♪ (soft music) ♪ That was way too much. Give me a B. – Give me a “B”!
– “B”! B! – Give me an “A”!
– “A”! – Give me an A.
– A! And what does that mean? Humba-Humba-Humba-Tätäräää!
Tätäräää! Tätäräää! Humba-Humba-Humba-Tätärää! It’s the guys that really take
the team concept to heart. They’ve got to prove themselves, they’ve got to learn that now every day. It’s exciting to be back on the ice. I think everyone’s really happy
this season is going to start too. Yes, it is always nice to be on the ice again
after the summer. We’re all just looking forward
to getting in better shape everyday. Practices are intense and
that’s kind of how you want ’em. You want to get ready for game shape, so we got a little bit of time here
to get ready. We have defense-men
who can really move a puck, forwards really like that. We have guys that are proven players,
proven performers, and proven winners. No scrums? No fights today? No, no fights.
We’re just getting to know the guys. I really think,
that the Munich team had the potential just before the season,
to achieve a Top 4 Rank. but there were also
some question marks left. For instance, they didn’t know, how good a Pinizzotto
is really working out on ice, how his toughness
would be received here. Starting:
Jaffray! Kastner! Mauer! Söderholm! Boyle und a.d. Birken! What’s your order here?
You guys have a special order? You guys have a special order? Like whoever shoots first? Sparrzy and I would and then Seids. Fast hockey, fast hockey. For me, fast hockey is give and go. We’re going to get the pressure. We’re going to make quick passes and we’re going to skate. Let’s go get ’em mate. Have a little fun. Two’s a streak. Two’s a streak. Yes sir. The whole game like that too? The fans? Go, go go! High, high, high! Are you fucking stupid? I’ll fucking kill you. Hey– Hey, that was a good hit. What do you mean?
Hey, that’s a good hit. No? Boy, you can’t pull blindsides– Blindside, it was straight on. We can’t see you. Come on. Can’t see it. The first guy was on you. The second guy was also on you. I could have just run right through. Real quick,
pressure was phenomenal. Forecheck was phenomenal. Start up two is working. They were not along those quick plays
in the middle of the ice. B, your pinches, excellent. Make sure we’re staying
on those pinches. Make sure that we’re physical
on the draw. He’s got this– he’s got this line. This is the guy that we kind of like|to be at. Heads up, heads, heads, move it,
move it, move it. You’re not the fucking
first one here, boys. Nice fuckin’ try boys! I’ll tell you, for me, it’s hard
to look past one season. You plan for it and then
you start day by day executing, making decisions every day, making practice plans, changing line ups,
replacing injured players, and we had a great staff with our physios. They had a hard job. They would come in and they would always have bad news like, “This guy is hurt” or “That guy is hurt” and so we started to call them
the Bad News Bearers, you know. The joke would be that don’t they shoot the messengers
when they bring bad news? Then they started wearing
a bullet-proof vest. They’d come in with vests on and then later on they stopped coming in, they started calling. Coming to Germany, I didn’t really know
what the style of play was going to be, how the feel of the dressing room
was going to be, but it’s been great for the first month
that I’ve been here I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I think we’ve got a good leadership group
on our team that kind of helps it, the new guys out for sure. Coming as new player into a team, it is most important,
to be curious about everything and to find your place in the team, and in this team, I think,
this is really easy. Yeah, it was kind of a quick trip for us. We got there at night
but I did see the church coming in and it was a beautiful sight, some of a spot we’d like to go
and see a little bit more of. The first day on this trip
was actually interesting. It’s always good for the team to get away. They get to know each other a little bit. Dominik told me he is the king of Munich, so he takes his seat first and then I take a seat after Dominik. That’s how it works.
No problem for me. He can take a seat,
wherever he wants. Do you have your
passport with you? Yes, he’s a good guy. My roommate is Steve Pinizzotto. I knew him before I came here, so I knew a lot about him but he’s good with technology so he’s got a lot of movies
that we can watch. I think it’s been really good, got a couple card games in with the guys and figured out who likes to play cards
and who likes to gamble. We also got to see who
the best card players are on the team too. I just won a game, so that’s always good. It’s been a lot of fun. ♪ (dynamic music) ♪ But we got a lot of good veteran guys
that have been here for a long time that are very helpful, guys like Wolf and Regehr
and Smaby and Dehner have been huge helps for myself. Oh boy. Crowded in here, huh? I just did an interview
while laying on a massage table. – You’re next man.
– Not happening. We have a very experienced crew
and it does make a lot of fun so far and I think, this is what we also have
experienced until now and of course I hope,
this will continue. Before games on the road
there is almost the same procedure. We’re getting up early,
having breakfast together and then we’re off to the stadium, Pre-Game Skate usually
takes 20-30 minutes. Then the player may shoot or the goalkeepers do
extra training on the ice. Through all day
keeping this concentration. It makes you think about it,
how everything looks in the stadium. Are there fans?
How noisy is it? Which player has the opponent?
