hey everybody I am at Boyne Mountain in northern Michigan with the hubs there he is and I thought it would be really fun if you guys came tubing with me so I am NOT a skier nor am i a snowboarder in fact a walker let's just say coordination I was not born with thanks mom and dad so pretty much the only thing I can do whenever we go to a ski resort is drink hot chocolate and go tubing so do you guys want to see the hill and here we go check it out and we've got some great little flurries going huge snowflakes there's a flake not a snow flake but it looks like they're making some snow too but today has been a great day you can see a lot of people skiing over there maybe I can zoom in there's little I would love to snowmobile as well I think that's something I could probably handle but this is this is the hill we're gonna go down I know it looks a lot less steep than it actually is but a lot of fun here still Michigan Mangler the Michigan manglers and likes to call it I don't think it's that intense but you guys will see for yourself because you're going to go with me there's a little rope tow that I took to come up and I'll give you another look here I think we're gonna get about an inch of snow up here today we're about six hours away from Chicago how far away from Canada would you say honey what's three hours three hours away from Canada okay here we go there's three little sled hills here one two three this is the fastest one what happened I don't know you're talking about what happened the last run you try to go down huh I was too heavy and I got stuck on the hill more skill Oh what is it skill this doesn't take any skill okay so I'm gonna get seated here and then Ed's gonna push me he's going to push us so because I have your life in my hands hopefully he will not try to kill both of us right how's it going Natalie hi Brandon how's it going Mike Julio Julio says hi from Southern California yes I know you guys don't get this kind of snow unless you're up in the grapevine right the grapevine gets that kind of snow down in SoCal all right are you guys ready for what's ahead of us you can see how it's done how's it going John hi Wayne it's not too cold maybe in the twenties but it's not as cold as it was last week in Chicago that's for sure see some people down there getting on the ski lift this is something I will not be doing getting on a ski lift okay hopefully I can hold on to you guys wait don't push me yet it's not time the guy's gonna give us the go sign no he doesn't I'm nervous oh no it's not time yet don't push me just alright if this is a race I would win oh now here we go [Laughter] alright I'll flip you guys around we made it we made it do you guys want to watch ed go down I know you do hey let's get out of our tube let's move off the run and we'll get ed hold on here comes a head hopefully he falls off there he is here he comes I think he's showing off you did yeah all right everybody I hope you guys enjoy that I thought it would be fun so I beat you that was the end time we were timed in I won just so you know I won that race that's right all right everybody I'll see you guys in a couple days back on good days Chicago and I'll take some pics along the way too maybe I'll try to ski although if I try to ski I'll take you guys with me although that probably would be a broken leg waiting to happen so don't count on it okay bye

Boyne Mountain Snow Tubing

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