1 everybody else although entered at the 225 has blocked a 224 previously remember small window qualification for the British Championships that you set between around when the window opens in March and then there were no closing end of May sometimes have got to be set for this competition within that window once I said Easter missile tape it up and and a fittest for the end of the season meat which of these guys is of course the one that we're at right now it is going to be lane free for the touch here and agreeing to 2392 gives her a personal best Kate Morris in second to 24 31 also a PB for her and Martha hers Stockport metro to 2438 is third just waiting for a confirmed result that and it's there so we move on to heat number three [Applause] first of all heat spinner back strike Abigail miles of the city of Sheffield goes in Lane zero evil aloo for reaching College in Lane of warmth and caressed wasa what to find dolphins is in to Isabella Willard School in free in for is Jacqueline McMillan for Carnegie Lane number five is Trier Evans for Canberra at Houston in six Lucy Hitchin for the City of Leicester in Lane seven Emma Crookshanks for team Epps which rule Wolverhampton school have Chloe Harris in Lane eight and Iona Kolbert goes in Lane nine for nervous and Geryon / first that our halfway was lane five I believe also lane nine and looking nice and strong the tire in a culvert for Nova they're dropping about now and it is all about Lane five through our Evans turning first zero having a nice one I would gone miles that is Sheffield lane for Jacqueline McMillan trying to maintain pulled back into a lead there we go 15 meter mark she is ever so slightly ahead name zero Abigail miles are still coming though be interesting to see between those two dropping back from the last few meters actually and I think it should be Jacqueline McMillan here just have to wait for a confirmation of that result to see which way around it went deep through that there we go Jacqueline Macmillan in first two 2261 trevin's the second and I had a combat in third as we moved to heat number four on to heat number four now Wilkinson goes in Lane zero for the city of Sheffield Madeline super goes in Lane one at the weston-super-mare into is about I'll eat for the borough of Wolfram forest lane three just the cube for half filled in for Alabama Kroy for the wind side in five Francis knew for Dulwich six city of Peterborough have a bright and Natasha Whittle for seven eight for City of Manchester is in life seven in eight Lucy block for Thames swimming club and in lane nine image of Orleans for Harrogate district Frances new pulling away ahead of the rest of the pool enters at her personal best Annabelle McRoy quarry in lane four actors of the season best of a slightly quicker PP 2:23 range halfway point new is over first sixty eight point six two [Applause] McCrory in the 16 years age group here zero though he was doing well – that's kind of a look into second sorry at a moment no super at second animal Wilkinson in third the Wilkinson turning second at 150 meter mark she's only 14 years of age rather than sofa those 16 and therefore in the same age group as in Francis view and Alabama Croix in the center lines we could well have another win from the outside here from the city of Sheffield looking very strong become under the five meter flags also Lane seven now Natasha Whittle City of Manchester who in the end touches first two 2306 for her very nice personal best time second animal Wilkinson – 23 – 6 that's a PB as well as we move on to eat number five where we go Heat number five but first at at an aunt Lily Mae master Inlet for Wolverhampton 3031 nine that split that's wearing the pool then zero is Alice cuts hers like the sandal inborn Elise mcweenie for city of Glasgow Helene – Lily main Mastan Wolverhampton as I already said in free Emma her scheme or nervous and cheery and in for Amoroso no Stockport metric then – basil and Phoenix tumors can always spot a puzzlement Phoenix him up with their lovely bride Erin chats Emily Lane in five and Alan Turner in six Maisie Thornton for Crawley is in Lane seven page creams for Guilford city in eight and Jessica Miller for the city of Stoke is in Lane nine so currently leading the way about sorry Emma recent one to forty five five zero you name 450 meter mark that's that's slightly ahead of Ella Turner in a plane sips a little bit more than slightly more like a body length ahead and marusan nineteen years and over age category whereas Ella tiene he's gonna take second hair down at the 14 years category so that's an even better swim prepare let me go rouse into 2197 Ella Turner coming in at second add to 2301 as we move on to Heat number six there we go feet of a six Molly Garrett for New York City isn't like zero Libby frame of the morpeth finds herself in Lane once got at Ferris for dundee city aquatics in to suffer a share Katelyn Duffy is in free Rachel Saunders for warrant of arms is in lane number 4 – 3 swimmer Ava Simpson is in five Charlotte Norman 14 M switch in six Bella Hodges Kelly swimmer in seven and then Gemma Peters for Millfield school in eight and had teammate Ruby Dixon in lane number nine Libby Freeman in lane 1 just 13 years of age in fact not even 13 years of age yet will be 13 later this year so just 12 years old to be swimming and he number six of the Turner backstroke is pretty good going and to be doing well in there as well first one to turn look at out 1:07 95 for him and not entering at a personal best in this competition to 2308 entry time but she's done this year 221 one two and that's no lifetime best as well absolutely flying here 1:43 three four puts a 2.3 seconds ahead of Rachel Saunders Rachel Saunders in the same age