a three-game road trip a looms next week with the apps have a couple on the home ice starting tonight with the Boston Bruins the defending Stanley Cup champion caps come in on Friday night and so you’ve got to rack up the points in front of the friendly crowd while you have the opportunity here a lot very active tonight playing as many pucks as he can behind his debt buck right into the corner for a game as [Music] and the apps have the one-nothing lead they left the captain fall by himself he just took his time he got that pop quickly was a perfect cast by raft in it and again my mind has been a backhand passer isn’t it there is in the game there for line parcels so far as Josas come on the I to the point long shot six ball and it bounced right in til Ward halakhah knee had to make the same whacking out it comes up top but now it creeps nice otherwise and back to the ABS zone gave it up backless walking in shooting that’s two for the bees little shop crew had that Nannette hidin dancing just inside the circle back up top brizl far shot in a one-time or not we record school the fake shot to just above the dot sent him to the lowest slot and posture knocks four to seven feet does a nice job in front tying up the defenseman but Pasternak comes through that perfect little tip now that was a pass that was not a shot right real nice play all the way across that may it be a double tip back his in match or knock or just Bacchus she’s gonna once on that one if he did like down below slide [Applause] Jake the brusque as McKenna thought he had help up top and did not and the youngster wanted to go back him went to four entity rib should all be give the visa to only pick up a sixth row of the season when you’re down one nothing the Apple had should really dominate it to play power play Goldeneye school the legs and that’s a real big get the lifelike wristlet men spoon works a new to the corner steers it far side of Marshawn ladies pitches ketchup top on top the broth got the reader like his second of the game feel the conference that first group came out that was not the number one units and they moved to puck well this group I mean they’re finding that open guy they’re not wasting any moment the minute that guy has opened we saw Bergeron on the first power play I mean one time and shots instantly right there pass run and de brusque in front of the net tiptoe his second goal of the night on the tee switch off for the beasts often able to get it up and off the center ice here comes Biko Rettendon gets around hot him rancid inside back in shop and Biko was trying to pick the FIFO and I think it went off the left leg of a lock and ricocheted behind him near side holding looking in the corner Eric Johnson straight up top two are longer shots a Hopkins Landeskog got clubbed down right in front of it behind the net and he was trying to find Landeskog on a pax Landeskog reverses it rancid it awaits gives it up al Barry will walk the blue line far side McKinnon three o’clock granted and blocking lead shouting stop [Applause] [Music] cut the gap and Alan Torrie to gain now everybody gets in the back spot for the Boston Bruins they start scrambling around I’m a quick match across that is a rocket past and just like Landeskog Branson and walks in lapped and his shot takes his time and gets the Avalanche back in this audience barbarian looking for cold all right away makes it back far side [Applause] for gold as a reply paths reap the coast have talked so much about how well he has played for the avalanche gets it front bar burial in the lineup tonight for the avalanche jumps up to the plate in the far corner I’m ticking down in turn number to the ABS with a power play goal got within one down the left wing into the pontoons on the Kennedy I tried moving a basket shot save rebound you’ll grab it out of midair big one by ear dance to get a two-on-one racing it was [Music] Chalmers is able to knock home his second goal of the season that bang in alcohol a lot of people Sheldon dry station is there a stick right there or maybe even a box of ballistic but no matter the ABS down tree want to tie this thing up the animal first one to it spine is up it’s off the mic and walk out the back of the net up the door to goes to the point Johnson is there holy looking fine towards sample this job don’t front get over the top of the net picked up on the back Jack shield with his body makes a nice play such an veteran defensive move ransom [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] top-3 you talk about transition that was a thing of beauty what a joke he does his happen he’s had a great season brats in it but this is the best Tuukka Kenneth is the wealth more of this season back to poo happy to settle things down bring it in sled to check Carl Soderberg behind the net to the nearside Carlson come on you never got the super car racing in backslapper blockers Sinhala her foot pivots around Karami makes a little bit of a hint scoops it up top you are looking holding shooting redirected [Applause] nice [Music] they’ve got a 5-3 lead over the Boston Bruins and Tyson chose feeling it’s not so his go to the years he’d look he had his head up he gets the puck through soda person front and Jose just pokes it home back into the corner Cole flips it up and all the way down the ice [Applause] as its own fan face-planted into the crossbar to say the goal of talk to our big – Justin – Kevin cross-ice pass Susan up tougher door for someone tiger [Applause] [Music] seconds left the ABS have doubled up on the Boston Bruins they lead at six to three and tonight a Pepsi Center he’ll come back home and garner two points just a tremendous comeback for the applet [Applause] second of the season 31st of his career the apps would live on answer goals come back and beat the Boston Bruins by a final score of 6 to 3

Boston Bruins vs Colorado Avalanche | NHL | NOV-14-2018 | 23:00 EST
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