Tactical matters. And it’s important for me also during the last one
to one and a half hours, also to think about other things. Then I play card games
on my iPod, this is the only card game
what I do, because I have to reconsider other stuff. After a match you’ll notice
how exhausting it really is, not only physically,
but mentally as well. There are a lot of things in a match. I’m getting along well with Markus
over the past ten, twelve years. He knows my quirks,
I know his quirks, he is extremly helpful for me and for the whole team and actually he knows exactly,
what we want and what we need, and these people are extremly
important for us, not just for me,
but for the whole team, and then all in all we are glad,
that we have Markus and Didi. Pre-Game-Meal is always important,
a short break for the players, afterwards the Video-Meeting before the match
and then we went off in the stadium and all this stuff should work. This wasn’t an easy game
for us against HC. Good team,
even in the slovak league. The opponent put the pressure
onto our system, but we were ready to play. Champions League has been
a lot of fun so far and obviously we won the first game so that’s always a good step
in the right direction. Then I’m glad. Honestly, I really have to say,
I thought here, that the coach at the oration
was waiting for me, because I had to give a short interview and I did not really thought this far. When I saw the jersey and this helmet
hanging by my seat, I should have really figured out
there is something behind this. Don’t know, who had this idea,
but it was very funny. I’m strongly assuming
it was Daniel Sparre, but I cannot tell for sure. When you play together,
train together, sweat together, then you know each other better
than many people. It’s just the time outside of the matches,
in the dressing room. I am not this young aynmore,
so I am enjoying this time now much and maybe more than ever in my career. I don’t know,
how long I am going to play, but the feeling,
to belong to a team, is the best.
That is all I can say. The definition of team is– is not having 18 guys,
it’s having the 25 guys or the 23 guys that we’re carrying. Of course, the mood
is very playful, if you win the game at the end
and we knew, of course, that it is going to continue now and tomorrow it’s already
continuing against Klagenfurt. They’re going to want their first game
under their belt as a win we’ll be ready to go. ♪ (music crescendoes) ♪ The players arrive at the beginning and then it’s day by day and there were certainly times
when you wondered how you’re going to get it together. In those early weeks of the season, winning some games,
we’ve been having a lot more difficulty than we think we should and fortunately the guys
finally get together, talk it over in the room,
and they get the job done. Great game last night.
I wish everybody a good trip. So after beating Košice
we were of course very happy and we were already eager
for the next match in Klagenfurt. – Hello!
– Hello! Hello! (group) Hello. The journey was amazing,
had a lot of fun with the guys. Even the flight was superb. The hotel in Villach was amazing, with the sauna,
with the thermal bath behind, many have enjoyed this,
and have relaxed and were also ready to play again on Sunday in Klagenfurt. So I’m sharing my Room
with Yannic Seidenberg, already last year
and we already know us from Mannheim and are actually very closely. Yannic’s the elder, and must then also
be the first to the bathroom, also because for him it always
takes a bit longer than me. He says what he thinks,
which is often very funny, when he might just have picked on
a small, young player, because they screwed up something again, where perhaps another one
would have said nothing, but on the other side a very lovable person again of course, when you see,
how he skypes with his children and also on ice
he is a very good player. He reads the game incredibly well and is very important
for our team of course. My defense is really strong,
which I appreciate, that many shots are blocked,
many sticks are in the way and cleaned up really good
in front of the goal as well. So, now Danny is
a very difficult guy. On the ice as well as off the ice …
Noo, rubbish. I know Danny also
from the national team and we are already
used to one another, and he is a very good goalkeeper
transmitting a sense of calm. Before the match, or during the match
we talk to each other, communication works
really very good and it is fun. You must always keep working on yourself,
you want to improve every day, thats why you come into the stadium and simply exercise
every day as hard as it gets. So after the point shots are established we decided we’re going to go the low play. When you look at the young players
that we have, they want nothing more than to get better and as a coach, that’s the foundation
of all we can ask for. ♪ (dynamic music continues) ♪ Our job is to help them get better and it’s a really rewarding thing
as a coach to see the players have success. Something significant
in defensive zone coverage, they try to swarm a little. As soon as the puck stops,
we’ll start to see three guys get into the corner. They’ve got three guys that are trying
to outnumber us down low, so for us, step one is try not
to let the puck stop. If we’re always moving,
the puck is moving, we’re skating. If we’re stopped
we’re an easy target but if the puck is moving, if we’re moving it makes it really hard to do this. Our coaching staff breaks down the video into the elements of the game, forechecks, breakouts,
special teams, face offs, and then we’ll make notes
specifically for our players and really when we’re watching the games the biggest thing we’re looking for is things that we’re doing really well that we want to keep doing well and then we’re looking for things
that we can do better. So when we’re looking at our pre-scouts, the things we’re looking at are
the other team’s breakout patterns, the way that they forecheck,
their special teams, who their top players are, any moves that they like to do, and then we’re having a big focus
on what our strategy will be. Here I think they’ve done a great job. We go over a lot of video. We work on systems
in between practices, before games, and I think Derek and Matt
have done great video presentations before most of our games and have us prepared for the games. Sometimes it goes so fast, so we have to make a live video section
during the game, so were able to analyze
the match already in the intermission something to correct in the system or being able to correct
the size of individual errors. For every minute video,
we present, it is at least one
to two hours of work for the trainer. In the end it’s worth it,
to do this. And so one big key to this play, you watch the Krefeld player’s stick it’s going to sweep over to the other side and while that stick sweeps
to the other side, that opens up the lane that Tobi
is able to make his little move and now he gets in and he’s all alone. So I have to say,
we came slowly into the game. A bit asleep at the beginning,
Klagenfurt was immediately there. Certainly they were
the better team at the beginning.(commentator) The puck
goes across the line. Too much to handle.