group 14 year old some up but it's fantastic here from living Freeman 15 meters to go rested a swimmer's quite even and difficulty cool who's gonna come second Bert a we can guarantee who's gonna comfort goodness from Liberty Freeman to 12 years old to 1889 smashes her PB of 221 one to great swim that Bela Hodges from out Kelly comes in second to twenty one to one and then Charlotte Norman timox which comes in for 222 3-6 great swim in there from the V Freeman more patent in this sick beat of Turner backstroke nope confirming our result and allowing us to progress on now to our next eat this is heat number seven mohit number seven none of the ladies 200 backstroke Rowan Saunders mobians from up he's in Lane zero Turner / Skipton finds herself in lane one a Gracie K for the city of Cambridge is in Lane two Abby Sinclair for Warren debars in Lane three Holly Shannon for Elgin is in for Alice Stabler for York City in five Newcastle swim team have Amelia Robertson in Lane six Rebecca Thornton the borough of Kirklees is in Lane seven Madison Pavle for the win side in Lane eight and Alec Cooper for the City of Leeds swimming in Lane and number nine look at the pages again of these swimmers maps and Hudler youngest of the group to another 14 years category again not quite 14 yet movie 14 by the end of the year then eights I said and mix of ages 15 year olds in lane 0 at Lane one lane three six and nine nine nineteen all summer Rebecca Thornton is in Lane seven sixteen year olds in lanes too late for of this heat over first is Stabler York cities without [Applause] and second at the moment Lane 8 doesn't have a lot and has had 13 years old bags are also looking nice and strong Roman Saunders for the Heart of Midlothian but we've 5 meters to go this should be heap fire lane 5 story there we go Alice Taylor to 20 point 6 7 touches first Madison hvala is second to 28 8 and Rebecca Thornton in third 223 to 9 nice personal bests there for Alice Stabler as we move on to heat number 8 to gator swimmers in the middle of the pool lanes four and five Jazmin Haley and Emily I'll eat in 1815 nineteen-year-old is judgment fifteen-year-old is Emily then more than Lister Lane zero for Carnegie and one Kate Baxter for Portsmouth to Neve Ward 14 barf in free Holly McGill heart of midlothian Jessica Bertoni who is in Lane six for stop all Metro in seven corrado tool for Hillingdon eighties in the earth may web for Exeter and in Lane nine Jessica Shaw for Birmingham University that moment line 9 Jessica Szohr leading this race 106 39 to split that's the best though considerably quicker than our entry time enters on a time of 221 a 12 to 19 this year as well a to 18 in years gone by the first still Jessica Szohr Jasmine I Lee then in second from Lane four can at Jessica sure maintain this pace and then she does will she be on track for a season best five time best we can only find out when they get to the ball it seems like Jasmine oily is speeding up heading down this last length really strong last length from Jasmine alley head tilted slightly forward I'm spinning around as she touches the wall in to 1801 that's a tenth of a second under her personal best of all done that Jessica's sure coming in second 2:19 5/5 as we move on to heat number nine super quick starter from Mali island in lane 4 with 5 3 of a second it took for her to react and it's done it good as well it's my edge now on the rest of the pool as she swims down this first length elsewhere in the pool we've got all our atoms of Aberdeen performance in line zero Olivia burrow for Exeter cities in Lane born into Danielle Raina for the Uni of Stirling in three Charlie Jones for Royal Wolverhampton School in five is Beatrice volley for tanning ttan in Lane six Karis Prince Raina for Winchester City penguins 7eb John's the city Harvard 8eb Dilli for Middlesbrough at Lane nine is Medina claisen for Mount Kelly so Molly our turn first of the far end 32 1 7 a lot though between herself and Evie John's in Lane 7 first that time was actually for blamed Maude Olivia borough 107 43 with Charlie Jones taking second from Lane 3 maybe dealing in Lane eight worth mentioning again thirteen years old and then heat nine of the 200 backstroke she's in Lane eight as I said earlier on as we make our way down the final straight this is pretty even no clear winner of interest volley from Teddington seems to be speeding up her arms as we come into the final 15 meters she's in the 16 years age group and she is gonna touch first here there we go to 18 3 9 gives her a lifetime best Terrace protrader coming in second to 1888 and then Olivia burro coming in third to 19 1 4 as we moved to heat 10 [Applause] on two ten feet to turn the backstroke PMR expects to go to quickest in this although she turns sick that the 50-meter and it's Nelly Turner in Lane five who times first 30 to dead elsewhere in the pool Olivia Butler is in 0 for the city of Bristol animali for Harrogate is in Lane one as he may read the city of Sheffield it to Alice shields for milk Garvey and beers Dhin is in Lane 3 Lane five is only turn of attorney he's 6 Holly Hudson for totin 7 Emily Osborne full of brilliant and eight heavy load for chumps build doors lane nine is Emma Belle for Loughborough University over first and the halfway point Ellie Turner was Ellie turn up it's powering way now throughout this race and there she is over first in five of a second that looked like it was laying for but currently looking like playing it with zero length one animali having a nice swim here we go – Ali Turner for Carnegie coming down 16 year-old swimmer it's gonna touch first we'll have to confirm those times in a moment once we have them and also the rest of the places as soon as they become available to us