one day this turned out to be a perfect day hey guys we're going our own way we just gotta go through the trees skiing is better than snowboarding bro stop recording so we're just waiting for them we're on the vlog vlog GoPro sexy sad mine is just angry deals we go around the trees here and end up Bonanza here all right already how's it go how's your knees all right [Applause] here goes nice shoes that was awesome David [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] going up the see chair last run of the day we're gonna go down Bonanza hit the terrain park dang I knuckled that last one and I it down you got some serious error on that last one that was awesome you guys want to hike up and do this one more time to jump David wait all right let's go here's what the 360 first date Breck how was it oh yeah we did peak nine pretty much all day everyone say hi today charlie we already yeah great video yep sorry spinning

Breckenridge & Keystone with friends || snowboard, ski, tubing
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