I’m Kat Driscoll, I’m British
and I’m a trampoline gymnast. Well, Driscoll has done well. I love the feeling of
flying, defying gravity. I love that challenge. This girl’s going to
take some catching. I said to my dad
I’d be an Olympian. It’s probably the proudest
moment of my life. Emmeline Ndongue,
French, basketball. Be easy, too. And finishes. Team spirit,
I love to play basketball. Lets fly! It’s good. I’m just so proud
to be an Olympian. Whoo! Oh! (SPORTS SWAP
TRAMPOLINE, BASKETBALL.) Hi. Nice to meet you.
I’m Kat. Nice to meet you. Emmeline. Did you ever make basketball
in school maybe? When I was a little bit
younger, maybe around 12, and then we focused on netball,
so I’ve had a small try at it. Just a… OK. I’m not sure netball’s going to
transfer too well into basketball for me
cos I think it’s the moving, dribbling around bit that
I’ll have the problem with. The shooting, I think,
will be fine. We’re at the trampolines now.
Ready to give it a go? Excited? Really excited.
I want to go on it. I have experience in
gymnastics when I was younger. Trampoline, not really.
The real one, never. (THE KIT) First of all, the ball. It’s a size six. The only difference
with men’s basketball, they’re playing with a seven. Is that because
your hands are smaller? Yes. Even if it’s bigger
than yours. The hoop is the same height
as men’s basketball. The white bit that we’ve got
here is what we call the bed. All the springs are underneath
the blue safety matting. That’s the force
that propels us upwards. Safety, obviously,
is very important. We’re jumping very, very high, spinning and twisting
quite a bit, so we have all this
safety matting around just in case anything
does go wrong. We’ve got red markings
on the trampolines. So basically, the key is to
stay on this red cross here. This is where
we get no deductions. If we land with our feet
in this zone, we get a deduction of 0.1. We get a deduction of 0.2
if we land here and we get a deduction of 0.3
if we land here. – Stay in the golden zone.
– Yeah. (THE INITIATION) I’m going to do a lay-up
which is a basic in basketball. It’s just dribbling,
one, two steps. It’s easy. OK. Oh… Yes! Yeah, but that was three steps. We’re going to do
some catch-shoot shots. You catch it and
you shoot directly. OK. That easy? OK. Yes! Oh! My turn is over. We’re going to do
a little one on one. I’m just in offence,
you’re in defence. OK. I’m ready, I’m ready. Easy as that, easy as that! I feel like the netball bit
I’m doing really well, so standing and shooting,
but it’s kind of moving around and controlling the ball
that’s definitely much harder. I found the dribbling bit
really hard. Is this making it fair? But the shooting bit, I think, going back to five school years
of playing netball has definitely helped. The way she do the thing,
it’s not the basketball way, but she is successful. OK. Interesting to see what you’ve
got, where we start from. I’ve got a little routine
in mind that I want you to try, so I’ll show you that now
and we’ll see how you do. Kat is crazy.
She’s jumping so high. All the twists.
I just can say wow! Easy, easy for me. I’ll get down
and you can jump on. You don’t want to be
jumping too high just to get your balance at
first, find your bearings. A couple of little jumps. Good, and then try and stop. The trampoline was
just amazing. I was kind of a kid. (THE BASICS) – Let’s go and do some lay-up.
– OK. – Ready for that?
– Yep! Just dribble, two steps,
not more. Yep. OK, you just made one step,
that was not good. OK, you’re getting
better and better. We’re going to do
the catch and shoot. (SHOOTING) You have to be lower
a little bit. You’re shooting
the netball shooting. Basketball shooting
is different. One under like that
and the other one on the side. You’re down on your legs. What is important is the wrist. OK. OK, that’s great. So we’re going to do
a little one on one. Are you ready for that? You have to put your body
in protection. OK. The first thing we’ll work on
is what we call a tuck jump. So basically, you bring
both knees up to your chest
at the same time. So you’re jumping. (TUCK JUMP) Try and bring those knees
really tight up to your chest. Good. OK, have a stop. The next move is going to be
a little more challenging. We are going to do
a half twist jump. So we start facing this way… (HALF-TWIST JUMP) ..and we’re going to end up
facing this way. That’s good. Good! How do you feel about
trying all the way round with a full twist? Body nice and tight. (FULL TWIST JUMP) Good, really good effort! – That was really easy.