nicely concludes Heat number 10 there are the results for you Ali Turner – 17 – free to touch first and a moly second – 18 3 2 p.m. Murray furred to 1897 as we moved to heat 11 remember all the results for this competition are available online as they happen and you can also see on their full heat results and the orders in which some has come in their age group all of that information online on the British Army websites or azovstal ugh mr. length you'll need to get through that over first that time Daisy Platts from the City of Leicester she's in Lane six I was wearing a pool zero Olivia Gardner for Ellesmere college Livie attached it for Northampton is swimming in lane one Polly painter for Millfield school he's in Lane – Sophie Shore for mid Sussex Marlins in free Charlotte Evans the luxury uni is in lane for Sophie Maguire for mr. Singh Marlins in five City of Leicester have busy flats it's six as I mentioned earlier lady Mosley of city of Sheffield is in seven videos option the city of leaves occupies Lane number eight and Charlotte Carol I'm sorry limits for an Atari West London is in Lane nine over first at the halfway point there Charlotte Evans of late for 106 104 she's really starting to pull away cause he 11 of 12 therefore making Charlotte Evans the second fastest seed coming into this event she enters on the time to 1285 which is her best she's done this year because lifetime best slightly quicker to ten at three five so she has more it up and it is quite a difference of standard then between child Evan to 1285 Sophie McGuire entering on a to 1576 and a PB so I was expected to do nicely in this heat early boseley in seven swimming nicely this is Sophie McGuire in Lane five as we approach the finish it's not actually going to be that far in front for Charlotte Evans to 1603 the time Sophie McGuire comes in second from five in the end to 1672 and then Lily Bosley comes in third in lane seven to 1701 to move us to our final heat now this is heat number 12 final heat them of this ladies two meter backstroke event some MC trick your freestyle skub then we've got to swim off followed by two relays this time it's the time of the man 14 to 16 years seven years ago but for by 200 freestyle relays heaps to come later on today only a little bit later on they'll be around very very soon indeed in the pool in this final heat for honey Osmond for Plymouth Leander is currently the lead not without competition doe from Courtney price that never Centurion in lane three well 21 years of age in Lent free honey Austrian credit to her 16 years old fastest entry time in the Turner backstroke and he's British Championships I hadn't can't go faster enters on the time of 212 personal bests 210 to expect quick things no I'm saying that I'm not sure that she's gonna take this heat certainly not without trouble from either side of her Alyssia Wilson at five Courtney price in free five meters to go and it is going to be 19 yards category Alyssia Wilson who touches first to 15 32 for her second honey other end to 1553 third Courtney price to 1605 mr. summers clearly pulled by the sides return your attention here at O cross to the other end of the pool where we have the athletes for our next event this is the men's multi classification 50 meters freestyle we start with heat one to fast eats of this 50 freestyle to have ferment before we move on to the women's event next in the pool John law the Uni of Stirling s13 swimmer he's in lane number four Benjamin Granger as templemir Fermat Kelly is in lane three a legacy of a FinCEN 4s knighthood sorry for never secure Ian sand s9 swimmer as we come into the finish that we go John law 645 points though elude I see on the % 665 takes the heat just wait for their top to be right there we go let me move to heat number two so almost a full heater swimmers here at Lane zero through to eight William Perry a six in zero car fuses nine in Warren Jacob leach s9 and to counter person as Tannen three Lewis Whitehurst nine in four as ten summers in five and six Oliver Carter and Charley Colton s9 James Brown in seventh I would say s8 in Lane eight their approach to finished here we go Lewis White's going to touch first 813 power points nice little swim from him she's looking at the other times coming in as well quick from Jacob leach 711 and there we go confirming that result we move on to our next event which is the women's multi classification of 50 meters freestyle this is heat one the nine summers in this first heat zero lyric ah no one sees on a hex – Katie craw host free Tony shores pause our melody five Rebecca Redfern at six of Akane 7 Ali Robinson eight shall hide nine grace Cooper homes ten meters to go over these swimmers and Zara Molloy looking strong for Guilford city as ten swimmer in to go there we go 801 power points nice little total of course all of these swimmers will be able to progress through to the final tonight so the final swim this evening vastly more important okay then before we progressed on to the relays we do have something else for you now ladies and gentleman please welcome the athletes for a swim off this is in the men's hundred meters butterfly you've got two swimmers both 14 years of age in lane 4 eggs and red shirt Jack and in lane 5 of Finley Banerjee this is the swim off the mechanism has achieved identical times in the heats early this morning who please have a coach or representative from mid Sussex and milk I've to the timing sweet coach a representative from mr. six and milk IV to the timing sweet as soon as possible in the meantime in the water it is a little bit tight as we needs two swimmers not a lot separating zandrew Turia and Finley Banerjee and they are pretty much side by side as they approach the 15 meter mark I'd