But we also noticed
some interesting behaviors that digital leaders exhibit. One of them we call as hyper-awareness, they’re extremely attuned and interested in what’s going on in the external
and internal environment, and they’re continuously
seeking new information. The second one is they’re good,
informed decision makers. They use the data and the information that they get to make informed decisions. Of course they have very good intuition,
but they’re… but they’re rightly untrusting
of their own intuition and backing that up with evidence that
they get of the data around them. And finally, the last behavior is that
they’re fast at executing, they move quickly. They accept the fact that maybe a 70%
or even a 60% solution in one week is much better than a 80%
or 90% solution in six weeks. So they are comfortable with acting quickly, even if they don’t have the full story. So these are some of the competencies and behaviors that we see that differentiate these leaders,
what we call Agile leaders, in these disruptive environments
from traditional leaders.

Behaviors agile leaders need in the digital age
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