alright guys well we're gonna pack up and go get something a little bit bigger than this hill so we'll see you guys in a second we're gonna do some right racing we're gonna see you which one's the fastest Eric or the registries or the out do you think it's gonna be faster Pegasus Jesus Jesus what about you man it's all about USS he tried unicorn Pegasus alicorn all right well guys we'll see you when we get there how was it what do you think I thought you're gonna take a tumble there girl like face-first let's just sit on top of the bird not under it [Applause] quite a good guy got these let's slow it down we're probably just gonna put the parrot up for now and ride on Pegasus you want to go over there alright so Trin sees a little bit bigger hill so we might have to go for a lot hey hey chin chin was that better than a little hill what do you think Madison hey what do you think how many thumbs up whoo that's a man run do that again yeah okay all right Mama's gonna go in front of us this time yeah we're ready yes father that time hey girls you ready okay all right you might win train you got some blue flames all right wrap sending mom already Matson are you ready who's gonna win you or trend okay ready okay ready and Pegasus is the winner all right so this one it's gonna be me on Pegasus versus the two girls on the slide maybe if they have two people maybe they'll have a chance to win All Right girls you ready all right so we got one more race that we're gonna do for you guys we got Trinity and Madison on the Pegasus Madison you're gonna race them all on slate who's gonna win you and train her mom you guys okay she looks like she's ready to take a nap you gonna win train all right you got model over here on the sled are you girls ready all right all right Hey look flag daddy in Madison one I think it says this is the winner you guys want a Pegasus we'll put a link down below for you what's up Pegasus winners resin did you win your head is getting cold all right we better go one more time and then we'll go okay okay all right we got written up there all right try to run into me let's see if you can get me all right we got last one here the day okay here she comes no I think she's gonna get me up all right so this was fun with the Pegasus but if you guys want us to see just go down the hill on a 10 foot tall spongebob let us know in the comments and we'll do that tomorrow actually guys we are having so much fun right now sledding that we are going to go back home as soon as we're done here and get the camera since it's getting full and then we're gonna come back out and go sledding on SpongeBob hopefully the girls like it so make sure you guys check back later on the channel because we will have another sledding video up for you guys no pictures without bail stretch my channel

BEST SNOW DAY EVER!! Sledding on Inflatable Floaties! Pegasus vs Parrot Pool Float Toys
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