once what's up soon I'm back I'm going to video it and say I posted a video five minutes ago I just because my um my friend notion it supposed to give me a share of play but I can't put on my stream but what's up I've been dreaming a long time a plaything let's go back inside well that guy was a bye Wow whatever sin you died yeah yeah probably the first squat today not the first person but the first quad to died my god King no flashes that's it are you streaming guys ready the world's best not Battle Royale well you okay guys are you ready we're going to the pressure hardline yeah but I need medical attention I almost choked to death the other one I just like beggars eyes I was about but not someone in the head by lag gaiz if I plug bad reads of ocean and hazel yeah no that was me yeah yeah yeah only Nathan I'm so lonely oh sure I just showed my for my locker to everyone melot melot yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah are you whoa then one PC service feels up Nathan nice well now we're going to get clapped probably one gets people in here ninja one of the best plays in here oh well I would say the best one in here is ocean it's true you could not lie to that it's true yes I can you got 51 anyone Oh use my mom's watching I'm gonna give our shadow I awfully shout out to everyone in here shout out to ocean guys I got Chuck's flashes I'm gonna watch extreme tonight me okay we're plugging into Bobby's mom now if I get in the Recon Lobby I'm gonna be so happy probably I know we're just in PC servers because I hated everyone and the sauce is going to be crap Jerry I wasn't there ocean you pass a golden boat golden balls boom now I grabbed another shucks passage he goes don't use em I should just do the toe checks message I was even paying attention I just saw like 1 million fire damage anyone got some MEK it say I'm shouldn't you just wasted so much shucks passes to babies Oh storm Scouts where is it here here's the ball I'm too good with the storm scout so give me it knows where my bad day that were my blood drop that I want to call me here I'll take that we train one of the best trades average okay let's go to the next songs I have two launch pads oh my god one like doily one oh I get it you have to I got 121 that's just why I wouldn't win all the way over there my honor so I guess then that's supposed to take me further isn't that supposed to take me farther thanks me help me all right vibe round crack with that I might need that oh dang turn a little over laughter here they didn't use on you yeah Nathan I play so body right now you feel me yeah and they know I know you die Nathan isn't dieter Nathan died while the did is a um but I can say on this side actually they can't play on the show hey ocean how do you play on this hold on where yeah no no yeah and it has a window no no no no you gotta open the door No yeah go go quick oh thank you right yo guys yeah I'm gonna join my friend Bob little reverse tomorrow okay see ya yeah yeah bye yellow ninja here we got one shot let's get it I'm streaming sound gosh y'all mushroom the best Simone in the game right now now like those porno video like they pretend like they're go for night people and now they don't want no they don't have to walk default just take that I got a dub earlier Abba jello and one shot I'm gonna pop off rather that's it about be easy dogs yeah there has been some really sweaty people on one shot there me too I'm saying there's a lot of good people you wanna let's go to haunted we're scoops leaving yeah did you see anybody this one shot I kind of like it here it's like people used to build a ton in one-shot wonder like the Matt's work change the mass yeah just make sure you grabbed a lot of lights no spawns and impulses yeah Bruce oh yeah you can't get sealed anymore oh yeah they caught on they became smart here's a blue hunting rifle fire that took some gross Canadian on six bombs I think I'm already but I got now we just need a grappler I just need a lot of bullets we should start you on to the circle oh you meant you're on that that's what the most nastiest night someone was driving oh my god oh yeah I did that earlier too with the hunting rifles somebody jumped out way up his way in there I shot one time and I got on and I was going arrows are 120 meters oh yeah I pour this knife was 268 my furnace knife is play like you know 200 yeah but my best night was somebody was in the airplane back then it was getting away and it was like a hundred something meters away when I got him in the plane one one hit he was so mad you hit a riff oh no I think I'm someone else or if you used to have a boy with the bless you're unstoppable oh if you use everywhere with the bush he's the bush if they tagged you once you're still gonna have your bush well you're still gonna have your body and then you can just dip lift the hoverboard I don't know whether they're I would rather fight people yeah I rather die fighting those people where you saw them oh no the chest and the bottom two you just may use the shock burger made me go all the way over here I can't wait for the next season to start yeah that's I've gone tomorrow but it's tomorrow well it's not going to be tomorrow it's going to be tomorrow but and then then then that Thursday morning yeah bring back all the matters I can't wait just dusty diner old dusty did you play back then with the old dusty um they're played I'm I started see therefore so no you weren't there well so you never see never saw moisty Myers or the prison they got shattered by a star on the meteor yeah yeah I missed that man hopefully they'll bring it back everything I think they're good I feel like the room bring the map all combined yeah hopefully I wish they'd bring back the and the odd scans like the recon the gorge super for that they probably will yeah they're nice people are saying that might be the last day or night but at least we have doubtless there's probably gonna make more wanna make some money well you got senator Thomas making grab this bush oh yeah that's why I just needed I see people I need action but he looks like a bad and he's a solo that said by me you are there on top of the