hi everybody it's Johnny from bound for adventure we're gonna do a snowshoe review today the great sport of snowshoeing great anybody can do it it's relatively unexpensive to get into basically all you need a pair of winter boots and a pair of snowshoes what we got here today is a Tubbs model the venture model 25 great snowshoe all-around fantastic securement system here you've got a strap here that loosens the front of the binding you slip your foot in and then you have this rubber strap right here that you just bend back put one of the holes over the metal prong and you are good to go great articulation for movement up slopes and things like that you want to choose a size that fits your weight more than anything and the snow conditions to give a really light powdery snow like we have here you want a little bit bigger one if you have a more compact snow and you're going to do groomed trails you go with a smaller snowshoe this is uh this is just right for me for Steamboat if I go in really deep snow I use a little bit bigger pair but this is a nice all-around pair right here so oh you've also got some really nice crampons on the bottom for traction great great all-around snowshoe highly recommend Tubbs but there are other brands out there that are just as good do be careful of the Walmart you know some of the cheaper brands your foot slides around a lot and you really don't want that you want your foot to be pretty secure in your snowshoe I'll demonstrate how this goes on real quickly everything just put your put in grab this strap right here goes over the little prongs now little keeper on the other side and you just pull these two straps tight and you're ready to go snowshoeing hey guys get yourself some snowshoes and hey it just started snowing for us too so it's always nice when it's snow when you go so you get out there get active until next time remember everything's better when you're bound for adventure

Bound for Adventure – snowshoeing in some fresh powder in Colorado

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