Emotions get high. After that we
pulled together a bit and got out.And they create chaos
in the defensive zonefor Klagenfurt and Boyle scores. So at the beginning it was hard,but I have to say,
we have fought back well. Then I have seen it as well
in the middle,that Kasti is running one against one and then I quickly rushed
through the center towards the goaland Kasti made a super move,
placing it onto me and I have managed somehow to put it
across the goalie’s pads. This is Munich, straight back,
and a goal and it’s a massive one! Maximilian Kastner stays with it, he’s dumped, he goes hard
into the end boards… How about the play made
by Maximilian Kastner who’s down in the corner,
injured after it?Unfortunately we lost Max on that play and it was disappointing.It was really disappointing because we’re with him
for so much this summerwatching him train and watching him work. He’s really doing a great job for our teamand he’s becoming a big part of it. I think he’s back
on the right path nowand he will certainly
fight himself back there, because he is a cool guyand also a superb player
on the ice. We’ve got good doctors
and we’ve got good physiosand we’ve got good trainers that are going to help him get back
as quickly as he can.So a team means to me, It’s a feeling of selflessness.It’s a feeling of working for something
that’s bigger than yourself. It’s a feeling of sacrifice.To do everything for the teams success. Whether it be a marriage,or whether it be a hockey team, there’s not much better feeling
than being a part of a real team.I have to praise this very much this year,
so everyone is fighting for one another and that’s really good.When I was young, I was always
visiting pro matches in Czech Republic and then also in Germany
I was always in the standsand watching the pro’s
and in Klagenfurt there was a situation, where seven of us, players,
went out after the gamestill partying on a bit
with the fans. Then we wanted to leaveand then they have called my name again, but I did not know exactly
what I should do.Then Franky Mauer
locked the door and then I had to sort of remain outand then sat alone on the ice, but, as I said, one feels honoredwhen all the fans
are shouting your name. Humba-Humba-Humba-Tätärää!
Tätärää! Tätärää!And yes. Amazing. I believe,
it really honors Kahun,that he has incredible playing potential and I believe,
although at the beginningit worked out really good
for him in offense and he scored incredible
many points,even during the season
he had to learn in this process,
the team has gone through,that defense is also important. So you learn a lot
from the older, experienced players,for example, Jason Jaffray, how many times he explains to me
the face-off situation after the gamehow to do it right,
since I have had my problems so far. Jason Jaffray was one
of the new players,which you had little on the radar and of course he instantly
set a benchmarkwith the eight-matches-eight-goals,
new DEL-Record. Then of course already
one of the new playersis directly in focus. I mean Jaffs is a player
in every category; he does well,he shoots well, he’s a big body,
he’s in great shape, and those are tough things to findin a complete player. He was definitely a good addition
for our club this year.My decision making on
where I’m going to go play has to do a lot with my family.I’ve got a nine year old
and a five year old now. I’d never been to Europe,
I’d never been to Germany,so this was a whole
new situation for myself. Here we go.Really cool. I think we are
absolutely ready for Oktoberfestand are very excited
and look forward, and now actually only Tobi Eder
has to work on his Schuhplattler,and then, I think,
we are ready to go. I believe,
the team has eventually figured outthat we have a very good team, but we must also
work extremely hard for this,for achieving success in the end. Fuck, why is that so hard right now?Can’t feel my legs… There are good personalities
in this team,calm people like Michael, Uli, and then players,
which ensure a good mood,Franky, Florian and there are a lot of good people
in this team.Also good personalities. Who is coming?
Who is coming?Of course it is hard. I mean, you come
from another cluband you also have expectations
for yourself. And of course you want
to put yourself into a proper perspectiveand claim a good place in that way. Just because the coach
doesn’t even know you of course,first you have to prove yourself and then I was still
a bit handicapped from the last season,because my knee was still injured. It’s been difficult for me
in the beginning.And then as I was just back
on my foot somewhat, and then came an injury at the right shoulder
and of course that was damn bitter.Of course, you sporadically
think about it. Do you come back?
How is it, when I’m back?Am I able to return to my performance
curve again, or will it take longer? Is it going to be a transitional season?Or I come back,
and it does just work out? But also my girlfriend
did always help me very muchand always supported me
with encouraging words, which in such phases
I think, as an athleteis quite nice, when you have people in the background,
coaxing you.Kettemer for example.
Who has already lost two finals and that is
a brutal disappointment.This brings you down properly. But well, Flo.What can be said about him at all? He has always a smile on his lips.Yes, I think,
we are in a beautiful city. It’s fun to dress up good.