say that Finley Banerjee has an ever so slight edge but this could all come down to the touch five meters to go and actually Finley Banerjee Stirling to pull away from cheery ouch as he touches their one minute point nine seven she reacts second minute 1.82 letting us know who will be second reserve in that final all right moving on now to the relays is relay time we all have a relay this is the men's 14 to 16 years for by 200 meters of freestyle relay and this is heat number one [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'll ever get up with heat number one three heats of this 4×6 fourteen to sixteen years sorry for by 200 meters freestyle relay introducing you to our teams in lane 0 we have York City in lane 1 Skipton in lane 2 the city of Birmingham in lane 3 planet swim in Lane 4 city of Glasgow in lane 5 George Dolphins in Lane 6 Hackney Lane number 7 is the City of Manchester and in Lane 8 monster [Applause] so currently in a pool Jason Robson the York City in zero and then sharp in one William Cooper into you can avoid free running Cooper leading away at the moment 56 for free the 100 meter splitter that Turner meter swim [Applause] I'm maintaining that lead through and the 50-meter end there 1:27 6/9 a lot separating the two tone or point naught six at the moment between lane two and lane for that city of Birmingham and the city of Glasgow not a lot between these lads at the moment but very much can all be changed [Applause] I have a first then attorney Anderson for the city of Glasgow second city of Birmingham in Lane two city guys go really trying to pull ahead now in that home pool swimming for them currently turning Anderson ace of Willie is swimming from the city of Birmingham and it's Birmingham over first Angelique will he pull him back that lead that they had earlier I'm putting naught point two seconds between the two swimmers [Applause] the loads of cheering airtel cross for these teams I'm swearing to pull the lame one that's our team in tight to make the shift in Skipton sorry [Applause] great some hair from ASA Willie of the city of Birmingham who's put over a second of water between his team and the city of Glasgow a lot of distance really like this all about gaining everything you can to make it that little bit easier for your teammates but of course these are heats look at their qualification for finals not only is it necessary to try and beat everybody that you can it's also absolutely rather than what time you get it's not good enough to come first some heat one you still have to push through and give it everything to achieve the best possible time and hope that you can make it through to the final this evening so it is gonna be the city of Birmingham over first at the halfway stage Anna Mitchell jumps into the pool for that lovely little take over there from arty Dixon of the city of class gate takeovers a real art form in swimming and these guys will practice them time and time again especially knowing that they've got the silver champs coming up [Applause] city of Birmingham really coming into their own now ADA Mitchell just putting more and more water water between the two teams still require a coach from mid Sussex please a coach or representative from mid Sussex to the Tommy sweet as soon as possible thank you [Applause] city of Glasgow extending their lead 3.18 seconds between the two teams in the moment to do billing it very much in the lead here [Applause] looking at the other position today quite tight between a lot of teams points 5 6 7 go as dolphins happening city of Manchester all pretty even that gap closing a little bit at two point three seven seconds behind between the two teams now so Aidan Mitchell losing a little bit of ground – Archie Dixon [Applause] really stuck two heats up in the arena huh [Applause] there we go over first city of Birmingham now just one point nine seconds between the two teams is that something that Ben Galloway is about to make up can bang Galloway swim for lakes at his pool quicker than Harvey Higgins can by one point nine seconds that'll be a tough ask stranger things have happened 2.57 to that lead actually coming back now in the city of Birmingham favored the position at the moment looks like it's going to come from Lane 7 City of Manchester swimming quite nicely [Applause] hundred means to go down this first heat the meant 14 to 16 years pulled by 200 meters freestyle relay and that lead the city of Glasgow have now three point so it's three Birmingham half now three point three seconds [Applause] [Applause] and of course largely unimportant as to where they come in the heat much more important that they achieved the best possible time they can and have time better than anybody else so two point five nine seconds now between the city of Glasgow and the city of Birmingham city of Birmingham coming up feather out the to fifteen meters to go and shy of something miraculous happening the city of Birmingham going to take this heat will they do enough to qualify for a final end of today we'll find out later there we go 807 17 is the time second city of Glasgow 809 oh six and infer Daleks dolphins eight twelve thirty five very nice to spawn there from the city Birmingham just untouchable as we move on to our second heat this is heat number two [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so to recruit the teams then that we have in the pool right now in lane zero City of Leeds B we have two teams in this city please be our in Lane zero Matt Kelly in lane one two inside lane number two mill field school are in Lane three City of Leicester and for Guilford city in Lane five Portsmouth North Sea in Lane six city of Sheffield and seven Warriner in eighth and Millfield school B are in lane nine so