passion for me is random lands I surf I skim board i skateboard a foil sir to me it's so important to have so many different hustles because it gives me so many different opportunities to do what I love to do keep things creative kind of keeps you always coming out a different perspective oops you having fun I've already accomplished certain goals and proved to myself my level of talent as a skin border so now it's just like I want to continuously have fun and try different stuff and do different things and that to me that's what keeps me adapting to different sports my name is Austin Keene I'm a world champion skim border professional wake surfer and all-around world champion of fun I've been out in California for about 12 years now of all I was born and raised in Savannah and grew up surfing and skimboarding hobby I am very good I definitely felt like a black sheep growing up in Georgia you know with long hair was art by itself as an issue and then being a surfer there's you know isn't exactly the scholarship sport that you would choose you know I was always held back by my wave quality where I grew up but skimboarding I felt like there was nothing holding me back and I just felt like I had full control and that just is what really drove me to pursue skimboarding started doing it on the sand as something to do and there were no waves and a couple guys showed me what real skimboarding was via a VHS tape when I saw that I was sold I was like honey I want to try and do that I won the world tour in 2013 as a professional rider so the only contest I hadn't won was the Vic and I was like that's the that is the Pipeline Masters I want it for amateur but to win it as a pro rider that's like the best thing you could ever do on top of winning the tour and I was the first guy from from the East Coast and outside of Laguna to win that contest which is a big deal for me ideally I want to spend all my time and dedicate all my time to do what I do in the water unfortunately you can't do that because there is no path carved out for me in the sports that I'm kind of pursuing there is no days off because if I'm not doing what I'm doing in the water focusing on how to come up with the next creative video idea the next grade of video that I'm pumping out on my YouTube on my Instagram is that Jake John yeah I could tell that he had a desire to you know get to the next level and he knew that I was in sales and sponsorship and he kind of wanted to tap into some of that knowledge he's like how do I make a living on my my career my name is Reed Morales I'm Austin Keynes manager there was a point in 2013 and I was a world champion of the sport and here I was delivering sodas for kids that just got out of a soccer game at a restaurant and that was a moment I was just saying what the heck am i doing you know like if I'm gonna make a living doing I love to do it's gonna be it's gonna be right now that was the winter of 2013 and I haven't looked back since so what drives my everyday hustle is just wanting to prioritize what I'd love to do go ahead it and said it I had the opportunity to link up with a legendary Pro wakeboarder Scot virally and he took me wake surfing for the very first time and my first time I was doing the stuff that I do in the ocean on my skin board but behind the boat he actually learned to wake surf the first time on a trip to Florida I believe and I was the second person to pull him behind a boat and he was already doing the advanced tricks that the pros were doing and winning contests with on the second day wake surfing my name is Marco Thompson Austin is a wake surf buddy of mine he's very inventive and you know there were a couple of things that we invented together the whole idea of the hijack from the shore so he runs down to the shore jumps on his skin board skims all the way out to the boat catches the wave it had never been seen before it's one thing to be a good athlete it's another thing to be an athlete that's got hustle and what I've seen Austin Keane do is just phenomenal I think the best way to describe how I've inspired people is just through action rather than words you know and entertain people inspire people and continue to live my passion and hopefully inspire other people to live their passion as well

BEST Wake Surfer In the WORLD | Austin Keen

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