I feel so well.Always a stupid slogan. Think I can still show Frank Mauer
a lot and help him.Yes, you can experience with him
but every now some odd little story, those I think where you
have to smile about afterwards.Or what do you say? What kind of stories are this?Since you can not elaborate
this now in public. Flo is someone, like saidwith whom we had a lot of fun,
could laugh a lot and often carries this over
to others.And therefore we like
to have him with us, Stenz. Who has made definite progress.Of course Ketzi now has already
become a Munich Checker. So, he is really quite tranquil.how he always delivers crude behavior
in downtown and else. – This is of course something …
– That has to be earned.That’s what you have to aqcuire, yes! You go through a course of a season,there’s so many inside jokes, there’s just themes that come up.Oh yeah, I mean you love to see the guys having funand they do that and work hard too. That’s always the key to having fun.Overall you have to say, in our group chat
the battles were incredible.Yeah, it’s always interesting
when you join a team later in the year, guys that are developing relationships
and got to know each other.Leggio, who came indeed during the season,
and like so often you say about goalkeepers there was something very weird about himand funny, where you had to laugh a lot. I quickly found out
that it’s a pretty tight team,a team that liked to joke
around and make jokes and give it to each other.I learned that pretty quick. Every single player on this teamin 10, 15 years you’ll be able to name
every single guy on the roster. That doesn’t only come from just winning,that comes from having fun with these guys and everyone being so tight.At the end of the day,
when everyone’s like that, that’s how you build a championship team.Here we are on a penalty kill face off. We don’t win but now what we want to do iswe want to try get out and block the shot. Daryl is faced with a decision right now,he can either find a way to block the shot or he can get out of the way.So Daryl comes down and ends up
blocking the shot, thank God it didn’t hit him
anywhere but the visorand he ends up being okay. We definitely don’t want guys
taking pucks off their headbut it just shows a lot of character for Daryl and the kind of player
that he is.But yeah, hit me right in the visor, broke the visor in half,and it was just something that
I didn’t want to watch for a while but I did watch itand it’s probably not the best way
to go about it but possibly saved the goal,
so I’ll take thatand I wasn’t seriously hurt but it’s definitely something
that was pretty scaryand then we did get the win that night, so that was, I guess, it was all worth it.Me and our goalie coach Patrick
would watch the video and no matter what the game wasshut out, five goals against,
and you learn from it. You have to learn from it
and then you have to put it away.You can’t be too high or too low because you’re playing wellor you had a bad game. You always just got to learn
from those thingsand then hopefully they make you
stronger in the end. Okay good, scoot over to the right.Oh! This wasn’t a match.Bitter, isnt it? Indeed, shouldnt take
the fun for sports from him.Victory and defeat
are alternating, but you always have won matches,
also close matches.There were many new players,
which just took a bit of time, until everything has come together.The system that we play,
takes a bit of time, until you know
what exactly you have to do.But faith in the team,
was always there, because we knew,
what we have.Especially defeats reveal
who the characters in the team are and then how the overall character
of the team is.And I thought on this team everyone played their role.There was no one looking or doing
other things trying to do too much. Everyone had their role.We have guys that play power play, we have guys that penalty kill,and we have guys that don’t do either but when they’re on the ice
they’re effectiveand they do their jobs and that’s what our team was built on.Yeah, Danny and I, I think we’re both
good teammates toward each other. We respect each otherand it could have been either of us in the net in the playoffs.Head coach made a tough decision. I’m happy it was me but I think we could
have had the same success with him.With David Leggio we’ve
certainly been lucky again, but you also should not forget
Danny aus den Birken,having played an excellent season. Tonight, wearing the 33:
Danny!AUS DEN BIRKEN! I’m also not the youngest anymoreand I never was a great dancer, but then I didnt want
not say no againand then I just tried,
to unpack my dancing shoes, but I think,
I then rather forgot them.So, I am not a great dancer, but I’ll like to do it again now and then.I think such a turning point
in a complete season were these two HALLEluja Games
around Christmas.Played twice in the Olympic Hall,
significantly won there twice, and not only clearly won,
but noticed there for the first time,how incredibly good
the defensive can be, because actually it was
already insuperable.No chances allowed, nothing
and given nothing to the opponent. Perhaps it was this focus
on the HALLEluja-Matches,where it has been said,
if already 12,000 people are there, then we want to show perfection
and then the consistency came.HALLEluja!
Zefix. Hockey Hallelujah.Zefix Hallelujah. Hockey Hallelujah. Zefix Hallelujah.(laughter) Hockey Hallelujah.
Zefix Hallelujah.Zefix Hallelujah! Zefix Hallelujah.Zefix Hallelujah. Fix Hallelujah.Hockey Hallelujah. Zefix Hallelujah. Hockey Hallelujah. Zefix Hallelujah.Zefix Hallelujah. Zefix Hallelujah.Zefix Hallelujah. Hockey Hallelujah.Zefix Hallelujah. (laughter)Hockey HALLEluja! The EHC Red Bull Munichagainst Augsburger Panther
and against the Eisbären Berlin. To beat Augsburg the first night,I was always told it doesn’t matter what you do here as long as
you don’t lose to Augsburg.Everybody seems like
that’s our biggest rival and I’m starting to learn that.Now I’m just going to flip my socks and that’s always good video.Just goals from last game and then some clips
from Augsburg last time,which I thought was one of
our very top games in forecheckingand goal number one should win again, at the middle Uli, wide, sticks
on the ice, deflecting in.The hard work part is
keeping the puck, okay? Starting Kahun,Christensen, Wolf, Kettemer, Regehr and aus den Birken. I had such a premonition
how it could be.When we went out for the first game, it really has exceeded everything.Thank you. Back on track right away,good teams respond
right away, that’s us! I mean you can’t hear
the person talking to you on the icebecause they’re extremely loud
all game long. They’re always chatting,
there’s always drums.We have to play harder.
We have to play smarter. You’ve got to get your fucking feet
going everywhere.You’re the guy?
You’ve got to move your feet. My girls enjoy also every timeto come in after the game. Also they have a lot of friends
or players,they really like to visit. Flo, they love him.
