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Lets take a look at the Bauer Nexus 800 skate. Tradition meets technology, for the player
who is looking for maximum comfort and explosive acceleration in the Nexus skate series. They
have a classic fit profile, which means that you’ll feel like there is more volume on the
inside than what you would experience in either of the Supreme or Vapor series skates. Let’s
take a closer look at some of the details of the Nexus 800.
You get pro-level support and durability in this skate because Bauer uses compression
molded EVA with a robust Tech Mesh nylon in the quarter of the boot. EVA also has a flexible
property to it which provides great performance and responsiveness. This construction also
responds very well to heat molding which will help to enhance the fit. Beneath the hydrophobic
retro tan Clarino® liner, you will find a combination of a patented pro-integrated heel
support along with very generous anatomical foam ankle pads that not only provide a great
amount of heel lock, but also make the skates very comfortable right out of the box.
You’re getting double lace bite protection from the two-piece design of the ultra-thick
white felt tongue and the molded metatarsal guard which also helps protect the front of
the foot while blocking shots. For as robust as this tongue is, it still allows for a good
amount of forward flex. It has a full lightweight composite outsole which provides a nice rigid
platform for the boot and reduces torque under the boot while you’re skating.
So if you’re looking for a traditional-style skate that is infused with current skate technologies,
check out the Nexus 800 from Bauer. Available at one of our super stores or at HockeyMonkey.com.
Thanks for tuning in. See ya!

Bauer Nexus 800 Skate Review
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