just to confirm that to local school teams in both lanes free and lanes nine have a first halfway through that first this first 200 meters Pietro for Cloney in the water for Portsmouth North Sea 56.7 for the opening hundred meter split and Daniel Donovan some of the Guilford city in Lane five over second and another link between second third and fourth place at the moment [Applause] strong opening Sunday from Portsmouth North Sea's Pietro for Coney and this team keep up this kind of pace and look at a final spot later on this evening into the water goes Markus Kilian the Portsmouth nopsi second McKenzie Russell for Guilford City third something Buster's Joey Tippin is now in the pool he's powering down this length like one mount Kelly hey nicely as well [Applause] at North Sea being hunted down [Applause] and that gap starting to close City of Leicester really start to bring themselves into the mix as well so what's the difference in time then between two teams now 1.8 seconds between Portsmouth North Sea and the City of Leicester very nice flow from Gerry tip-in of last day yeah really trying to make sure that he beats Mackenzie Russell to the wall both of them trying to chase down Portsmouth [Applause] although in a decent job that gap now down by half a second and we're not even halfway yet city lester swimming beautifully here Guilford city left behind them and the two dominant teams emerging now Portsmouth and the City of Leicester as we approach the second change in the halfway point it is Portsmouth over first all over cattle in the pool now Lester over second George Lowen and 1.15 separating the two teams and the City of Leicester provide the work required to continue what Joey Tipton was doing for them in the previous black 1.36 that time difference Guildford City still occupying third position but they are now four seconds behind the leaders here sitting left oh really now it's time to pull a line of course at North Sea nor point seven five seconds between the two now so less than a second separating the two leaders and also Rory quirk for this Guilford city has turned it on all of a sudden his turn to me the tactic seems to me to put in a heck of a lot of effort in the second undred and he's really turned it on now of course a lot of coaches will tell you that the third quarter of a race is the bit that you really need to push you can push through on the third quarter when your body's telling you not to you can come out with some very nice results of game [Applause] [Applause] here we go that not a lot separating ports from North Sea from the City of Leicester as we come into the final takeover one of these lads got left in them difference in time one point three two seconds so City of Leicester with a slightly improved or slightly weakened sorry gain on Portsmouth Portsmouth improving and pulling away actually Portsmouth saving the big guns for last Jeremy Williams in the pool for them and it's Daniel Kennedy in a hall for the City of Leicester extending the lead again now two point one five seconds between the team's blame one as Mark Kelly eight they're coming into contention as well bringing themselves into fir position at the fifty meter turn on that do you see the investor have enough chased down for smoke in this last hundred meters just over a second between the two and I think we're gonna find the Portsmouth are gonna be the better of the two teams around the Queen sunset in the last heat eight minutes seven point one seven so there'll be a nice target for these teams they can be that then their chances of getting the final greatly improved point nine three between the two this would be incredible if the City of Leicester could pull it off Daniel Kennedy will be giving everything he has Guilford City trying to pull himself back in as well Toby Stuart in the water for them as we approach 15 meters to go and I think ladies and gentlemen to the City of Leicester are after trailing in second place Brad is relay and I thought the porcelains were going to say this it is going to be the City of Leicester as they come into the finish great swim there 750 9.25 smashes the quickest time set earlier on 750 9 to 5 for the City of Leicester 8 minutes 1/4 report from North Sea was quite the battle between those two teams throughout this race never really sure who was going to come off the veteran just when he fought Portsmouth were going to take it City of Leicester pulled through on that final 50 we move on now to our final heat this is heat number 3 [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] on to the final heat then of these relays City of Leeds beat in Lane zero apologies not clinically under and made zero Killington Elaine one stop all Metro in Lane two City leaves a are in Lane three that's where you'll find them lane four [Applause] is never Centurion and enough Hampton are in five Pasadena Phoenix into six Wickham district in seven city of Milton Keynes in a to Wickham district B are in lane number nine [Applause] so I've urgent closing stages of this bus like Joseph Sadler nervous and cheery and taking the early lead when he goes 1:57 – one that to namida split nor point eight to separating nervous and Tyrion and Northampton these guys swung the this relay at Regionals together [Applause] that is where that time comes from [Applause] so closely packed Northampton now taking a lead Joshua Vance in the pool for them never Centurion Joshua Skinner to the Battle of the Joshua's although behind six Noah colleges Lane three Ethan suckler looking nice too for the City of Leeds the rates from yesterday ladies City of Leeds and they repeated by the gentleman today Skinner really started to pull ahead for Nova Centurion putting about a body length of water