They know him, since they were born,often he attends dinner with us at home,
it is a amazing relationship between them. When you leave for the rink
and your son tells you to go winso you can come in the locker room, it means a lot after the game
to see him on the bench,he has your jersey on, and he’s smiling, he can’t wait to see you.It brings a lot of emotion. You don’t get to do that very oftenand to be able to spend wins
with your family like that and then you know that
they look forward to it.It’s a lot of fun. Muichkandl-Cup.Muichkandl-Cup. Muichkandl-Cup.Muichkandl-Cup. Muichkandl-Cup.Here is Steve Pinizzotto,
local Ontario native, Rochester Institute of Technology
and Alumni Tiger.Great job our there,
showed a lot of heart, lot of courage, came up short,
tell us about the game.I was just laid back, chilling, made a couple plays, tried to.You can ask Kettemer, he went 145% in a fun game.Florian Kettemer absolutely
loves the game. Shows his heart on his sleeve every game.Or Maui too. Just heart every game. Ricky Maurer another heart guy.
Big guy with a big stick.Tim and Mike. for me, that is really more
like a married labour couple.The two depend on each other,
sitting on the bus next to each other, within the plane…So sometimes I feel
they can not breathe without each other. Come on boys!That’s it! Fuckin’ right here!Fuckin’ right! Both pampered me,where I had my shoulder injury and was
almost out for four and a half months. So I owe both of them
very much,because thereafter I really
had no more problems. So, thanks, guys.Working with Don Jackson is
one of the biggest blessings I’ve had in my life.He’s… one of the most selfless
people I’ve ever metand he’s obviously got a lot of knowledge and understanding and he’s got
a lot of passion for the game.Yes, that is like Easter
and Christmas together. I mean, this is a man
with such an experienceand above all humanity, he is always able to add to the match,which I believe is unparalleled. There’s two things that are
the most impressive I think,one of them is his humility, to have had so much success
but to remain so humbleand the second thing that as a young coach sitting here looking at somebody
that I want to be like someday,seeing how much he really
genuinely cares about the players. He sits in that roomand he’s constantly thinking
about the players and how are they going
to receive a message,how can they perform, how can he better serve them,and for me as a young coach
looking up to Don, it’s remarkable and I feel extremely lucky
to work with him.This is what you should
enjoy every day and you learn every day as well.He is the calm, and I must say,
he got me pretty well under control, so I already
became much calmer,because Don always
brings me down then and says: “Calm”.All you have to do
is watch him during a game and you know, you can tell pretty much
how he’s doing.You can have a camera on him all game and be entertained.He needs a camera. You can see the fire in his face,the fire after we lose, how mad he is, and you’re almost afraid
look him in the eyes.He’s got a great story too
from where he came from, from the third league to the secondand kind of building his way up. I believe one grows
always with his dutiesand no one has to believe now, that the work in the third
or in the second division is easierthan in the first division. The circumstances there
are often more difficult,but the work is still the same.There’s no tough guy in the league
that’s going to score a hat trick.I consider him a good playerthat can chuck the fist.He’s got a great shot, he’s got a good
set of hands on him,and he’s very strong in corners,I’m glad he’s on our teamand I don’t need to mess
with him
every night. I thought it would be
a little more of a culture shock here, but in Munich especially,
a lot of people speak English, so it’s a lot easier for me and I think they’re trying
to change the game a little bit here, try to add a little bit more physicality. It’s a process and hopefully
we’re going to be here for a long time. As far as my game I think I’m an aggressive guy, grew up
with two older brothers. They used to beat on me pretty good so that’s where I got my aggressive side. Hey, you can’t stay that close to him. Everybody realized,
well, this guy can play. He’s not the bad guy of the DEL or just going to be a fighter
that breaks guys’ jaws and does whatever, right? You saw it, right? In the playoffs finished,
what, plus 15 rating? Led our team in scoring, top five
in the league in playoff scoring. If you were to have said that
to the fans or the coaching staff ten games into the season everybody would have been laughing at you. Have you brushed
your teeth this morning? Everyday buddy, twice. You? Why do you have shit breath than? Mine is brutal. I mean, I had a conversation
with my mom the other day, I said, “When I was a young guy and it was a sport,
everything was fun every day” so I mean now I’ve learned
a lot about the game. It’s obviously a business but I want to try
and make it a sport as well. When you’re having fun
all the guys around you are having fun that’s when the team starting winning. Everyone is gelling as a group. Hey, hey, hey. Try to make the game fun. Make it a sport, not a business. At the end, it’s all fun and I’m just trying to keep it that way. For me actually
so my personal MVP, if I’m honest. He can be fired up
on the ice, [up] on the bench and come into our bench and just have a regular
conversation with us. Big Mac or a Whopper? – Big Mac.
– Big Mac? I told you it’s an art. It’s not just a burger, it’s a creation. How many Big Macs did you have? Just one. Come on. Yeah but I’m not talking the full meal. – I’m talking hamburgers.
– Supersize, large size. You don’t even believe that yourself. Do you see my body, son? What?! – Have you seen it?
