good morning guys we are going sledding are you excited yeah today we are going sledding again in our backyard and so I am making some hot chocolate and some sandwiches because Bonnie and all the kids are coming and if we're going to be outside in the cold it always feels nice to have some hot chocolate and a sandwich in your stomach if you guys follow me on instagram you saw the other day I posted a picture of our backyard I had so much snow on it we are not gonna start building until the snow is melted but I'm really excited because next week the Builder and the guy that's going to be designing our backyard it needs to be excavated a retaining wall lots of stuff needs to be done to our backyard because there's a 20 feet incline it's very steep it doesn't look as steep as it looks on camera I feel like especially as snow but it is extremely steep we have a lot of work to do to the backyard so I'm excited to go and play in our backyard today and I'm extra excited next week to get everything figured out with what it's going to be like when we actually move in whose problem Jared oh you guys what what are these these are emails emails thank you for councilman Jackson thank you so much Olivia I love these these are these little Valentine Day emails thank you come on can you do it holy cow oh you put your gloves on okay it's my turn Jackson does not want to come with me he just wants to walk to the top please daddy coming up can you believe it this is your fast start yeah I'm okay he gave the camera I am all done with my conference call and as I've been sitting in the car I've been watching Jackson he has just been scooting on his little tush all the way down the hill from right here terrific checks ready have fun sliding on your butt yeah that's Cody he's going down the hill on a sled do you want to go down the hill on a sled with Daddy yeah there he goes scoot scoot scoot yeah let's do it you guys always ran into me bail was just ran right into me oh well we've had two casualties let the kids play well I guess the kids crying I'm like oh you're fine come on now I'm like a bunny you're fine come on pick it up take a look ha ha ha I'm sorry hey we're gonna have we're gonna have some fun and then we'll go sit on some donuts or something like that I still didn't get the jump I gotta do it again how fun is this we've all got sandwiches and hot chocolate you've even got a sandwich Ram Bonnie and for me Oh blessed be the day I have a sandwich I wonder what they're gonna do to our yard oh yeah it's gonna be whatever they do it's gonna be great I'm excited it's a hot hot chocolate it's still pretty hot Cody and I are going to have a race down the hill so don't go yet Cody whoo we got to be this it's got to have official rules regulations and row seating okay let's beat us in day oh there's no snow on here yeah yeah I don't know why this makes me so happy but look how much snow we have up where we live and joel has dug out a little place just for his trailer so he could smoke some meat so happy I wish he wasn't at work right now but we are at bonnie and Joel's house and we are recouping from all of our injuries that we have sustained throughout the course of our sledding experience you're gonna we're gonna read books we're gonna race cars we're gonna sit on things upside down we're gonna hold babies and by golly we're gonna watch my little pony or something along those lines we're just gonna kind of veg out hang out and enjoy each other's company for the next little bit I just watched the footage balcony falling I'm embarrassed but like like I could breathe I was just like it's kind of it was kind of like pitiful but like I felt so bad I was on a conference call and I like came out or open the window I was like are you okay I was like I'm sorry guys I got to do this oh I feel bad you're back Bonnie's bum and your dignity play Hungry Hungry Hippos it's pretty easy to get the hang out okay put the balls in here okay ready set go there's some intense Hungry Hungry Hippos going on right here go go go go go go go okay I have to go run a couple errands okay yeah you got the ball what Ellie doesn't know is that I'm actually going to pick up a few things that I've ordered for Valentine's Day and we I don't think we ever talked about if we were or weren't going to do anything for Valentine's Day I think we were just gonna say we're gonna hang out but I have one thing already and I'm gonna go pick up the other thing that I ordered like who loves this bouncer jump jump jump jump jump when he gets excited he does it just stop there we go oh yeah okay Calvin has this monster zit on his chin that's crazy how crazy is it he loves his jumper we just ate soup Thank You Bonnie for making it Jackson he's actually eating it pretty good it is so yummy it's uh what does it cost a chili super chilly and it is good I just had two bowls of it Jackson is done but he had a few bites guys I've made a huge mistake I've made a terrible terrible mistake than one the mistake that you should never ever make I bought the wrong perfume yes I know I said it's terrible I bought the wrong perfume for Ellie you see what happened was I had this perfume on hold ready to go because I thought this was the perfume that Ellie wanted this is the one that she desired the most for Valentine's Day I went home I got it all set up and I looked up in the bedroom and I realized crap she already has this one in a full bottle this is not the one that's on empty because she's been using it so much so crap I just returned that bottle feel like an idiot now I'm going around town trying to find it because I'm not sure where to get it well that's strike two I've only got a couple more chances to get this right well slap my leg and call me silly this that's strike three Jared we're playing baseball you'd be out I'm getting down to the wire here guys I made a mistake and I can't even find the kids are there no idea what to do now is it there's one more place I can try please cross your fingers ok Kmart's you're my only hope this does not look very good for me I might be in trouble guys yeah Kmart never let me down you never ever let me down you've been so good and I feel so bad that you're closing I got the last one we just left Bonnie's house and we had to run to the goods like literally a second away and by the time we got here he had fallen asleep while we're from a lady I look how giant the stem is this is like a thank you thank you tell me Chad since I believe he's staying asleep in the car Calvin's asleep too yeah try and go for a ride no more I go home and take a day off I do too hey back I really I feel bad Bonnie doesn't flow well um I really hurt myself today it really really you guys probably got the most air out of anyone's definitely the most successful day for two reasons major air and back breakage well I wanted to make sure I got your reaction it's not much but it's cute I have had perfume over the past six years of being married and the perfume that's my favorite that it's gone I've used it like a month and a half it's this Jessica Simpson the vintage boom I've used it up it smells so good I know can I tell you a story I'm glad you liked him I have to tell you a story okay so I had ordered Giorgio Armani see but then it got here you ordered it well I well yeah I forgot I went upstairs and I saw the full bottle and I'm like crap so I took it back shush and I searched the town for a little vintage Walmart no I didn't find it at Walmart I didn't find him at old her burgers I didn't find them at Ulta well I found it at Kmart all under clothes their closing and these were the last ones and I said I don't care what size they are Ellie's gonna love them it's a thought that was so nice of you I do like my mm-hmm Missy's great but you love this better this is great which is great because that's way cheaper thank you you're welcome hey happy Valentine's Day will you be my Valentine yes I will there's one more thing that I forgot to show you yes thank you little chocolate-covered strawberries love it well guys it's about that time of night Jackson is in bed and this guy is about ready for it and we are gonna watch a movie here in a second and it's going to be great preparation for Valentine's Day tomorrow we hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend thank you so much for watching the video be sure to give it a big thumbs up if you guys haven't subscribed be sure to hit the subscribe button and as always we will see you guys tomorrow on Valentine's Day see ya stay tuned for my cool awesome

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