between himself and the teams to either side of him City of Leeds though that could be the stronger out of the two that are behind them five meters to go Joshua Skinner switches over to Tom Truman for Nova Centurion Joshua van switches over to Jack outside for Northampton and Ethan Sutcliffe switches over to a Corral for the City of Leeds a quickest seed in this event swam there Thomas seven fifty seven six eight at Regionals after it all to these of us take wala fight with evolution a chance realize slightly different team than they've got in the water today the addition of Tom Truman he returned his champs you currently see in the pool Skinner Sadler and Kingsland though all remain the same Canova Centurion right look at this now City of Leeds and Nova really started to battle it out city leaders returning first and just normally not five between the two teams halfway through this third leg from the quickest time to date 750 925 we know Nova can go a little bit quicker than that 25 meters to go until takeover number 3 final swimmers in the pool City of Leeds are gonna be first to the takeover here but there is absolutely nothing in it between these two swimmers City of Leeds over first nor point 4 1 between the two swimmers we've now got been sheltered in the pool for the City of Leeds and Joseph Kingsland in the pool for over Centurion Thomas curry trailing a little bit at the moment for Northampton [Applause] city of lease starting to pull away one second between them and Roman centurion [Applause] let's be quite a swim in City of Leeds Melissa put us off there time almost 10 seconds slower at Regionals this year than the swim that Nova did at Regionals 0.38 between the teams with a hundred metres to go this is going to be tight between Nova and City of Leeds all the swimmers lined up on the side cheering that teammates on asking them to push that a little bit more so they can qualify in prime position for tonight's final absolutely nothing separating Nova and the City of Leeds in order to see if any of these teams change anything round for the finals tonight point 1 7 is all that separates Nova and City of Leeds who've known as slightly ahead on that now and I think the drizzle Kingsland is really starting to turn it on but at the same time Ben Shelton giving it everything that he can down these last 25 meters to see if we can get to that wall before Joseph Kingsland does both of them fancying a prime spot in tonight's final what lanes in gonna be no with 5 meters to go Joseph Kingsland starts to pull away and touches first in 7 minutes fifty five point five zero for Nova now go through to tonight's final in the center lane in a second City of Leeds and they'll be right next to them again ladies and gentlemen so you will have Nova in for of City of Leeds in Lane five in tonight's final Northampton a coming in third eight minutes six nine that should also get them a spot in the final I can't ladies and gentlemen we move to our next event this is the men's 17 years and over for by 200 meters freestyle relay this is heat one [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so seven teams to start us off compete number one of this four by 200 freestyle relay for the 17 years and over boys we do have three heats of this [Applause] and you'll find that I'm currently in the lead let's run you through the team's quickly Rushmore Royals are swimming in lane number one more into Barb's at be swimming in Lane two to debugger be swimming in lane three pool are swimming in lane four pool in the pool in five New Castle in Lane six Brompton in lane seven West Lothian currently Newcastle taking a nice lead Adam Wilson in the pool for that over first straight in the two George Barnes the Brompton Karen Thomas for Newcastle Benjamin Oliver clear for bull Craig green at four city of Glasgow doing for the Donald who are in the past 18 guild for Rushmore Royals freight cars for West Lothian and here we go coming up to the first takeover [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so remember if you want to get in touch with us hashtag summer champs 19 on Twitter drop us a tweet tell us what's going on where you are while you're watching if you're on YouTube hello to you if you're in the venue and you fancy winning free stuff then all you need to do is answer our competition question somebody wished this woman is here in Glasgow well and our celebrity the question is who is that celebrity a Rod Stewart B Lewis Capelli or C Calvin Harris stick your answer on a tweet at the hashtag summer chapter 19 on it and you could be in with a chance of winning some free stuff courtesy of our sponsors tier alternatively you can just say hi that competition obviously only available to those in the venue will pick a winner at random out of the correct answers and we'll announce you during the final session so third is our away currently swimming first Newcastle Lane five Patrick shimin is in the pool for them remain at six Brompton occupying second place Jeremy Kemp swimming for those guys two and a half seconds at the moment separating Newcastle and Brompton we go New Castle over first onto the final leg Samuel Nayla in the pulpit em now Brompton have Christie moon bringing them home [Applause] [Applause] currently occupying fur position city Glasgow Marshall English representing them right now poor boring above's they relate to again all about times for these guys many ways irrelevant as to who gets to the wall first the most important thing is do they get a decent time and a good enough time so they can progress through to tonight's final they saw some decent swimming in heat one of our last set of relays can it be replicated here did these guys put themselves first to the final we will find out