hey folks this is Ryan from ORS snowshoes direct here in Vermont and we're gonna go through our basic beginner category of snowshoes so basic beginner you never snowshoe before I guess that would mean you're a beginner snowshoe of us snowshoeing is one of those things where I would say anyone who hasn't ever snow chute is at least an intermediate I mean it's essentially walking so so really these are for people who have never done it or are gonna do it occasionally and don't want to spend a lot of money so these are snowshoes really more for beginning terrain I guess you could say Melo train flat rolling train in pack snow the reason being is that the traction elements of these shoes isn't very aggressive so steep hills you're gonna slip a little bit but you know for your leisurely Trump through a meadow or on your park trails I sort of think these are really really good options and the price nice so again you're already and an intermediate snowshoe so let's take a look at some of these snowshoes we'll start off with the Atlas eight series this is the 8:30 model this is the Electra eight series so Elektra is the line for women otherwise the difference between the two women snowshoes have more of a tapered tail if you allow a little more clearance so they don't bang together when you're walking along it tends to work for a lot of women also the binding fits a smaller range of shoes otherwise though as far as construction and features they're the same so let's just take a look at this one since they both share these technologies as far as traction you know not super super aggressive if you look at some of the other categories you'll notice a lot more crampons I'm up a base but this is just enough for that mellow touring that I was talking about it's a nice lightweight shoe it's an aluminum frame the binding it's a pretty simple binding basically you've got this nylon webbing strap here that runs through these buckles you kind of put it on you loosen the tension a little bit move the heel strap out of the way and you slide your foot in there and then you just pull on that loop and you can you can pull on either side of the strap and it's going to tighten the front of the back of the binding nice and snug nice and comfortable against your boot and then you can just attach the heel strap here as well one feature I'll point out about Atlas snowshoes they have spring-loaded binding systems the bindings are attached to this material that allows the binding to really float and it can if you're if you do end up on some uneven terrain the binding is allowed to articulate to give you sort of the best footing so that's a really really nice feature of Atlas this shoe has another feature that typically with the spring-loaded binding so you might have heard that it tends to flip snow on the tail on the back of your coat so Alice added this new pivot feature so that it doesn't do that so you get the benefit of that spring-loaded system with the advantage of a free pivot binding so that the snow just sheds off the tail so that's a pretty cool feature really nice snowshoe this is the again the 8 Series Electra for women in the 8 Series men now they all come in various sizes based on your weight so you know considering obviously if you're heavier you're gonna need a larger shoe for better flotation and deep snow but if you spend most of your time on pack snow then you can go with a smaller frame a little easier to walk around in this is the 830 30-inch snowshoe for men by the way and this is a 27 inch for women so there they are the two atlas models really nice shoes alice is a great company you also might have heard of tubs obviously tubs used to be made here in Vermont unfortunately not any longer but we still carry their shoes they're still high-quality shoes this is the Explorer model and this is the Explorer for women Tom's uses a rotating toe cord fully rotational toe cord in this model so when you take a step the shoe just sort of pivots snow will shut off the back aluminum frame little flared up tail here this is actually designed so that when you're walking on pax snow as you take a step the shoe is more likely to roll down into place rather than sort of striking the snow as a regular shoe with a standard frame would do so a little more comfortable for walking this model you know again because it's in the sort of beginner category not a ton of traction but just enough to give you traction on moderate terrain and the the binding actually is attached to these bands so it does have some articulations so it can roll a little bit side to side if you do end up on a traverse or sort of an off-camber slope and the binding is pretty simple called the quick pull nothing too fancy open it up there's a little buckle here to release the strap to get it nice and large so your foot will slide right in once you've got your foot in there you just pull on that strap to tighten nice and comfortably and there's a little tab here to keep the slack out of the way and then you've got a heel strap so you know pretty simple not a ton of support in this binding but again this shoe is not designed for aggressive terrain so that shouldn't be an issue once again there it is the Explorer from tub and the Explorer for women and then we go over here to the Flex escape from tubs this is a molded shoe so instead of an aluminum frame with decking material now you have a plastic molded shoe why they do that is to give the shoe all sorts of flex side-to-side for uneven terrain but also in the tail there's a whole lot of flex incorporated this is a shoe really designed for pack snow primarily it's not going to provide a lot of floatation because there's only one size for heavier people it will provide decent flotation for people within a certain weight range but it's not really made for deep snow so floatation shouldn't be a problem what you are looking for is lots of traction for say icy or snow conditions and in comfort when you're on pack snow it's not as soft so a rigid frame can actually be over a long day can be a little you can add some fatigue I guess to your joints so the Flex model when you take a step the heel comes down and you just sort of roll down into that step nice and soft feels like you're walking on like a fresh lawn or something so it really does cushion your your walking experience otherwise just a pretty basic binding call the quick flex you open it up like so put your foot in and you just pull like that evenly to cinch it up against your boot and then you got your heel strap there as well not a ton of support again more for mellow terrain where you don't need all that extra support it's a rotating toe cord but unlike the Explorer there is a stop built in so eventually it's going to hit a stop so which is a nice feature I think you know you go to step over a log it lets the snow shut off the back but it doesn't swing completely on from underneath you so you always got that shoe underneath your foot for when you come back down again anyway that's the flex escape and here is the women's version just mainly the difference a little more taper to the tail slightly smaller binding to accommodate a smaller range of boots so few models to consider in the basic beginner category you know consider where you're gonna be it's no showing if you're gonna be mainly on pack snow mainly on pretty mellow terrain then these are perfectly suitable for that you could always go with a shoe and a in another category for more aggressive terrain and what you're gonna get is certainly more traction but also more support in the bindings a little bit more probably a lighter weight shoe so you can consider that as well anyway hopefully this helps break down some of the options thanks for watching i am ryan from RS snowshoes direct you

Beginner Snowshoes Category: Atlas, Tubbs Review & Comparison / ORS Snowshoes Direct

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    Love these! ==>t.co/fyQtRfiDMh They are light weight and easy to put on and take off. We tote these while we ski, jump off the skis and onto the snowshoes very easily. Our ski shoes fit great. We highly recommend these snowshoes!


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