hill top of the whip my Bruce off good thing you have that foolish I know he's pretty good as I actually tagged and I'd be nuts I might go Bush I need action suppose that by you got another book now that goes to like if we've been using everybody don't you yeah you show my brush and bending and then the shine yeah yeah do my tactic and it like you that you use use again are you actually uh you're gonna need a pill oh my god take that and that's why I want greasy to come back so the proven ice doesn't give in your yeah people are saying that around going woman I got frosty frosty start at that spot yeah and no one's at oh it's here someone is here yeah and the best for me will you hurt frosty all people over there fast enough no I'm saying people are people frosty yeah we know where to bury my best man I'll try my best use your eyeshadow and something like wisely how about this you shadow and you reboot shadow you reboot yeah i'ma try they're fighting right here there's arms doing alright you carry Billy can you frost enough vasya Raven tresses by bandages I wanted this recruited you with those advantages over there in chest something I'm gonna get it I'm Acharya come on band-aids band-aids yeah I'm gonna hit a supply job well I might give you like band-aids or something well actually the storms gonna be too strong as always separate people there's two of them anyways it's the walk way one shot well do you have a missus on piers that's the only thing which you can't help you a missus like versus something like ki Ramos is off and then there's going to be something under a missus turn that on and then you should get your Snipes yeah everybody should already have a missus on but I have with often then I have something on under analysis let's go Tamara there's more sweaty one two three four know where the next day well so it's one two three four five six seven oh yeah okay let's do some kids my goal houses we're gonna know we're together trust tres dr. Liang Shan Michelle Thanks oh hi guys a heavy sniper haha how is it top of the with you I got no gun yeah oh my god the heavy stuff someone almost I have to mean there yeah otherwise scared me I fire someone else there should be a better Concord mana bunker bunker at least a bunker this place Vardhan me I just stood right behind them somebody's here well I just did Marche do oh yeah we should wrap gosh I swear somebody's sniping yeah what's Guinness yeah what's all I see you buddy I see em I hear y'all make it another guy right here – yeah bye I feel like that bunkie Jonesy all right – no over here I even tried to oh shit what else trying to get us oh yeah oh yeah oh they're behind us my god man from behind yeah you got me yeah get okay how much hands you have yeah man it screwed me dying these guys are all so bad and this is a big thing I really know where they were um go get water whoo turn off the lights the back running back yeah yeah it doesn't look like no one's coming here what I think that people who will be killed it was like nah we're not going to go nah come on be on your guard cuz they show up out of nowhere yeah Gillis oh yeah just gonna say they took off the rest those people right I realize there's like some rest someone from my um someone from my brother's on the Tendo switch he's playing with someone and then he someone said there's gonna be our life event coming soon so oh I think we're gonna see the live event one day I'll build on everything hopefully don't believe what can it be when I saw my friend hack them one shot like right there was hope for killing the whole time he killed someone and then he got a helper kill so I can he had shield so and so and then he got like 50 shield last time last time I was cheating to on one shot a shield too because I was eating coconuts from the trees nobody knew that we were getting mad to add it shoot me twice ha ha burn them for and I goddess to me so far I think that's why they took out her photo as it is it because over one shot like it really rough just take it out until one shot leaves you gotta take it out for a mini hop you all right here yeah oh hell no alright just fake yeah right yeah we saw me Oh in six minutes a live event when I make a noise it is a live event coming soon yeah um someone from my brother's to attend I was saying in six minutes it's gonna make a noise what kid wait look imagine when I just repeat you the thing just makes a noise and I just see on dusty diner and then the reboot event just goes oh it disappeared I hope they never do delete every move in I'm gonna go kill that guy revenge yeah I got some shadows for you to see you can't get the real thing no way you already saw me that fast yeah yeah what we're going to go get our revenge so la mano there's a revenge every see someone well I think the guy who killed you is on me I love someone great daddy got me think so oh shit the center how's the sound going deaf as well we have very oh my god okay crazy I push myself specialist find that bastard I think he died Donna he might have killed him maybe already I rested skin was he cute I don't remember to be honest you never heard that beef white skin thick legs ephod ski somebody almost well why doesn't want me to watch be funny want to a circle okay up to the circle King Kong coming six people five people that are there trying to give me what's up boiling like ride Jesus guys this guy's not taking the chance so I just wants to murder you when did I just get and then he just gets class there's nobody booth man no there is there's one more I think yeah is really on sonner it's all it's about to be developes know the stories about take it no no grab the advantages I'm gonna try still mature it's like somewhere in snobby air right there they might be doing five second I actually should have grabbed the bandages huh well the bandages won't go to rebuild shockwave for to their it should it's too late now so yeah right there is by himself okay so there's two sellers and I'm guessing you do wonder where they are shoot one machine by string by Shane oh yeah good night oh my god is so lucky no this guy's just socks

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