very shortly [Applause] Samuel Nayla and Christie moon for Newcastle and Brompton swimming next to each other must have been really trying to chase Sam Naylor down his final 50 straight does he have enough to pull back that lead that Newcastle of health radish relay the entire time I think he might you know 20 metres to go and I think that Brompton could pick Newcastle to the wall hair they absolutely are going to look at this Christie moon coming in to finish after a fantastic final 50 leg Newcastle led through output prompt turn that come first in heat number one 7:50 4:07 that time massive improvement on their qualifying time so well done to Brompton second Newcastle 755 27 again from regionals and then pull 8 minutes of 388 time to finish third in this first heat and then 17 years and over for by 200 metres freestyle relay we move now to eat number 2 second heat of the Menace 17 years ago before by 200 meters freestyle relay over first fifty meter and city of Sheffield off we go start jail Eliot leaving them Northampton are in lanes irrelevant Liam snook in the port city of Cambridge in one if you go Bellamy first offer them Hatfield in two Harry Constantine opening up world Wolverhampton school have fin nickel in lane four and Evans from Millfield swimming first and five city of Glasgow I've got Martin McGuinness in Lane six seven Leo sardines opens up the city of Birmingham city of Peterborough I've got home echidna in Lane eight and I legs under Armstrong for Guilford city opens up Lane number nine initially decent start from lanes two and three they seem to be planning on dominating this race it's Hatfield and the city of Sheffield goes to the long way to go in this relate I don't think the change but as it stands city of Sheffield jail Elliott determined to make it nice impression so when the coaches put into their team sheets they're always trying to work out what way around their summers will work best together and if Sheffield out first half a second between them and lane to Hatfield the same coach is always trying to find the right order for them so this one has to work together in even in a straight freestyle race like this way more important a medley of course but over freestyle all sorts of tactics used you put out you put the swimmer first you put the swimmer last usually you can expect a team to leave their quickest format for the final leg not always Eugene Brooks Clark in the pull of the moment for the city of Sheffield and starting to make up a little bit of water between himself and Hatfield who were dangerously close earlier on remember 755 sorry 754 zero 7 was the quickest time in the heat just gone [Applause] [Applause] make thank you to mark who just debited our competition remember all you need to do is tell us who wish these swimmers good luck Wow look at that coming up to the halfway point just naught point naught six between Hatfield and the city of Sheffield city trivia on the better side of that so Hatfield trailing behind by not only not six we can't really cool 6/100 trailing behind now can you very tight indeed all you have to do for this competition let us know who has wished these swimmers good luck I can tell you that not very many people have entered so if you do it more chance of winning some Tia goodies well then Lane five starting to make an impression Millfield have Jacob Goodwin in the pole Jack – for the city of Sheffield over first not point six seconds behind is Reese Houston for Hatfield but look at this swim from Jacob Goodman see this is what I was saying about putting different swimmers in different positions Millfield have put a really strong swimmer out now in third which will set him up nice and steady for the final leg Wow look at this after having not really been on our radar Millfield really pulling in to contention here Jacob Goodman with a fantastic swim just move effortlessly through the water doesn't even look like he's putting effort in Turner's turn to me to swim of course he is but just simply effortless [Applause] five meters to go after he'll take over Millfield first Louis Barca he's over first half fielders are trying to say now second they didn't use taking over for them and city of Sheffield dropped into third place on that take over they've got better underwater and a better take over though Samuel bird should turn second at the far end his Lu Barker for Millfield oak who is very much now in the lead after training behind to pull back light out is quite fantastic or the swimming the last leg there for Mel building continuing up this pace now on this final leg coming up to turn and again another very smooth swim from Louie Baca city of Sheffield starting to pull ahead a little bit of Hatfield have not been able to shake off all throughout this heat can we market our turning for the final 50 Millfield are gonna come first in this heat should have an absolute sprint to the 50 from lanes two or three twenty-five meters to go for mill field school what's the time gonna be there remember way more important in these heats that the time is good they're still important even though Millfield are out in front that they push through there we go 734 41 puts them comfortably in the lead at the moment in terms of positions for tonight's final city of Sheffield 736 77 again far faster than the first heat all of these swimmers and to be interesting to see how many of them if any go through to the final tonight I remember finals on from 5 p.m. and these relays will close those off and close day for the British summer championships for us in fantastic fashion just the last one we're coming in now from Guildford to complete heat – and movers on to our final heat this is heat number three [Applause] and away we go stop caught