– Unfortunately. I think Tony he definitely made me
a better player coming in. The presence he has, he’s a veteran, he knows the game, and I learned so much from him and guys like Smabes
who you watch him on the ice and the hits he makes, it almost makes you hurt too but you’re just happy he’s on your team. Becoming succesful means, sometimes you have to go beyond
the absolute limit. There’s a saying
that the more aggressive that you are, the more detailed
that you have to be. Especially now once we’re getting
into the playoffs and games are tighter, we want to do everything we can to keep pucks away from the net. The fitness coaches… who likes fitness coaches? Ah well, I like fitness coaches because they’re having to do
the dirty work I don’t have to do. I think they just enjoy
the bikes too much. They like the bike. Tobi likes the bike. Quirin and Tobi deserve a lot of credit for what they did and bringing
this work ethic to our team and then there’s Markus
and Didi and Heinzi who not only do great work but their job is
to bring spirit into the room and that’s what they did. Your body takes a toll in the playoffs. You’ll never remember
the second place team. We are playing for the big,
definitely. From the result … Certainly, if you play
first versus ninth, then this is a requirement,
where you say: Yes. Munich should rather
march through here. In the main round we had
a hard time with them, they beat us four times. So, I’ve wished for Straubing
from the beginning, to play against Straubing. Because I had
such a confidence against them. I thought there was no way
anyone was going to stop us. These highlights of the series
were maybe now not playful, It was the fight in this series
and it was of course a Goalie Fight. Did happen last in 2004 DEL previously, so, for 12 years, no one has seen
this anymore here in the league. I thought it would help our team. He was having a really good game and I thought getting him out of the game
might be the best thing for our team. That didn’t happen.
We both stayed in the game. I guess I’m not a very good fighter. I thought I would do
a little better than that. It didn’t go so well for me but fortunately we won the game
in overtime. That was a big win for us. This verbal fight still between
Steven Pinizzotto and Sean O’Connor, that was pretty great sport.
Verbally. Hey, don’t be scared! I’m here. You know where to find me. You know where to find me,
when you’ll be nowhere to be found. Fuckin’ 30 grand. 30 grand, you’re awful. Why are you talkin’? I don’t understand. Hey! Get the fuck out of here! What are you going to do?
You’re a fucking East Coaster. Quit hockey. Quit hockey. Why are you tough now? Why aren’t you fighting?
Come fight me. – Your team sucks.
– Fight me. Fight me. But now here’s the problem because now if he jumps me
or does something I can’t fight him because
then I’m suspended too. Hey, how’s your husband buddy? How’s your husband? My bench! Get away from my fuckin’ bench. I will see you in Munich buddy. Let’s fuckin’ go – powerplay! And I believe,
at the latest after this series, where the Munich team has shown that they really
absolutely fully play in the defense, really almost perfect play,
allowing no mistakes, not allowing exactly
these counterattack opportunities, everyone has seen in the league: Phew. They are to beat this year. We knew:
Okay, with this team and with the level of performance,
what we have right now, there is quite something possible
and then finally Cologne and Wolfsburg
were also starting to notice that. Here, you’re going to rush. – I want you nose in–
– On the bag yeah. You’ve got to wait for it to infuse. That’s like clear water for you. Tea experts, look at those two. What the fuck? That’s clear water. I’m taking it with me. I hate all of you. Just bring a cup,
I’ll give you some of mine. No, I don’t want any of yours.
I’ve got my own tea. – Take this.
– Nope, this is all mine. – You guys are dicks.
– Oh my God, goalie. Didi! – You know him?
– No. Hey welcome to the VIP room. We’re sending a message clearly. Again, Mads Christensen scored
six goals in the play-offs, he is just an unbelievable
play-off-monster. Don’t film this
while i am taping so bad. The funny is I’m 34 years old
and I still kind of get nervous and I get butterflies before hockey games. After the warm up I just lay down
and do some visualization, just different moments
that would come up in the game and try to see myself making
the proper moves and the proper saves and just get myself breathing and trying to relax. We definitely don’t control
what the referees call but all we can do is work to be there and kind of
keep the sticks off, be physical, be tough, everything else. Stand up for each other. Some bullshit happens,
so we stay focused on things. Unrolling the thick calves. What an athlete. What an athlete. Just working the hips, you know. ♪ (music builds) ♪ Starting Kahun, Christensen, Mauer, Söderholm Boyle, and Leggio. Big time start, big time fun.
Let’s go boys. Playoffs baby! ♪ (intense music) ♪ ♪ (music builds) ♪ Defense! Defense! ♪ (music continues) ♪ I don’t know. Max, can you split that one across
the top of the crease like– Dude, if this guy has to worry
about two guys now when he’s coming here, he’s got three guys working. My guy backdoor– he’s just with me, he’s turning around, he looked at me– – I can’t…
– It’s ust going to be like that– – You here?
– I’m here. And one guy plays you and Kuhner. One guy is playing me, tight, pretty tight ’cause we don’t have a bumper. Then the one above
must make a decision. When you have it,
and he is in the middle, then he is playing this just like normal, but when he passes and he walks, then he paces,
you follow directly after him. You can run in. if you recieve it,
then you pass it over, and if not,
you slam it in here. Are you going to make that pass to me? I can’t react, it’s so tight. They roughly lined up like this. You can run in here. If he comes,
then you pass it over. This is the most easiest for you. If not, hammer it yourself,
We have one, two, three: We have Mads here, we have Pinner,
and I’m coming in from behind Okay.
Yes. You know,
this is the crucial point here. Yes. The first guy on… you can hold him against And control, I’ll do pressure
tomorrow left side too. Just want to be aware of that that left wing they pressure down. So if we can get by,
I think we’ll have a lot of time. And then I saw you go back
and I was like, “Ah maybe I can make it.” They came way over. No, it’s perfect. Remember we might
have to win this game or not. It doesn’t even change anything, change behavior, just keep going like we’re going. One goal at a time. Doing good here. Come on here boys. You go step out here– They’re hot guys, yeah. I love it! When he stops and he shoots, we love it. That a boy. Power! Power! One more! One more! (loud crowd drone) – Good job. Safe travels.
