Getting Started with Ice Skating I hope this video is a reference to those who want to start skating. This is the Goyang Yoolim Nuri.
Located between Route 3 Hwajeong and Wondang Station. Go into the entrance and go to the right. There is a reception desk. There’s a skate rental window and a place to do skate sharpening. On the right side, there is a rest room and on the front there is a Goyang members coming. There is a supply store on the right. There are skates for beginners and intermediate players. There are recent skate boots called 2FIT and City Run skate boots as well.
The price is reasonable with the reasonable price around 30 million won. It’s a bit harder to touch than City Run, but it’s a good idea to try it on your own. The City Run Champion seems to be good at those who are intermediate to advanced with the price at 400,000 won below. It is not necessarily to purchase the boots because rental boots service is available at information desk.
The helmets are also on display and other supplies are on display next. The branded helmet is in the middle of 100,000 won. You do not need expensive helmets. 30,000 won bicycle helmet is also okay. Let’s get inside the ice rink. The announcement is coming out. After it is finished it is allowed into the ice rink. More and more people I came up to the second floor. There are so many people and now I can not skate here. I will come back on a weekday evening. It is a peaceful weekday evening. On weekday evening, there are classes for teenagers and adults. Figure skating lessons in the red area. In the blue area, do speed skating lessons. The green area is variable. If you are interested in short track, you will skate in the blue area. You can skate in the evening at a leisurely pace. The Ice Skate is known as winter sports, but because it is indoors
It is virtually all year around sport. It is especially cool in summer. You can ride in this form for a year. (It is a lie.) Students who take lessons to become athletes also take years to get their posture. But if you learn to exercise for a lifetime and learn to skate freely, it will improve steadily. If you come to the ice rink in the early evening, you can see the athletes skating. You can see the world-famous short track athletes such as Kwak Yoon-gi, Gong Sang-Jung and Kim A-rang in Goyang Ice Arena. It is easy to think of skating as a lower body exercise that uses only legs. But it is a good exercise for a whole body, I hope many people will come to see skating. I told you it was a whole body exercise. Please enjoy skating ~

Begining the ICE Skate [cc]
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