So I’m out here with Bodhi. Bodhi came to us from Pennsylvania with two main
issues, well he’s got several issues, but the two big ones are he hates skateboards,
and he gets a little over-exuberant when he’s socializing with other dogs. He’s not really aggressive, he likes to play,
he just gets a bit carried away. So it’s important for his socialization to
make sure that we exercise him well prior to introducing him into groups of dogs so
that he can practice interacting in a calmer way after his physical needs have been fulfilled. So I’m just gonna kill two birds with one
stone here. We’ve been working on his skateboard issues,
we’ve already done quite a bit of desensitizing him to the skateboard itself and he handles
that pretty well. So I’ve actually been taking him out for skateboard
rides, me riding the skateboard not him, and he can run alongside me to help burn off some
of his energy. So we’re gonna go skateboarding first, then
we’re gonna bring him into socialization. So we just got back from our skateboarding
session, he’s a little bit more tired now and this is a great time to now bring him
into socialization. Remember, he’s not an aggressive dog, he’s
just a dog who gets into trouble because he’s a bit over-exuberant. So our goal is to teach him how to be more
calm and casual around other dogs, but the best way to do that is to drain his energy
first. Otherwise, all we’re gonna end up doing is
acting like police and walking behind him telling him no no no no no. So the idea is to get him into a state of
mind where he is able to be successful and to allow him to practice interacting with
dogs in a more responsible manner. So as usual, I’m just giving a little bit
of time before I enter the yard to let the initial excitement die down. Once he’s as relaxed as I think he’s gonna
get, I’m ready to enter the yard, always with me leading the way. So often, people utilize dog parks and daycares
as a substitute for proper exercise. This often leads to trouble. By making sure that we exercise Bodhi first,
prior to introducing him into socialization, you can see that the other dogs are not that
big of a deal to him and he is able to interact in a calm and respectful manner.

Bodhi Skating to Success
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