– Ta-da! And the next one will be
the seat drop, which everyone calls
the bum landing. So not too high again jumping,
arms up, then lift your legs up. (SEAT DROP) The top half doesn’t move,
doesn’t lean backwards. OK. Just lift your feet up gently. – Not a bad try!
– Voila! You need to bring your
feet up a little bit high because you need to land flat. At the moment you’re landing
with this bit of your body touching the trampoline first
so it’s harder to come back up. So you need to lift your legs
a little bit higher. (THE DIET) This is the restaurant cafe at Lilleshall National Sports
Centre. Trampoline gymnasts
have very high protein diets, low carbs and specific carbs. We tend to eat at least two
hours before we jump just so there’s
no feeling of food. It’s not the best idea,
having food in your stomach
and spinning around. The day of the game –
pasta, chicken or turkey and sometimes red meat. And three hours before the game
we get a little snack. But we were eating
whatever we want, so I am so frustrated for you. (THE CHALLENGE) (THREE ATTEMPTS) (TO SCORE A LAY UP) – You’re so good.
– Thank you. Once I took all the
complications out and made it really simple
in my head, it was a lot easier. That’s perfect. – Oh, no!
– Did I make a mistake? It’s two out of three.
I have to give you a high five. (THREE ATTEMPTS) (TO CATCH AND SHOOT A BASKET) I think I was definitely
not as good on the catch and shoot
the second time round. OK, it was not
a basketball shoot at all. To shoot with one hand
and think about the wrist, that made it harder. – That was a basketball shoot.
– That was a basketball shoot! I definitely think
I improved from the start. So close! (THREE ATTEMPTS) (TO EXECUTE A ONE ON ONE) – Your last challenge. Ready?
– OK, yep. Look at the basket! Protect your ball! That’s better. Brilliant. The one-on-one was really hard. The movement,
she moves so quick. She’s obviously a lot taller. Any time I got a bit of space I got excited
and lost concentration and the ball went everywhere,
so that definitely showed me that I thought I was doing OK
on the other things but then when you put it
together and it’s one-on-one, I realised that I’m not as good
as I thought I was. She really improved today. I gave her instruction
and right away she can change some movement. So as a basketball player
she’s not too bad, definitely. (TO PERFORM A FIVE MOVE
ROUTINE) For the challenge, we’re going
to try and do a little routine of the skills you just learnt. We’re going with
the half-twist jump, the tuck jump, the seat drop to half-twist to stand, one more tuck jump
and then the full-twist jump. – Show me, please!
– Right. That’s the challenge, to get to all of that
with no extra jumps. OK. Yeah! Good job!
That was really good! Thank you! We can work a bit
on the technique but from what you’ve learnt today
and what you showed, brilliant effort.
I’ll give you six out of six. Thank you! I wasn’t sure
at the very start how easy she would pick up
linking the skills. Sometimes it can be very easy
to learn them in isolation but it’s not having
those free jumps in between that sometimes people
find hard, but she picked that bit up
really easy. Can I do more? Amazing, it was great! I made my routine! I’m so happy, really! (SHOWBOATING) OK, so just have a little fun
and see if we can score. (OVER THE HEAD SHOT) – Not bad!
– Oh! Wow! Oh! OK, that’s it.
Go on the trampoline. (BASKETBALL AND TRAMPOLINE) Yes! Basketball player. (SPORTS SWAP)

Basketball vs Trampoline Gymnastics – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge
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