Hey everybody! I am Ewen Fernandez. We are now on the course of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON to show you some key points of the race. The first one is about sharp corners. We are now in Friedrichstraße at kilometer 8 of the BERLIN-MARATHON to show you one of the sharp corners. My advice for a sharp corner is to enter on the outside part, to be in your safety position, leaning on your inside leg and turning in the inside part of the next street. The second point, 500 meters later. We have a right corner with the rail tracks in the middle. So my advice for this is to be in your safety position again. Put one foot in front of the other. Make sure that your weight is on your heels. Like that you can pass the rails without problems. The third point. We are here at the famous Brandenburg Gate which is the symbol of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. As you can see, behind me there is a long part of cobblestones. So my advice for this is to use the same technique as for the rail tracks and when you feels stable, you can start skating again. But make sure that you always keep your weight on your heels. And then enjoy it until the finish line!

BMW BERLIN-MARATHON | Key points of the inline skating course
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