hello and welcome to black bear snow tubing we want you to have fun while tubing with us today but safety first after watching the safety video fill out your waiver forms there are family forms for parents with children living at the same address snow tubing can't be dangerous but following the rules and directions of our staff will minimize the risk while you have a great time take your forms inside the lodge and give to the cashier at that point you'll be fitted for a time ticket showing your end time do not leave the lodge without a time ticket make your way down the steps grab a tube and go to the tugger area to wait to board the lift when boarding the lift hand your tether to the staff member and sit down in the tube facing away from the slope stay seated and enjoyed the ride out and the event you become detached from the lift put your feet down or if possible roll out of the tube you do not want to slide down the toggling in your tube this could result in injury to you or others behind you the weight limit is 300 pounds also remember there is no snow throwing at any time at Black Bear snow tubing after you reach the top an attendant will help you detach from the tugger and guide you to a lane put your leash in the tube and sit down keeping your legs and arms close the attendant will make sure your lane is clear and then you will start down the slope do not start sliding until a staff member clears you to go the run out at the end of the slope will slow you down to a stop please exit quickly to the right completely out of the run-out area before making your way to the lift for another thrilling ride thank you for coming to have fun with us today at Black Bears snow tubing we hope you had a blast

Black Bear Snow Tubing

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