– Thanks. Long walk. This is a fuckin’ long walk.
I’m gettin’ tired. Starting Jaffray, Seidenberg, Wolf, Smaby, St. Denis and Leggio. If the D, if you guys get the puck just chip it out off the wall because if you make a pass the guy
is right pitching it up. You know what I mean? Go fuckin’ get it. Six field players
versus four Μunich players now. Last minute runs. Gogulla into the center.
There is the goal! There is the goal! 4:4!
Cologne really scores the equalizer. 34 seconds before the end. What a match. 4:4 34 seconds left to play
in this period otherwise there is an overtime,
with extension up to Sudden Death. But this 4:4,
the equalizer has been scored, everybody thought at first certainly. Oh my god, what is going on here? Nobody likes getting scored on
in the last minute of a hockey game. You can see the face of Coiner who missed the open net, myself who lost the draw
right before that. Of course, you are shocked
for a few seconds, but that’s what makes a good team. Well. We still have 20 seconds
or 30 seconds to go. Why isn’t it possible
to score a goal right again? FIGHT FOR THE FINALS!
FIGHT FOR THE FINALS! So, the last few seconds again. Penalty there against the Kölner Haie, which is certainly transferred
into the overtime… – NO! Mauer has the puck and GOAL! There is no overtime.
Munich scores the 5:4. Are you completely insane! Franky Maurer scores the 5:4. 21.1 left on the clock. Only 11 seconds after the equalizer. What a match here in munich.
What a match. I never have experienced this. – “Franky”
– MAUER! – “Franky”
– MAUER! – “Franky”
– MAUER! – “Franky”
– MAUER! – “Franky”
– MAUER! Yes, man! I have never experienced
something like that. Are you fucking kidding me, hey. Finals baby, finals. Great season, bro! Fuckin’ right! Yes, man! Yeah man! That’s hockey! Actually this series
was very difficult to assess, well, from the beginning. Before game one,
and even after game one actually. I agree. You simply knew
this would be fast matches, because both teams
in terms of skating skills really are at the top level and that it will be difficult,
actually to score goals, because both teams have shown
that they are really complete in defense, are able to play top. The two chess grandmasters against
each other, Gross versus Jackson. Look for sticks, look for high tips
off the end boards, just fuckin’ hammer it. EHC! Come, flex your knees, power. So if he’s driving right in front of you, change going flat, just pull him off. Might be too slow. Stick here, block,
and then up this puck… Block… But take the puck with you! Go here and he backs out there. This is perhaps then two on one. I don’t know, where mine is. Best period right now, eh boys? Everything is done now. Same energy, find yourself here. Everything’s smart. Everything. Last two periods won’t fuckin’ matter. Do you fuckin’ job, we’ll be alright. Jeremy Dehner was playing
incredibly then. has scored a goal in three out of four
Play-off finals. I was incredible glad for him. He played incredibly,
and he brought us somewhat further. You have to know about Jeremy, that he had a black series
in his career in Finland for the wrong team,
there in Helsinki, but Jeremy is a nice guy. He is very kind, he helped me a lot
in Munich at the beginning. Make sure you get in there and cool down because you recover quicker. Recover quicker. Please film Steves display.
The bike isn’t switched on. Here is food.
Very yummy. Switch off the camera. Turn off the camera! The same hairdresser. Put in some wax. How often are you going
to rub his hamstring? ‘Till they’re ready to play. Are they ready to play yet? My god, hey! I dont want to be treated with him anymore. My god. Go to sleep. Go to sleep.
Go to sleep. Yes, so. Then you are
thirty minutes early, mate. Get out. – Brutal.
– Brutal. Man, what’s going on, man! Sausage party, or what? Just send the Baldy out there. The Baldy? This one did fit. Do-it-yourself taktop, or what? No, is there a spider somewhere here? No, I’m going to get treated now. Do you want my single room? You don’t have a single room.
You are with Rogl, you fuckhead. You are with Riggl. What about you, dude! Hey Pohl, get some hair.
You ugly dog. Good, like I still have hair. Here just a few of the highlights
some of the forechecking and we talked about we want to work our backs off the get there. Every time we ended up like this we got the puck back and that’s how we want to look, that’s how we want to play. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ I want to talk to you guys about options, and what you guys think, what you see. When you guys are switching
but they’re coming, so good to keep the hands up. Starting Jeffrey, Seidenberg Wolf, Söderholm, Boyle, Leggio This is ****.
Keep our cool here. Play ******* hard. Let’s stay focused here. Hey, let him go.
Let him go! If you are the doing it so slowly,
then it is much easier for me. Okay. So I should hold a bit? Yes, like me, yes. Yes, okay. That is perfect so. You could see no one at any time, who scolded
or something like that, but i think, that’s exactly
why we were this successful. All the other players,
helped us there. Whatever. But that makes a good team
and if we were needed, we were there. As I said,
in the end only this counts and that is the team. and because we count
as individuals simply less. Uli is simply a topclass team player and it was not
always easy for him. It is more challenging as athlet. I think, that is the most difficult. to remain mentally strong here, uphold the confidence in
any manner and I saw that in myself. Certainly I have played not the hockey
in the last two years I am capable of. Doubted myself much,
whatever, but especially in this phase
I really tried, to concentrate on it,
not to think about, but to have a lot of fun in training and then how everything worked out
in the third final, as I said, has helped a lot. And Uli coming into the match
kinda for me and just scores… So, I have granted him this
from the heart. Come on boys, huh? Hey everybody goes 100%! We are the better team guys! Fuckin’ bell. Let’s go boys, let’s go boys! – “Uli!”
