Flyboys hey pops come quick you gotta see this what is it writer whoa check that out okay this looks super cool whoa I see the words play-doh on there this is mega the mega Fun Factory great busy but we don't have any play-doh Oh see I almost forgot time for nill busy magic busy thank you busy it looks like we have all of the primary colors red yellow tan blue and with the primary colors you can make all the three great busy let's have some fun up first we have red and look at our wheel we can make a train a pony the letter A block mr. Potato Head a little chick a red truck a pink pig and play-doh it's time to get out the play-doh hey you put the play-doh up here yes you do Zuma you take the play-doh open this up it put the play-doh in there I push the red button to turn it on and squeeze out my play-doh [Applause] and now I cut it just like this I'm going to try to make three shapes a truck a pig and a play-doh cans up first the truck [Applause] now the big in the play-doh can I use this to cut the play-doh [Applause] and now it's going to fall down we have one two three pieces of play-doh first we have the truck it turned out pretty good let's go ahead and give it to Marshall here's our little piggy it's going to sky and for Zuma we have a can of play-doh here you go Zuma so yeah I have a very magical surprise for you but it only works if the Play Doh matches your uniform let's see Wow busy the play now turned into my fire truck now I can drive it Zuma this Play Doh does not match cradle arms I guess we're not getting our vehicles today don't worry pups I think fizzy and Phoebe have something special planned for you today remember they are magical that's right we're going to use Zubaz play-doh and add some yellow okay Zuma we're taking your play-doh and the yellow play-doh we'll take a little bit of the yellow and put first the red in there and then the yellow and this time let's make this little chick for you it's go time what a long piece of play-doh it's time to make our jig and let's cut the play-doh into one [Applause] two three pieces there goes [Applause] okay Zuma here's your chick and watch what happens when we squeeze the red and yellow play-doh all together we made orange play-doh hurry orange matches my uniform that means it's time I order grass let's keep making yellow shapes and let's try a brand new wheel this one has lots of candy on it look we have candy corn peppermint chocolate that one almost looks like a bean looks like some kind of grapes more chocolate a donut and a piece of candy let's put our yellow play-doh in there and let's turn it on and have some fun [Applause] let's make two pieces of candy our first piece of candy coming right up and a candy corn coming right up let's cut it in half and make two pieces there's one and two here's our yellow piece of candy for a rebel and yellow candy corn for Rocky wait a minute that doesn't match my uniform we have a special surprise coming up for you rocky but first rebel step on up okay is it time for some fizzy magic nope it's time for some Oh super cool is my yellow bulldozer awesome I love to lift up my big scooper okay I still don't understand why I have yellow play-doh the only play that we have left is blue and let's make this donut and a piece of chocolate we'll put in the blue play-doh and turn it on and have some fun [Applause] it's time to make donut and a piece of chocolate now it's time to cut it in half and we have 1 2 pieces it looks like accidentally cut the donut oh well here you go chase and here's our piece of chocolate going down here to Rocky Oh ray the blue matches my uniform that's right chase so we say busy sorry it's my police cruiser okay it's Jason okay rocky here's the surprise for you we're taking Lou play-doh and yellow play-doh and we're gonna squeeze these two together and see what color we end up making it is it's my green recycling truck and I'm still here with thread and it doesn't match me I have one more play-doh surprise busy busy busy mismo busy hey Bob well that's white play-doh it doesn't meant to be either that's right sky but if we take your red play-doh and we open up this white play-doh grab out just a little bit of it now we're going to mix red and white together can you guess what color is going to make if so let me know in the comments oh and hey if you haven't subscribed please be sure to hit that big red button that way you'll know every time a new video comes out well keep mixing and mixing and look what I'm for a surprise that's right busy busy busy it looks like we have to paw patrol mashems here are the pups you can even get Everest and look there's a mystery one I wonder who it could be well let's find out who we got I see pink so must be sky pushy and stretchy great disease guy let's see who else we got is Masum number two we got Oh somebody who's brown and where's blue it is chase this Chase is so first caution I am stretchy and Chase is on the case we had so much fun today hey parents with your little one love a fizzy puppet t-shirt or mug if so be sure to check out fizzy toy show calm and keep the fun rolling by clicking on another fizzy toy show video

Best Learning Colors Video for Kids with Paw Patrol Play Doh Fun Factory
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