Metro occupy that centerline quickest relay team a regional championship this year Northwest region for those top customers they swam a time of 740 point four eight to qualify for these here British Championships well that time slower than the quickest time that Millfield just set in the earlier heat so stop or over first I'm saying they still worked it out because Millfield went very very quick not real late in that last heat 734 41 they won't play for in the final so Karl Chism comes over to thomas Howell running through all the teams as well they won Dimmick leander & 0 Plymouth Leon the lame one is wicked district a Ellesmere colleges in free stop for Metro as I've said in a link for and left bring University in five their ladies won this event yesterday in a British club record and then we are tamo title still continuing to lead three and a half seconds between stock or metric and next quickest for university wilts in the pool fill up reunion a moment [Applause] it's good fun for nabobs currently sitting in third position still three and a half seconds between stop or metric and the rest of the field as we approach the halfway point and these swimmers coming in for the second take over thomas Howell is gonna get out first and he's gonna switch over to Jordan Cooley who'd already in the pool Nathan wells just dived in pull up for University's second in Lane five Ellesmere have now brought themselves into third position Joel Thomason in the pool on his third leg for them closing him down though 2.7 seconds at that time killing coolie is he gonna go about fight hair both from love pre-university and Al's met who are really trying it possible to stay with it don't let it go it is these free swimmers out on their own next places team is Lane six that's worn the bars [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and in for final takeover final leg final swimmers Stockport leaving now by 2.3 seconds Thomas hammer in the pool for them completed earlier on in the MC events beating out alongside the able-bodied swimmers hi Zanna regazzi love pre-university now inferred as Ellesmere bring themselves into second position only 1.5 seconds now separating lop buri unique elves met Stockport who do we see you never upset here that last race few races ago where Portsmouth we're in the lead throughout they got chased down to the last second and then the race before Newcastle we're in the lead for out and they got chased down to the last second who do we see similar occasion here I think we might you know look for a uni starting to pull alongside Alexander Fugazi in the pool full of Brett Thomas hammer in the pool for Stockport Metro I love pre uni gonna say this after having trailed throughout I think they might over first at the turn on that point eight ahead as well could Ellesmere also take down Stockport they're gonna try 25 metres to go before regazzi brings love pre-university to the wolf first in this the final heat of the men's four by two hundred seventeen years and over freestyle relay five meters to go and it is gonna be a lovely you need a touch first seven thirty five sixty seven seconds Stockport metro 739 sorry second Ellesmere 737 94 and I'm third in the M stop Paul Metro after leading throughout drop down to third 739 32 flop reuni will go through then as the quickest swimmers with Millfield next explains four or five would be three unique and Millfield so as I said the finals will be available for these swimmers to compete in remember there's a from 5 o'clock tonight join us then for the finals either live on the street or here in tow cross alternatively remember our competition hashtag summer champs 19 who wished these swimmers here in Glasgow good luck and celebrity did was an A Rod Stewart B Lewis Kapali or C Calvin Harris which one of those wished these swimmers at the British soma championships good luck hashtag summer champs 19 on Twitter all right ladies and gentlemen we have a swim off for you now this is the women's 200 meters backstroke in this 17 and 18 years age group the swimmers are in Lane 4 Alice Neels and in Lane 5 Sophie Shore this is the sub off so in the wedding Alice shields milk Garvey is in lane number four as I said so short for me Sussex in lane five before these swimmers achieving exactly the same time earlier on today in the heats we couldn't separate them so we're having to swim once again remember 1500 meter events still to come one o'clock start for those 1500s this time the turn of the ladies sort of men's 1500 yesterday 1 o'clock start for those and we hope you join us then otherwise 5 o'clock tonight for the finals session here at a British summer Championships 2019 clothing stages then of this swim-off who of these two swimmers is going to be first throughout this race at least shields for has led the way and looks to have the slightly more even stroke nice and relaxed in the water I'm just continuing to power through although not far away for Sophie short men so 650 meters to go sure something very close to the lane rope there you just don't want to catch a hand although she is slightly in the lead this is gonna come right down to the nail again oh my – 1879 Sophie Shore takes it in the end well done to her Ellis Sheils comes in second – 19 1 0 confirming why they'll be so that concludes this morning's session thank you very much to everybody who watched it attended and also thank you to our officials and I pleased to say officials you may now leave the pulse I will join you again right here for the 1,500 meter events as I said from one o'clock finals from 5:00 we do hope you can join us then see you in about 40 minutes time

British Swimming Summer Championships 2019 Day 4 Heats

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