hi I'm Rob browning we're here at the Canyon ski resort in Park City Utah we're here today to show you and to tell you about some beginner skiing techniques that you can work on as you're learning to ski so some of the materials that you're going to need for learning to ski our first ski boots skis ski poles and winter apparel one of the most important things when learning to ski is to remember to always stay balanced and stay under control what you can do to help you do this is to take a power stance just like you would in any other sport what's your knees flexed your hips flexed and your arms out like you're ready and anticipating one of the other main things that you're gonna do is the beginner is you're going to need to stay under control and you can do this by using the snowplow the pizza or the wedge as its referred to and that's where you're going to take your skis make a triangle shape in front of you this is going to keep you from going too fast and this is how you can do the snowplow or the pizza or the wedge

Beginner Skiing Tips
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