Woah, we’re stoked over here. Okay, you start. It feels like you’re going to shoot me in the stomach. That was a slow reaction. – Oh?
– No, it’s fine it’s on the ground. There’s so much jumping now. Can you just go? Your legs are too short… This is so boring. Good game! It was fun to win against you as usual! What do you mean “as usual”?! Ignored on the first day, that’s just lovely… Norrland are you ready?! Stockholm are you ready? A man from the Finnish ferry? Norrland!! They have laughed so much at me and everything I’ve said incorrectly. There’s a lot that they still comment on. Do you have any classic mistakes? Well for example. I asked our trainer, if we were going to play a home game or away game. So instead of saying away game which is “auswärts”. I said “rückwärts”. And that means backward. So I asked if we were going to play backward on the weekend. So that was just really wrong. So he didn’t understand a thing. Oh my god, you’re heavy. This has to be the ugliest “semla” of the year. This is the prettiest “semla” of the year. Who have we met in the last 3 games in Gothenburg? Can I still win? Two players did a hat trick against Iran, mention one. More questions! How big was the audience when we met the USA? Can we get two points for this? Did you see mine? Oh my god…where is he? I can’t do this… I have no control. So a last question. I’ve heard that security is quite high during the world cup. Some people are having some trouble opening the balcony door. How is it working out for you? Yeah no, it’s not going that well. There’s a complex of troubles there… Around the balcony door then. I don’t get it… I think it’s really good that there’s a high-security standard during the world cup. I’m just asking myself, like yeah it’s okay that people aren’t supposed to get in, but aren’t you allowed to get outside. I can’t with this anymore. Why can’t I open it?! Something just happened, did you hear that? – What the fuck was that?
– What happened there? – Did she speak Dutch?
– Was that Dutch? Whatever, your turn. It’s calmed down a lot now actually. What do you think Olivia? That was a huge storm, oh my god. I thought I was going to fall off the boat. Now you can calm down, it’s starting to settle now. Fischer bearly survived. How the fuck do I get out of here? We’re going to face each other. Not on the same side. You don’t usually do that if you’re playing against each other. That’s why I think that it’s my turn now. Third time’s the charm. So then I have to win now. Maybe we can share the trophy? You can hold mine. Sometimes. That’s what friends are for. Don’t you know how to hand hug? What’s that?

Best Of Swewnt Part 5 (Sveriges Damlandslag Funny Moments)
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