after tonight it’s a road heavy few weeks and with that in mind they love to make in the finale of a four-game homes there it’s a rematch of a tightly contested game a couple weeks ago riddle but still very dangerous teams collide as the Stars host the Bruins skating out through Center to his left Fox confronted a shot and the puck is loose and then bull dead willing to give and go and Tyler Pitt like blows rate to the net Torey Krug the defenseman goes in behind Tuukka Rask and pulls that thing right on the goal line stand by Krug as that was trickling through the tweeners of to grasp a turnover it’s the breast racing down the wing cuts to the inside and the slot still with it and a shot by Bishop they don’t want to do that the brush picks them up punch them down goes across fights off a check in behind the net he gets hit the net actually comes off but stays on its pegs it was the back that came up and play continues Bishop covering ground and I ignored stroke whistled it up high and hey skinned and held it but then turned it over marshawn’s going to sprint Bergeron recovery by hastin and Bergeron stayed with it and a kick save for Bishop getting back and fouling things up on the first try actually messes your netminder up spinorama whip shot by Bergeron and there’s Ben Bishop who has been crisp here in the opening half of this period few steps into his own zone now laterally across the line in a hand for hey skinny side steps one man darts in hey scan in a shot Trask Steve rebound loose a couple of doorstep chances for Fox in the pan of Rask was there they throw it to the net it’s a rebound creator by haste and it’s a smart shot up off the torso Brasky can’t trap it in goes Fox him but he just ran into the right pad multiple times and on his back end just sort of pounded it into the pillow best friend is the window [Applause] stars great a turnover a shot from Sagan denied by Rask one man ports trying to stay with it once free by posture not to taken away by Sagan now been in front couldn’t get it through traffic let’s save him one more time and a shot blocker by Rask right into his glove hand and he hangs on for pollock give it away at center quickly back in it’s nine in a shot and an arm save little turnover as Pollock tried to push it up the left wing side in wok Heinen and if he was a quarterback he’d be picked off on something like this because he stared at the spot he wanted to put that puck so pugs in the corner offensive zone they’d love to flip the script and add something to isla del a shot off traffic it’s loose and wine in it snuck through Rask Fox add the keeping net now both goalies perfect here’s Pitt Lake trying to change that ahead Tacoma Malaysian there from Clifton he was busy in the first period now a giveaway Pollock and a shot punched aside with authority by rats out in the juice get upstairs Beirut throw a shot there’s the first look at that bomb in the NHL but it carom dolphin traffic held in by Dallas unka over the Smith his drive off the arm of grass too far for posture knock nice play by Lyndell he’s held up the posture not fly right by marShon over to posture knock got it with the leg stars hold it in the gala by Rask to the corner go that’s why they’re bombing away from just inside the blue line posture not one more time turned it over right on cue there’s game mark spoiling products bets up partially fanned on his bid from the slot sent it wide around Clifton catches up himself a nice play by Dickinson lifts and recovered nicely for his part and then a big shoulder as the chicken on a piece of fours back at Carlson Pollock a shot through traffic and right into the midsection back down into the corner say you gets it back in a redirection man just outside the crease Rask who’s ready and it’s clear bounced off the boards held in by the Stars poked along its coma spins to the hash marks now to Bayreuth to Hill wide fire and rasp with the save any bounces now they’ve got a lane and it’ll be Clifton carrying across the line still way that hands to his right in the first say it is a big one of this period as Bishop denied posture not the middle portion of the second period one guys in the Box one guys in the dressing room foster knock at their best look yeah surprise was on a shot redirected and Bishop juggles that one into his gloves goes on quick wrister from the blue line nobody takes slap shots anymore there’s not enough time the coverage is too tight all the time he can barely get that off and then the redirect is Jamie Ben was looking like Jordy Ben and spread the net handling Nordstrom with speed across the line and behind the net still with it you’re beating in a one-timer Ben Bishop with some tidy net minding finds it first ball he shot sticks a bishop and he sent it to the corner still board minute here’s course back at Coulson denied by the glum a bishop it bounced bleep mark stepped into by Clifton now it’s grizzly his past cut off by an mark he’ll bring it back in one gets lifted in the slot hands to the chicken keeps it scoreless in teams vowel searching for a goal in his return family’s watching for beirut so here is banished sharp angle shot up high bounces back to hook and a redirection and that one hit rats chased by Bacchus those two have history a July looking to the sluice misconduct Fox interior nice pass gradual off just lays it out there for him but he couldn’t get it elevated and the doorstep the couple of stars they couldn’t pull the trigger now a nice job jumping around a man and to Brust miss the target after a highlight reel play to get free into the Bruins zone Raja live on the scene slipped it to Sagan in the slot police to his left he kind of at the pit everyone they think is looking saying that’s a half the net for Esalen del to pound it instead the left pad of Tuukka Rask for forty seconds away from the crapshoot of overtime stars don’t clear captain posture doctor got there with the right pad after a pinball key Druce me in on it nice play by Sagan and then that’ll said bend back in his shot save rebound trapped it out of midair but then he turned it over in the stars for Angela across the line taking a look see who he’s with pulls up and it shot off the chest of grass into the star zone marshawn pass looking for posture doc he was behind him a two-on-one with Dickinson Denmark in [Applause] [Music] [Applause] and away went Matias yen mark he makes two plays on this the shot waxed the rebound out in front the trailer is Dickenson the game was like a ketchup bottle tonight it took forever to get something out they whacked it for over 60 minutes and finally it’s chipped home second OT winner for number 16 it took 61 and a half minutes but Jason Dickenson winners for the stars this season finish the homestand with a victory over the Bruins

Boston Bruins vs Dallas Stars | NHL | NOV-16-2018 | 21:00 EST
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