– MAURER! – “Uli!”
– MAURER! – “Uli!”
– MAURER! Get the pucks in the net. Every puck we win back, every fuckin’ puck. I’m not going to wait a little bit then I’m going to pass it to you. I’m waiting too much. And then a couple
of those situations for sure, is that we’re kind of moving around in here like playing goalie. Get the **** out there. Get the feet going
and then start pumping. All you got to do is
take one stride and shuffle, In case he moves, you can move
either way with him. Let’s win! We are going to win. – “Goal by Mads!”
– CHRISTENSEN! – “Mads!”.
– CHRISTENSEN! – “EHC Red Bull Munich”.
– TWO! – “Wolfsburg”.
– NULL! Good job. Hey Jackson! What’s up, Jacks? Can I get a high five or no?
Give me a hand– Jackson, come on. – Welcome back Jacks.
– Good smack. One more baby. One more. Wolfsburg lost players,
lost important players, like a Furchner,
like a Bina in the defense, they already had absentees. They didn’t have such a depth in their squad. And this complete combination
did actually prove that the series may
relatively quickly comes to an end. I know the night before game four I don’t think I even slept but I felt like I slept. My body was ready to go. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ (keyboard clicking) (beeping) ♪ (suspenseful music continues) ♪ We haven’t seen players wide,
the same carry wide that we got to be here, shut that down… Yeah the puck went through the cage, which was kind of scary, actually. And the 1:0
scored by Toni Söderholm! A first step for Munich. Wolf with the prompt answer. They are merciless. Wolfi, great shot. If you find yourself standing
in the middle of ice when they got the puck and you think they’re going
to give it to you, they’re not. Don’t count on it. – Come on boys!
– Let’s go. Voakes scores the goal,
and Wolfsburg leads! Wonderful pass to Kastner
and the answer! 20 minutes everybody. Let’s fuckin’ celebrate on
that fuckin’ ice here boys. – Come on–
– Let’s shake some hands. Let’s get it fuckin’ done. We know we’re fuckin’ better here boys. They know we’re fuckin’ better. Their fucking’ fans know
we’re fuckin’ better. Go and fuckin’ prove it here. Yes, Pinizzotto, hits the post! Keith Aucoin pushes Munich
very close towards the cup. Pinizzotto!
What is he doing? Steven Pinizzotto slams
the puck into the corner. And the referees penalize
the goal celebration. It’s not fun. You’re not actually physically involved. You’re just sittin’ in there,
it’s kind of like you’re in jail really. What a fuckin’ snipe. It’s all been said,
it’s all played in this final. And so it is now
“Finis coronat opus”. You know it’s coming when the buzzer goes and those are the tears of joy. That’s the best feeling,
when you see, how men turn into children. The end crowns the work
the EHC Red Bull Munich. German Hockey Champion 2016. Number one baby! Yeah! Holy fuck, what a season. What a fuckin’ season. Yeah, we’re champions! Yeah!! Woo! German Champion 2016. Today golden rain is falling down upon the champion players,
upon the champion team. It just doesn’t feel like you’re awake. It’s a moment I’ll never forget but at the time, I just felt like I was just watching somebody
get in my own skin. No more, no more hashtag. That’s it.
Exhausting. That’s it. Tastes good. Humba-Humba-Humba-Tätärää!
Tätärää! Tätärää! Humba-Humba-Humba-Tätärää!
Tätärää! Tätärää! Humba-Humba-Humba-Tätärää! Okay I’m ready to party. Champs baby!! German Champion!
Schalalalalala! Switch off the camera! German Champion! ♪ We are the champions ♪ ♪ no time for losers
’cause we are the champions ♪ ♪ of the world! ♪ Moah, dude, that is massive. Think about it, I would do it, dude. It is not in me, dude. ♪ We are the champion my friends ♪ ♪ and we’ll keep on fighting ♪ ♪ to the end ♪ We had a lot of fun, I think. We deserved it. I think, no one really did realize it yet. Yes, still didn’t fully comprehend. It is still like a dream. But every day it gets more real and that’s a nice feeling. May I sincerely welcome you here… First of all:
Many congratulations. You have done fantastic work. Boy, when the seasons end like this it’s a thrill but it’s really
a relief also. It was a terrific season
and then crowning it with the title, that was incredible. It’s the best feeling I’ve had in hockey. Anytime you can win a championship and the group of guys we had, the chemistry we had, everything was just great all season. How we did it now, finally a huge pressure
was dropping of me and now in retrospect
there is of course even more joy. This is maybe the best most entertaining year of my career. The last two weeks has been– gives me chills thinking about it. It’s been an incredible nine months
right from the start and I wouldn’t change a thing. Yes, it’s a great feeling. Even the giant celebration,
we have had now. Isn’t it nice when so many fans attend and you see, it is accepted and with teammates to celebrate again
was also a terrific thing. GERMAN HOCKEY CHAMPION!
EHC! Do you want see them at the Coubertinplatz
on the balcony of champions? YEEES! The fans were great, Show must go on.
Even without me. 100%. Keep on cheering for the team ULI! ULI! ULI! ULI! ULI! ULI MAURER!

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