Yo, yo. MC Andy in the house. Represent CTL 3000 Language is power Yo. Listen. You’d better start paying attention, Because I am going to talk to you about bilingual
education. It is the new sensation, ‘Cause research shows, it is good for your
cognition. But beware of the threshold theory, Some say it is not a mystery, You have to reach it before you can have some victory. The more languages you know, the more you need to code-switch. But if you can master it, you can give the perfect pitch. Some people learn a new language because it
can make them rich, But here we have a little glitch. ‘Cause money should not be your only motivation, It’s also about cultural preservation, Identity formation, Heritage protection And family relation We live in a society where people come from different nation But in the end, we are one happy family, unification. Multilingual education is not assimilation, We should promote cooperation and interaction. Doesn’t matter if you are Chinese, Korean, Swahili, or speak Polish, Does not matter what language you have in your glove, At the end of the day the only language we all speak is love. PEACE!!!

Bilingual Education Rap
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