to premier players 2019 gold rush 2676 to 676 from their pull layers Tim 3 Sam one dude's the 9 Eric 5 Brad 5 Brian 5 and your buddy Joe with four all right guys here we go five times and mix it on up I got six left in value baseball cards 250th spot and six left's and a premium hockey jersey seven bucks a spot four times five times don't a lot Eric you're on top Eric's on a bottom five times all right Eric Cardinals I'm the group you guys together Brad Ravens Broncos Colts Chargers bucks dudes the bills Bears Cowboys Texans Jags Vikings patron saints Titans Sam Packers Eric Cardinals lines dolphin Seahawk skins Tim Browns Chiefs Steelers Ryan Giants Jets Raiders Eagles nine there's your buddy Joe Falcons Panthers bangles in the Rams all right guys any trades let me know alright time I got you all right and let's see what your sitting right here 39 all right guys Tristar Jersey 15 value has six hockey jersey has six hockey jersey has five I lied mere players is good to go though Tim you went tune the next premier players I'll take two trying to train yourself I don't get them Seattle is Eric Eric a Seattle Brad Tim three value and to premiere we're Claire's item you'll have two spots and the next premier players go to the first two okay brad has the Ravens Broncos the Colts the Chargers and the Buccaneers holds four Hawks all right you guys if I did a full case of 12 mini helmets it would be like 40 bucks a spot you guys have an interest in that I think that'd be kind of cool all right colds for the Hawks cold war the hawk alright guys here we go here we go nice ten brown authentication Auto set our rookie 1989 1989 score tim brown on card Auto Beckett slapped for the Raiders ten Brown Auto cool cool cool guys ten Brown Tim Brown Auto for the Raiders and brown for the Oakland Raiders now I'll do from one box with next box is uh come us both hits left are that is going to go to Ryan McGuire I Ryan there you go alright there you go ten Brown on card auto back it slapped very nice all right five times marimba door guys whoever's on top three spot autograph mini Hellmuth division I mean autograph spot two three four and five and Eric Johnson Engelmann do you guys want to do another premier pack we can do divisions for 22 and a half 22 and a half a division those seems pretty well brand new box guys let me know that's 2676 premier players okay yep yep yep how much is left insert I'm sort of we did a box last night but you there's quite a bit left and had 25 left but oh yeah if you guys want to do any other premier players we're gonna do divisions and then we'll do the bonus break after all right guys any comments questions or concerns let me know please subscribe down below never miss the library guys every night 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time create a good one

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